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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Yeah this whole sequence was ridiculous.
  2. The lack of amplification of the trough on Saturday is reminding me of those IL events over the past couple of years that yielded tornadoes, but never really reached their full potential because nothing could develop away from the synoptic warm front or mesoscale boundaries (i.e. everything turned into a blob relatively quickly). The strong EML associated with this only further suggests that scenario, especially further east. Dryline is a wild card given the southeastward moving cold front on the backside and relatively anemic wind fields early on. It would help if the trough was more neutrally tilted with a healthier surface low.
  3. Not used to seeing this amount of instability juxtaposed with strong deep layer shear (40-60 kts depending on location). Hail is obviously my first thought when seeing the level of moisture being suggested underneath close-to-dry adiabatic mid level lapse rates. Depending on the level of veering with height and given the strength of the mid level jet, I certainly could see a derecho materializing out of this later on as well. Seems like a pretty broad area of sig svr potential from the Plains eastward to the Ohio Valley, but I certainly wouldn't want to be chasing in the Ozark Plateau with 3"+ hail waiting to destroy my vehicle waiting in basically every stronger updraft that goes up.
  4. Hook on the storm near Wright-Patterson AFB is nuts from TDAY, confirmed tornado there.
  5. Large tornado from earlier in Davie County, NC. http://www.wxii12.com/article/incredible-tornado-footage-out-of-north-carolina-1495669230/9926533
  6. That's quite a large TDS W of Danbury.
  7. Might be a strong tornado near East Bend there, got 85-90 kt inbounds from KFCX at 4k ft.
  8. Debris signature strengthened considerably.
  9. Longest tracked tornado on record in WI confirmed via MPX, also upgraded to EF3.
  10. I believe that storm was unwarned for a pretty decent amount of time. Also, wow:
  11. If it crosses a CWA boundary, the begin time (or end time) recorded in that CWA is the time when it crosses said boundary.
  12. Multiple CWAs.
  13. Don't need to post every warning statement.