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  1. Friday is the 20th anniversary of the college park F3 and other vortexinal curiosities (e.g., Tidal Basin F1, quick-hitting F4 near Culpepper) that day. I still remember how strong the winds were at my location (an RFD, perhaps?) as the supercell passed right to the east and the beautiful flanking line I was able to see with it, probably right around the time the tornado was hitting College Park.
  2. That looked to be a multivortex as well, just like mullica hill, especially around 1:01 to 1:17 or so. ida exceeded Laura as a land falling hurricane, exceeded Ivan as a tornado producer for the Mid-Atlantic (if not for the DMV specifically) and seems to have rivaled Floyd (maybe even Agnes?) as a rain producer. Quite the trifecta. I was about to write that ida is the weather event of the 2020s, but then quickly remembered the Texas cold wave and storms and the NW heatwave. Both similarly extraordinary events. What a year for meteorological extremes. EDIT: Wrote this before looking at the SPC reports page that still shows only five TOR reports. Surprised there aren’t more.
  3. So much for the idea that tornadoes from decaying tropical are “weak” spinups.
  4. This has to be one of the most active tornado years for the philly area ever.
  5. Last night, for me, was the storm of the season. You get much wind? It prolly gusted to around 40-45 here for a bit
  6. First thunder with any of the daytime cells
  7. And it happened around the time school would have been letting out? I’m reminded of a tornado in Chicago way back in the 60s that stuck a school when it was letting out and I think a dozen students died. I think it plowed right through the school bus lot. It was an F4. — this wasn’t anything near that strong I’m pretty sure (unless the same people who initially surveyed LaPlata in 2002 and gave it an F5 survey it) — but still, dodged one here. here it is, the Belvedere tornado https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Oak_Lawn_tornado_outbreak
  8. Ouch. my daughter’s school doesn’t start til next week so fortunately we avoided a lot of the stress other forum members have gone through today.
  9. Bet she’d rather watch that than a 19 game losing streak
  10. Cell just SW of Alexandria seems to be taking on a look. Meanwhile a bit of a downpour in up nw
  11. Breezy in nw but still socked in with clouds
  12. I don’t remember there being much sun before the Ivan outbreak, but that was a long time ago so memory may not be reliable. Last night’s storm was IMBY frankly the most impressive nighttime thunderstorm since … well, the derecho, probably. I slept through the one that caused the Arlington tornado earlier this year.
  13. Getting windy this is a potent storm one of the best in a while
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