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  1. Excuse the repeated Hovmoller posts, but that would be the strongest surge of anomalous easterlies yet during this Niña event.
  2. Toronto Island gusted to 73 mph, Niagara Airport gusted to 87 mph. This is a major wind event for the Eastern Lakes.
  3. Not really a 12/1/18 setup dynamics wise, more like 11/17/13 tbh. This would be a large outbreak with better thermos.
  4. Going to be quite the event for the west-east oriented lakes tomorrow. Erie is the one that should be most favorable for long fetch.
  5. Looks like trades are fixing to ramp up again following a general lull at the beginning of November, but it also looks like the Nina standing wave might re-establish a bit westward of where it was previously. More cooling of the western regions as opposed to the eastern regions?
  6. Storm on Sunday could be quite the wind maker on the Lakes.
  7. Can see the intraseasonal signal being superimposed on the trades east of the dateline right now in the Hovmoller diagrams.
  8. That is nuts. Seems to be wave-like features propagating outward from the eye/eyewall region as well.
  9. That is one heck of a wind field on KMOB, lots of >100 kt outbounds not too far off the deck. Going to be an impressive inland wind event for MS/AL.
  10. These are some big gusts coming out of where it made landfall. Also reports of significant structural damage in the area.
  11. Earlier microwave scans were setting this table. Not going to have very much time for weakening near landfall if this continues to blow up in the next 12 hours.
  12. More recent microwave pass showing better organization still.
  13. That's a nice cyan ring on microwave there, great outflow pattern too. Probably a decent shot at a stint of RI during diurnal max upcoming.
  14. Based on? The -1˚C contour there is clearly spreading west with time. A progression similar to 2007-08 would follow that kind of idea.