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  1. A number of trees and branches down in Fortville area and some shingles off roofs from the svr storm last evening. Could have been far worse.
  2. Missed the hail from this afternoon's storms just north of me. Had some rain but nothing as heavy or svr as this evening's storm.
  3. Lost power here briefly during a svr thunderstorm.
  4. Rather large svr warned cell approaching Indpls metro at this time...... 70 mph winds
  5. IKK 63/60 backed se wind.......Lansing IL 60/59 east wind....both just to the ne of the PDS tor watch.
  6. 992 surface low in central IA, 550-600 0-3km helicity now spreading over the PDS watch area in IL, 7/75 mid level lapse rates, and mid to upper 60's dew points from the St. Louis area and southern IL up to Champaign Urbana. It ain't over till it's over.
  7. That cell is just on the eastern edge of the insane helicity in Illinois within the PDS watch area.
  8. And that was shown on one of the HRRR runs I saw last evening.
  9. This is certainly not a typical spring low CAPE, high shear event, but I wonder what has transpired with contrasting parameters like this in the past.
  10. PDS Tornado Watch PDS tornado watches are issued when there is a higher than normal risk of multiple strong to violent tornadoes – especially those that are predicted to be long-track in nature, with path lengths of more than 20 miles – in the watch area (usually amounting to damage consistent with EF4 or EF5 tornadoes at maximum), in addition to including significant wind and hail damage. This enhanced wording in a Tornado Watch is meant to alert the public of the potential for very life-threatening severe weather. While there are no set criteria for a PDS watch to be issued, they are usually issued when the potential exists for a major tornado outbreak. These types of tornado watches represent about 90% of PDS watches issued by the Storm Prediction Center. PDS Tornado Watches are often issued on high risk days for severe weather. From SPC
  11. I'd guess a strongly worded tor watch. PDS watches I think are automatic with high risk, and I don't know if high risk will be issued in the latest update. But I think you can have PDS watches without a high risk. Hopefully a met can enlighten us.
  12. Based on that recently issued SPC meso discussion it looks like St. Louis metro area could be in line for some long tracked tornadoes later on today.
  13. Wind has turned north here as well now. And you may have a couple svr cells with quarter hail headed your way.
  14. Champaign 68/66 Effingham 73/68 how far north that WF progresses today is the is the strength of the deepening surface low.