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  1. Where'd he get "go to war, Ms. Agnes" from? That is such a unique signature line. One thing the O's have had through the decades: great announcers. From Thompson to Mel Proctor and John Lowenstein (I loved them) and then Jon Miller and Joe Angel and Gary Thorne and Palmer and now Kevin Brown and Ben McDonald. The announcing was always great, even though the teams often sucked. The team doesn't suck anymore. Watching the celebration and most of these guys aren't much older than my daughter. And there's plenty more percolating in the minors. Beware AL East. Yankees and Red Sox -- there's a new beast in town. Deal with it.
  2. As Chuck Thompson -- a bit before my time but I've seen videos of his PBP and he was awesome at it -- used to say, "ain't the beer cold!" From 110 losses to 100 (and counting) wins and the best record in the AL. Pretty good progression.
  3. Listening to Palmer and McDonald together is like getting a graduate-level course in the nuances of baseball. They are both so knowledgeable and articulate, but each has their own style.
  4. He was a kind, compassionate man who was very successful at something he loved to do, and brought a lot of people a lot of joy. And there was no obvious downside to him (although we all have our foibles) since not only have I never read anything bad about him, I've heard numerous people say that they'd never heard anything bad about him. I'd say that's the definition of a successful life worthy of celebration. And I'm a cynic who usually doesn't go in for saying this kind of thing.
  5. Brooks Robinson just died. Shit. Win it all for Brooks.
  6. Heh. My wife said the same thing -- "he looks like that guy in The Big Lebowski." At first I thought she was talking about Donny. Great game. Great movie.
  7. Yeah, Ophelia definitely has more of a fall nor'easter feel than tropical, as noted in the other thread. Ophelia took a pass on the trip to the nunnery, I guess. (I know, stop with the bad Hamlet jokes.) But I love the name. NHC should just put it in permanent rotation as the "O" name until they have to retire it. Only 2 "O" names have been retired and, offhand, it doesn't seem like there are that many English- or Spanish-language names that begin with "O". So that got me going. 14 "I" names (no surprise) heads this list of retired names alphabetically. (All the more reason, if we're going to go all Shakespeare, to put "Iago" in the rotation; for that matter, "Othello" as well.) 10 "F"s. 9 "C"s. Somewhat surprising that only 3 "B"s have been retired. Early in the season so prolly less likely to be memorable storms (i.e., "strong") but 7 "A"s and 8 "D"s.
  8. This year had been boring as hell, with haze being the headline, until late July when the severe thunderstorms started popping across the region. Now we -- or at least some of us -- have a by-god tropical system to experience. Things have turned around a bit. 1979, David, and the O's had the best record in the AL. This year, whatever it's called (if it's called anything) and the O's have the best record in the AL. Analogs! EDIT: So it's "Ophelia"? Love the Shakespearean names for tropical storms. They should just use Shakespearean names from here on in until they run out. But the guy wrote 40-odd plays so there should be a good reservoir of names to use. "Get thee to the National Mall. Why wouldst thou be a breeder of weenies? I myself am hardly indifferent but yet I could accuse me of following a glorified post-tropical system that it were better my mother had not borne me. I am very bored and therefore yearning for some interesting weather, with more offenses -- particularly at the reading of model output -- than I have thoughts to put them in ... or time to go to Cape Charles and act thereupon. "
