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  1. I feel like it's basically interchangeable, but given your sig I'd say Rjay is Riggs.
  2. You two are like Murtaugh and Riggs. Then again, Rjay wouldn't know because 80s hater.
  3. 1974-75 and 1975-76 also generally fit this criteria (although 75-76 was a bit stronger).
  4. Josh is back online.
  5. That area of 115+ kt velocities aloft on the radar is huge now...
  6. Considering we basically know nothing of what's happened in Dominica (and what we do know sounds pretty bad), I'd temper your gusto a bit.
  7. Note that 139 kt SFMR was from the SW eyewall, i.e. one of the weaker quadrants in a NW-moving TC.
  8. Hmm, that microwave look isn't one that is totally consistent with a sub 920 mb storm.
  9. Unsurprisingly the situation is critical in Dominica early this morning.
  10. We have a landfall per radar. Center is onshore.
  11. This will not be a Tacloban storm surge. Maria is not as big as Haiyan was in size nor has it been an intense hurricane for nearly as long as Haiyan was prior to landfall (i.e. two of the most important aspects for building a large storm surge). There is no need to excessively hype an already dire situation.
  12. Yes I can't disagree with that either. If that was the case, we'd now have 3 Cat 5 storms (2005 had the most with 4).
  13. Keep in mind with those stats above that we still have all of October to go through, which typically has more storms form in the Caribbean, which has essentially been untouched despite the explosion of activity since late August (exceptionally favorable TCHP). Onset of La Nina conditions in the Pacific only suggests more potential with anomalously weak shear. Oh and with Maria now being a Cat 5 based on recon, this may be only the second Atlantic season on record to have two Cat 5s make landfall (2007 with Dean and Felix).
  14. In terms of statistics, we're starting to creep towards some records in terms of high end activity for a single season. Maria's the fourth Cat 4+ of the 2017 season, 2005 is tied with 1933 for the most with 5 (Dennis, Emily, Katrina, Rita, Wilma). Also Maria may be the the 3rd Cat 4+ to make landfall this year in the Atlantic, 2005 again tied with 1933 had 3 with Dennis (Cuba), Emily and Wilma (both Yucatan).