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  1. Got in on one for a change. Small hail, torrential if brief rain, outflow gusts probably over 50. Sky was semi bright the whole time. Probably a nice rainbow somewhere.
  2. Real localized disappointment in upper NW. Rain, not much wind, thunder and lightning on the periphery. Last evening it looked like the N Bethesda storm could get us here as well but the core of it stayed NW. Then another cell shortly afterwards seemed to be riding the NW boundary between DC and MD on radar, aimed squarely at MBY, but it seemed as if it just pulsed out right overhead. These things are really hit and miss usually, but that's nothing new. Maybe better luck today.
  3. There must have been some cannonading going by somewhere close a few hours ago, but only flickers and some low rolls in Tenleytown. But like another poster noted, it's still nice to be woken up by a thunderstorm, even if you're being fringed, in the middle of the night. Curious thing is, I slept right through a big storm we had earlier this year, maybe in April.
  4. This is possibly the worst outbreak for SC since 1984?
  5. Miss north. A few bursts of rain, distant thunder, but more or less noneventful in up nw. Probably less impact from this system in Tenleytown than from anywhere in a crescent from E TX to NJ.
  6. SPC Meso still shows a pocket of 1000-1500 SBCAPE south and west of DC. Maybe something for the second or third line to work with?
  7. Mostly overcast in upper NW. Maybe that little eruption about to cross the Potomac and ride the DC/MONTCO border will make things exciting around here. EDIT: And just like that, a downpour starts.
  8. Don't normally see too many PDS TOR soundings around here. EDIT: Just for the doing of it, looked up some parameters just prior to La Plata: 0-1 km SRH: 253 m2 s-2 0-3 km SRH: 243 m2 s-2 0-1 km bulk shear: 32 kt 0-6 km bulk shear: 53 kt Taken from: http://www.tornadohead.com/storhodos.htm
  9. I'm just south of all that and I slept right through it. That's rare; I'm a light sleeper. There are some trees down in AU Park so it must have been pretty rambunctious IMBY.
  10. Quite the squall coming through. Don't think it's as potent as it is up MOCO way however.
  11. Will never forget the smell of gasoline fumes from all the cars stuck in traffic when I walked down the major arterials. Plus a good bit of thundersnow with that one
  12. My side street beginning to whiten up a bit. I was wrong but usually am in these matters.
  13. Everything but streets and sidewalks covering up nicely.
  14. Here they are. Waiting for my kid in my car at the bus stop and it’s mod to heavy snow all around