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  1. I think the storms over MS now are what are truly concerning for AL later on.
  2. With today's storm and the Feb. 2013 tornado Hattiesburg doesn't need anything else tonight.
  3. Tor warned storm west of Natchez MS (this time) looks like its turning right a bit on NWS radar. Can anyone with better resolution check this one out?
  4. I'm waiting for a tor watch to be issued for central MS.
  5. To be honest I think even SPC must be a bit surprised at the level of tor warnings around SHV. Earlier discussion focused on hail and tors were not initially expected till later in the evening.
  6. Low and mid level helicity slowly increasing in central and se LA. Dews in upper 60's.
  7. Strong, long lived tornadoes now being mentioned in new SPC meso for se LA and southern MS.
  8. I stand corrected on the small town of Natchez LA. Thanks.
  9. I think you mean Natchitoches.
  10. Warm fronts at night can be very active. Along with night time tors in winter in the South.
  11. Line of svr storms moving north across Lake Pontchartrain.
  12. Storms starting to fire sw of NOLA and near Shreveport. And so it begins for this round. Tor watches issued.
  13. Yes, Smokeater. I see on SPC webpage that they also issue a public outlook when there's a 10% prob of sig tors at night. New meso discussion indicates tor watch to be issued soon for eastern Louisiana and southern MS.
  14. I think you are right Janet. SPC usually doesn't issue a public outlook unless they go with a moderate. Might come with new day one tonight.
  15. 1072 with no high risk...but a more active season than we have seen in recent years.