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  1. Have seen some damage pictures out of the area that look at least EF2.
  2. There's the Edgewater tornado, probably significant given TDS height and peak VROT of 45 kts.
  3. 70/30 probs on that new watch for E MD/PA/NJ. Pretty stout probabilities for this region.
  4. The cell south of Charlottesville has quite a meso on it, but that central VA radar hole is being a giant pain.
  5. Have seen some forecast hodographs from this and yeah, things are going to be spinning pretty easily. Outside shot of a sig tor or two given the environment.
  6. The eye continues to warm and the pressure continues to fall. It’s not leveling out yet.
  7. That phenomenon is called "Cat 4s and 5s are still quite rare".
  8. Supercell near Marble Rock IA looks prime for a sig tor.
  9. SHIPS Prob RI for 20kt/ 12hr RI threshold= 61% is 12.4 times climatological mean ( 4.9%) SHIPS Prob RI for 25kt/ 24hr RI threshold= 82% is 7.5 times climatological mean (10.9%) SHIPS Prob RI for 30kt/ 24hr RI threshold= 76% is 11.1 times climatological mean ( 6.8%) SHIPS Prob RI for 35kt/ 24hr RI threshold= 70% is 17.9 times climatological mean ( 3.9%) SHIPS Prob RI for 40kt/ 24hr RI threshold= 53% is 22.2 times climatological mean ( 2.4%) SHIPS Prob RI for 45kt/ 36hr RI threshold= 73% is 15.8 times climatological mean ( 4.6%) SHIPS Prob RI for 55kt/ 48hr RI threshold= 47% is 10.0 times climatological mean ( 4.7%) SHIPS Prob RI for 65kt/ 72hr RI threshold= 31% is 5.9 times climatological mean ( 5.3%) SHIPS RI probs are going berserk now, as expected.
  10. Note the center's westward jog as it crosses Cuba.
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