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  1. Calling for a high near 60 Sat. with t storms and gusty winds in Indpls metro area. NWS must be looking at the 3k NAM.
  2. But SPC will re evaluate the EURO in future runs to see if a risk area needs to possibly be re introduced.
  3. 18z GFS for today outlooks the Keokuk IA area on eastward as the place to be for possible svr Friday afternoon with good lapse rates, helicity, and suface CAPE of 577. Of course this will change as we get closer with a slower EURO but at least there is the possibility with a deepening low pressure moving into the Midwest.
  4. 18z GFS today has a 990 system over Chi town at 18z next Friday. Maybe the antecedent system on this coming Wed. might serve as an appetizer and moisten things up a bit for the main entree. Interesting weather ahead as systems normally speed up and deepen as we get into the late fall season. Terrific 130 knot 300 mb jet over St, Louis punching into central IL at that hour. 377 surface CAPE around Champaign/Urbana at this early stage in the game. Low topped squall line most probable at this time frame.
  5. That 39 mile tornado track was the longest tornado track in IN since the Henryville tornado of March 2, 2012.
  6. The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that a tornado had touched down in the eastern part of Lawrence County near Springville. They say they have received reports of homes destroyed and other serious damage, but no reported injuries. 24-Hour News 8’s Megan Sanctorum is gathering information in Springville. (From WISH TV)
  7. WAVE TV 3 Louisville is reporting that they are seeing plenty of damage in Lawrence County near Springville.
  8. Well, Jackstraw...think of it this way. You have your wife out on her first chase and you see a tornado, even if it wasn't the best of conditions. Wow!
  9. Tor producing storm now in Jackson and Jennings county IN.
  10. Good luck on your chase tomorrow with your wife going along. Sometimes fall rather than spring events can yield surprises. I will be watching models and radar carefully.
  11. So 18z NAM throws a curve ball and increases potential for svr storms from what was exprected. Going to be a nowcast situation along the wf I think.
  12. Being a Sunday I am too busy tomorrow to consider chasing. I agree the Lafayette/Kokomo area looks good, but follow wherever that warm front sets up as you well know for greatest chance of backing winds and any tor potential. Though I agree with Chambana that hail seems to be the biggest threat right now.
  13. 12z NAM seems to be holding the WF farther south as it has previously done. More of central and southern IL and IN now in play for severe. Only 49 degrees here at 11am and cloudy. Marion IL is 63/61. The strength of the system will be paramount in deciding how far north that front goes on Sunday.
  14. Agree with you on the numerical definition from earlier times. Don't know what it might be today.
  15. To be fair I don't think any of us are expecting a tornado outbreak. IND forecast has only mentioned chance of isolated tornadoes, although I am somewhat concerned that SPC this Thursday at least was thinking that mode might possibly remain supercellular. Will have to see additional model runs as we get closer as usual.