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  1. Am in full agreement here in Indiana. Convergence axis of heaviest precip so far has been in central IN. Remnants of Cindy's circulation now near Hopkinsville KY.
  2. Six inches of rain reported at 1 p.m. EDT at Albany IN just ne of Muncie where street flooding is occurring.
  3. 4 inches of rain already being reported this noon eastern time in Fishers IN with flooding and road closures being reported. Flood warning till 6 p.m. Just torrential.
  4. If that 80 mph svr warned storm just north of Gibson City continues eastward as strong as it currently it the LAF area may be in for a rude awakening later tonight.
  5. Yep...cold pool forming...right down the I-74 corridor
  6. I would just guess distance from the radar is a factor. Storms are much closer to KDVN at present.
  7. Good to have you checking in regarding your old stomping ground OceanStWx. Keep us abreast of anything you notice that is concerning. I am hoping as was mentioned that lapse rates will work to keep things somewhat modified this evening.
  8. Northern IL is right in the line of convergence with those supercells. Certainly hope SPC is correct in their expectations and we don't see anything wind wise like that last night in Nebraska and Kansas. But baseball size hail reports are concerning.
  9. Hope you made it through ok at council bluffs Strong couplet on velocity near Glenwood as you mentioned.
  10. Svr warning now for 70 mph winds impinging on Omaha metro.
  11. SPC meso says all svr hazards remain possible as storms move over the Omaha metro in the next two hrs. with 75+ mph gusts also possible.
  12. Good 0-3km helicity but low level helicity not so great on our twin tor warned cells in Nebraska at present. We'll see what happens before cells line out.
  13. Omaha KMLE 91/73 rich moisture certainly available.
  14. Absolutely classic structure photo Quincy. Right place...right time.
  15. Nice outflow boundary moving west of Indpls about to meet oncoming eastward moving line of storms. We'll see what happens. SPC thinks light uptick in intensity possible but minimal excitement.