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  1. Juxtaposition of considerable 0-3 km MLCAPE and surface vorticity in the vicinity of those cells in Central IN.
  2. 21z COD launch was fairly impressive from Sauk Centre.
  3. Rotation is not drawn down. By definition a tornado/mesocyclone is a rotating updraft and thus it forms upward.
  4. Another view of the Bedford tornado, lucky this monster didn't come across a town.
  5. For the time of year.
  6. Pretty violent looking tornado from near Bedford, IA.
  7. Debris ball, strong TDS.
  8. Today another great example of how shear trumps instability. Relatively modest instability for the time of year, but with more southerly surface winds than projected, large low level hodographs and favorable storm relative wind profiles, it yields a regional tornado outbreak especially for Iowa. Favorable storm mode lasting for longer than expected as well, largely because of the aforementioned wind profiles.
  9. Nasty looking tornado right there. Also reports of a home levelled to the ground in Prairieburg with an injury.
  10. Here's the environment in the vicinity of the tornadic cell in Linn County.
  11. Just went right over Prairieburg as well.
  12. Strong couplet NE of Cedar Rapids near Central City.
  13. 145 kts GTG near Pleasantville with a debris ball.