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  1. Light bands of showers alternating with clouds and peeks of sunshine here in Indy metro. Definitely a tropical presentation with the bands even now.
  2. Yes, and SPC now has a tornado watch out for all of south Florida and the Keys until Midnight.
  3. Just a caveat to remember prior comments not to take GFS pressures quite literally. Focus on the rapidly deepening trend. Even with that caution this is concerning.
  4. Generally don't hurricanes slow down before they make a turn or curve? Irma is slowing its forward speed somewhat.
  5. Definitely...to see if westward trend continues or not. And am really getting concerned regarding Fla. evacuations if this thing goes north up the spine. Where would people go? To the panhandle or Mobile area? As well as upslope rains as moisture hits the mountains I certainly hope the 18z run does not come to fruition.
  6. Thanks for the concern. Had some computer problems at home then took vacation to see the eclipse. See post in Eclipse thread. Plus the weather wasn't really all that exciting.
  7. Hello, all. Just got back this Monday Aug. 28 from a week's vacation in the Ohio River valley that started with a view of the total eclipse from Harrisburg Illinois that was beyond awesome. Sorry for no pictures. I had expected the moon to cover the sun and show the corona but what I didn't expect and fully amazed me was the wall of darkness that came in from the west at totality. It was like an approaching t storm but in clear sky. Got about as dark as a full moon night and street lights came on. Lasted about two minutes. By far the most amazing thing I have seen in an astronomical sense. And no, IWX, I may be older but not THAT OLD! Ha! Ha!
  8. I presume the long east/west thin line of t storms is along a warm front. Some hourly two inch totals along that line to the west. It's been fascinating to watch it creep eastward closer to the Indiana line.
  9. With those higher dew points pooling along the Ohio turnpike the I-80 corridor along IL/IN/OH might be the sweet spot tonight.
  10. I have a cousin in Deerfield just north of Lake/Cook road with a leaky glass solarium as part of her home.
  11. I'm not so much concerned with the svr threat for northern IL tonight as I am worried about training torrential rainfall once again.
  12. Chicago' s next MCS may be forming now in ne IA and then riding the Theta-E and DMC axis southeast to ne IL.
  13. Thought you would be extremely busy yesterday up in Huntington county...and then training today. Wow! Glad you made it home after our deluge here in Indpls area today.
  14. PDS warning 8:06 p.m. CDT for tornado 33 miles north of Fargo moving se.
  15. Would one look at the 700 or 500 mb flow to best determine the route of the newly forming MCS in North Dakota?