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  1. I'd love to see a replay of that. Even though DC was on the warm side ... but from what I've read, there really wasn't a consistently "warm" side because of the low's crazy movement. Snowed in Pittsburgh while it rained in Buffalo. Right up there with 1993 as an extreme event. Some legit cold out there this morning.
  2. Yep flurs in upper nw as well. Pretty sky as well
  3. Nice fall day for the parade on Saturday.
  4. FWIW, SPC meso analysis has supercell composite of 8 -12.
  5. Streets have caved in that they're actually wet this early morning.
  6. That's probably the January 2005 snowstorm. One of the great screwjobs in DC history. Probably a Miller B deal: NYC and Philly both got a foot, NE/Boston got a historic monster, Baltimore may have eked out a few inches. DC got squat; textbook middle finger event around here. I'll take the 99-00 analog. Great last part of January.. Just looked up the 2004-5 season. DCA got 12.5". There have been much worse. But that doesn't begin to alleviate the pain of the kind of shafting Jan 21-22 2005 delivered. 99-00 delivered 15.4, not much more than 04-05, but it included the Big Honking Surprise of Jan 25, which to me boosts my estimation of that winter higher than the seasonal total would warrant.
  7. How’d they get through Dorian? SW of Charleston it wasn’t bad at all. Nothing like Matt or Irma. My impression was that it wasn’t too bad up the coast to the border, except for the Charleston downtown flooding and a couple of spin ups.
  8. All just prologue to the conga line of tropical system the 0z Euro sends our way starting late next week. Of course no real effects in the DMV, but at least we’ll get cloud cover to knock temps down. Around here, you takes what you can gets.
  9. So, 16 days of Dorian. Sure seems like it was a lot longer.
  10. Anyone else ever recall seeing a PDS Tornado Warning with a hurricane-affiliated tornado?
  11. Effects on the Lowcountry offshore islands (e.g., HHI, Fripp, Harbour, Hunting) seem quite minimal at this time. One person on the Fripp Next Door page said the King Tides from a few days ago were worse than anything from Dorian. There's still a high tide later today, but evidently the effects at least from Beaufort on south were less than Matthew. EDITED to say "less than Matthew" instead of "nothing like Matthew." I'm basing this on only a few observational data points from social media, so I shouldn't be so assertive. That said, it seems like Dorian was not as bad.
  12. And for Fort Pulaski (nearer Savannah and my interests in Fripp Island), last I looked, Dorian would be a close third behind Matthew and Irma. Matthew was about 12.5 and Irma about 12.2. Last I looked, Dorian was forecast to be 10.9. OT, but I don't think Hugo showed up even in the top 10 historic tides at Fort Pulaski. For Beaufort County, HHI, and southward, Hugo was just a run-of-the-mill stormy night.
  13. I gotta say, the journalistic philosophy of Bahamas Press, at least from its social media content, seems to have a distinctly yellow tint to it. Most assuredly places like Abaco have been brutalized and there are fatalities, maybe a good number. And maybe the Bahamanian authorities' response is not ideal. Not surprising there, as this is a nationwide catastrophe that no amount of planning, I would think, could prepare for. But BP with its ALL CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS! rhetorical style reminds me of some of the less savory approaches used by other media outlets whose claims of objectivity sour with their ready recourse to unsupported accusations of deliberate negligence. Of course the press should hold the authorities accountable. But darkly assuming the PM is deliberately lying about fatalities, when parts of the Bahamas are still getting pounded by Dorain, may or may not be irresponsible, but certainly isn't helpful. At least now. And if they do take that tack, which is certainly within the right of a free media (which I assume the Bahamas has), then maybe the organization shouldn't present itself as strictly reportage, which to me it seems to do. I know this is OT even for the banter board, so if it's deleted, that's OK. As someone in media, I just wanted to get my impression out there, see how others are reacting to BP.
  14. That convection to the SE of Dorian, it doesn't seem to be wrapping into the storm. Would it be considered "part" of Dorian? Toward the end of the loop, it seems to be dying out while the inner core of Dorian is really putting on the Ritz, stadium effect and all. In fact there seems to be some outflow pushing into that blob of convection and weakening it. Or maybe this is all just a phantasm.
  15. Main thread, as, lamentably, so often, being soured by pompous and ignorant dorks who cite their decades long experience at "tracking" as irrevocable proof that a slow moving Dorian will upwell enough water in its approach to Florida so that it will hit as at best a weak CAT 1. Never mind the best in the world in Miami, with the best tools available, now forecasting a CAT 4 landfall. But, you see, they don't have the snowflake special insight of grizzled veterans of "tracking" using NOAA weather radio and lat/long map plots back in 1979 when they were analyzing David with their state-of-the-art dart throwing. Put the blindfold on, pin the tail on Dorian, like they did with David. And Frederic. And etc. Not to knock David. It was a hell of a storm for the mid-Atlantic. One of my earliest weather memories, growing up in northern DE.