  9. When were those records set? Isabel? Sandy? Or maybe Ash Wednesday if the records go back that far?
  10. They lose two to the Cards and lose the first two to the Rays, and everyone is getting a bit edgy. Maybe the O's are going the way of the 2011 Red Sox? Reverting to their Pythagorean? But then G-Rod plays ace, the O's take the next two from the Rays, clinch the playoffs, take two semi-slugfests from an Astros team that's still very good. Their record against teams over .500 (a more viable stat than some Fangraphs over-engineered "power rating") is the best in the league and behind only (of course) Atlanta. (What a beast that team is.) If they win the division, the O's have home field through the playoffs. What a season. They need to hold the division though. Otherwise, they're a 4 seed, even though Baltimore would still likely have the second-best record in the league. (Something wrong there.) They do have the tiebreaker against TB, and the O's seem to have the easier balance-of-the-schedule: Cleveland, the Nats, Boston. TB plays mostly Toronto and Boston. It'd be real nice to get Bautista back, too, although the O's have gone 14-8 in his absence. It just seems proper that the Orioles and Rays play for the Series slot. Two small markets, just about game they've played this year has been exciting. I'm so sick of hearing about the "legendary" Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. That's yesterday's news. Baltimore-TB: that's where the action is now. I wonder how the Yuckees and Red Sux like being 19 and 20 games out?
  11. Yeah I got that impression too: that there was a lot of wind energy off the surface. The sound of the wind - very loud — didn’t seemed to correspond to the swaying of the trees, which is what I made my guesstimate of 40+ from. From how loud the wind sounded it seemed like there would have been more action at the surface. Branches down, that kind of thing. Of course this could be — and probably is — all my imagination, without any validity at all.
  12. Potent storm rolling through right now. Couple close CG strikes, winds over 40. I'd say it's the second or third most rambunctious storm of the season.
  13. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that fish tanks are a thing partly because people look at them and feel more relaxed. Well, that’s my reaction to these videos. Watch them and chill. The crickets at the beginning are a nice touch.
  14. The growling is getting louder and more frequent, and I don't have to be looking in the direction of the storms to see the flashes now. This is actually kinda neat, if it turns out to be any type of storm at all. Kind of like hearing the Ennio Morricone score before a Metallica concert.
  15. Coupla decent-looking cells commuting into DC along 395; if I put on my severe wx weenie googles the northernmost looks like it's got a tiny little notch. EDIT: Naah, it really doesn't. But there is distant thunder and the occasional flash off to the SW.
  16. Outflowing thru the neighborhood now. Just like yesterday: big cells off to the N and W (actually they were close to MNOTW yesterday). What field (if any) on the SPC Hourly Meso Analysis would be best to approximate the location of outflow boundaries? Or is that just eyeballing radar? (And I don't have GR3 or whatever it's called; I just rely on LWX or some other free sites. Now if I lived in Huntsville ...)
  17. Thunder and darkening skies to the west from those cells erupting in N Arlington and across the river in MoCo. Question is, for my immediate, is whether there's anything to impart (or propagate) a little more easterly direction to these cells; if they do the SW-NE dance most of them have today, I think I'll just get grazed in upper NW.
  18. Purely from reading the discussions, it seems the progged shear today is a bit more than may have been anticipated earlier in the week? I'm sure there's a way to research that but I'm too lazy. We certainly have the juice available ...
  19. After reading Terpeat’s wonderful, albeit depressing, post, all the more reason to up the investigation into retirement property around Ithaca, New York
  20. Maybe this dreadful heat this week will come with something of a payoff down the road. From the Sterling AFD: Thursday and Friday should bring a gradual shift in the pattern. As noted in global ensembles, the culprit is a longwave trough pushing through the Great Lakes. A lot of details need to be resolved before more accurately portraying any convective threats. However, coming off a lengthy period of hot and humid weather often yields an unsettled pattern given notable forcing mechanisms. For now, will keep shower and thunderstorm chances to close out the work week. While conditions remain on the hot side, temperatures do fall by around 4 to 8 degrees compared to earlier in the week. &&
  21. Then there's the Superstorm of 1993, which "came ashore" somewhere around there. Several people died in the associated storm surge, I guess you would call it.
  22. Gusty shower coming through, to cool things off. Pretty heavy rain and winds I'd say 35+.
  23. Yeah, today is one of the most uncomfortable days of this summer. Maybe it's because it's been so pleasant lately and my body is in autumn mode. Of course, recently autumns around here have brought whatever heat the summer left at the bus stop.
  24. Back from dropping my daughter off at uni, which is always kind of depressing. Some good storms to track and experience would help immensely with that.
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