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  1. Looking forward to a further update that says Teddy is looking bully tonight on satellite.
  2. Buddy Guy does a great version of Mustang Sally:
  3. Some showers coming in but there's no umph behind them. Kind of disappointed in today. Got brushed by the cell that raised some havoc in Rockville. And of course the Baltimore/Annapolis axis seemed to get nailed pretty soundly. It's been noted that SPC marginal days seem to deliver just about as often as when we get tagged with an enhanced or (rarely) a MOD. It's hit and miss around here and that's no great secret. On severe days, there's usually always someone like the last one picked at the high school dance. Or the first one kicked off the raft floating in the middle of a vast and unforgiving ocean.
  4. When I was up at Fort Reno, it was uncanny how ominous the sky to the NW was but then nothing as I glanced to the SW. Usually there's not such a dramatic cut off. At the south end of the cell, looking in the direction of Tysons, I saw a lowering and then an appendage coming out of it and I thought, oh, tail end Charlie, wall cloud and, yeah, that appendage is a FUNNEL CLOUD. Then I looked a little closer and realized the inner weenie had been given a bit too much leash.
  5. Nothing going on here, I assure you. Our winds didn't gust much over 30.
  6. Yeah I’m at ft Reno now and theres several CG to the nw
  7. Poolesville looks like the place to be right now
  8. SPC meso shows a supercell composite of 8 in Howard Co
  9. NHC nailed Laura’s eventual landfall, on Sunday. Dead on 4+ days in advance. Really outstanding. The intensity forecast kept playing catch up, but my understanding is that’s generally more of a challenge anyway. But I see they’ve taken away even the 4% pity wind prob for DC for Saturday
  10. You'll have to ask someone else. I just Google-fu.
  11. Audrey was 959 at Cameron, Rita was less than 950. https://www.weather.gov/lch/rita_audrey Laura at 947 according to NHC's intermediate 6PM Central update.
  12. Maybe if they retire Laura they can replace it with "Lemay," and then when that storm goes through RI, we could say "Bombs away with Hurricane Lemay."
  13. Audrey in 1957 does seem to be a pretty good match. Its landfall was right around where Laura's is forecast: Sabine River/Cameron LA area. According to Wiki, Audrey had a 12 foot storm surge that went 25 miles inland. Strong cat 3. (I think it was downgraded from a 4 during reanalysis years after it occurred.) Devastating loss of life with it. Cameron was destroyed by Audrey, and then by Rita and Ike in the 2000s. I don't think too many people live there anymore. As Moore OK is to tornadoes, Cameron seems to be to hurricanes.
  14. Laura will save the day. Remnants will track along the Mason Dixon line and the DMV will get about 70 EFOs and EF1s out of it over the weekend.