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  1. Yeah....current prediction is 4-7 inches along I-70 corridor by Tuesday morning. Freezing rain risk currently thought of as being farther south to the Ohio Valley. Hope forecast is right.
  2. I think there will be a lot of disagreement among mets until this system gets fully sampled and we are closer to the event.
  3. Freezing rain now showing up in my NWS IND forecast for Sunday night and Monday. Ick!
  4. There's a bit of clearing in ne OK and sw MO which I will watch as it moves northeastward. As has been stated, instability is really the issue today. but kinematics are awesome. Enhanced now shifted south in afternoon update.
  5. Yes, out in fantasyland but GFS for several runs has been hinting at a big storm of some sort around Thanksgiving....worth watching.
  6. I must be getting old....I'll settle for the 2.5 inches I got here at Fortville instead of that 18 inches at Dunlap.
  7. 2.5 inches here and in nearby areas. Looks pretty.
  8. Fairly steady snow here just ne of Indpls since 2 p.m. EST. Grass now just starting to whiten a bit given all the rain this morning.
  9. I will be greatly surprised if we get as much as the NAM is forecasting here along the I-70 corridor in central IN.
  10. Even down here in Indy forecasters are talking about possibly record cold for early next week. Brr!
  11. Nice spread the wealth Halloween snow for many here in the subforum even if it was just seeing snowflakes in the air for a time for us down in central parts of IN.
  12. Getting a definite snow shower here at Fortville now just ne of Indpls. Had some pingers on the hood driving home from Greenfield a little earlier.
  13. My goodness, I just came back from a ten day trip to New Orleans and the MS Gulf coast to find a serious winter thread for the Midwest after basking in what will probably be my last 70 and 80 degree temps of the year. On to winter!
  14. Just watched WWL TV out of New Orleans. They are currently expecting the heaviest wx to be along the coast east of them but are still quite concerned about winds that could topple the two cranes at the collapsed Hard Rock Hotel. Even if the tropical system misses there will be a front coming through early this next week.
  15. Ahh...refreshing fall temps have finally arrived with some color appearing on trees down this way in central IN. Beautiful day for the first weekend of the Parke county covered bridge festival. But I must admit I have been spoiled by the warmer temps hanging on for so was quite a shock to the system Friday evening when that cold front finally arrived. KIND extended forecast says above normal temps and precip shall return however. We shall see.