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  1. Yeah I worded that poorly; Ivan spawned 40 tornadoes in VA. At least according to St. Wiki. Irene was every bit the storm Isabel was in my neck of the woods, as I recall. But I don't think its effects along the Bay, for instance, were like Isabel's.
  2. So, an offhand ranking of the severity of impacts of "I" named tropical systems in our area: 1. Isabel -- I think that gets the first ranking pretty much hands down. Then it gets harder. 2. Irene? 3. Ida (2021 version)? 4. Ivan? 5. Isaias? Could easily be ranked above Ivan but 40 tornadoes from the latter in Virginia is pretty impressive. Sure there are ones I'm missing/forgotten.
  3. He looks like he’s done some powerlifting in his time.
  4. Yeah, NE DC got clocked. Not much here on the other side of town, though I could hear the thunder and see the flashes from the lightning from that cell that rocked places like Gallaudet U. I suppose the top-secret Thunderstorm Intensification Device in Rock Creek Park had something to do with that.
  5. Getting old really has no upside. I'm sure as hell not wiser than I was 20 years ago. Only comfort is that I wasn't that wise then, either.
  6. Been there. One of those moments where I think, "****, I hope this isn't incipient Alzheimer's."
  7. Orioles trade Trey. I thought they might, but still kind of sad. Guy is a class act and an inspiration. And I don't usually like to say public figures are "inspirations" because most of them really aren't. But he handled colon cancer with courage and came back from it to play baseball well at the highest level. Same reason why I always admired Eric Davis. Hope Mancini gets a ring with the Astros.
  8. Nice one! I meant to get a pic of the Cb that passed over yesterday afternoon; not too tall, but quite striking: the "bubbly effect" was outlined very nicely against the late afternoon sun in the west. Brought to mind one of my earliest weather memories: end of the season Little League, we had a picnic, a violent thunderstorm came through, we all had to take shelter, and when it was over, I remember seeing this huge Cb to the east retreating away, with not a single other cloud in the sky.
  9. Third best record in the league since May 1. And the Sox can lump it.
  10. Like the announcer said, the CF looked like a real boob in that clip: not only did he not clue the RF/LF into the fact that he totally lost the ball (which happens), but once he knew the ball had landed way behind him, he didn't make a step after it (which should never happen, at this level certainly).
  11. Make sure there's a place you can measure snowfall accurately!
  12. Between the storms and the spectacular sunset, Tuesday was quite the memorable day. Did the derecho produce anything in the 90 range around here? College Park photos remind me of the June 1989 downburst in upper nw Chevy Chase. Still the most intense storm I’ve ever experienced
  13. Just like it used to be in my drinking days, I'm always up for another round.
  14. Lotta storm reports from NE MD. Here, this was a quick-hitter although it's back-loaded with some decent T&L which is always nice. I thought the outflow boundary from the N MD storms perpendicular to the storm might goose it a little locally, but ... Some nice pics posted here. I need a new phone ...
  15. Lotta lightning with this one. I'd say we gusted well into the 40s.
  16. The afternoon AFD is pretty bullish (boldface is mine): A line of severe thunderstorms, producing frequent lightning, very heavy rain, and damaging winds, are aligned from south- central Pennsylvania, across western Maryland, and into northern West Virginia. Large hail and tornadoes are also possible during the afternoon into this evening across much of our CWA. Additional severe thunderstorms are imminent given the amount of sunshine from this morning, large instability as some 0-3 km shear. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 10pm for our entire CWA. Also, a Flood Watch is in effect until midnight tonight for much of the metro areas of Baltimore and Washington DC and into southern MD and eastern VA. The metro areas could be greatly impacted between 4pm and 8pm with these severe thunderstorms. Don't often see that kind of strong language from them.
  17. If only G-Rod and Means weren’t on the shelf … thars a pretty good lineup they run out there one thru six these days ETA: just checked; O’s are FOUR out of the WC. Would like them to keep Trey, he deserves to be on a good run here if the O’s have it in them.
  18. No gauge but radar estimate has me in 2.5 to 3” range. Maybe 7-8” IMBY for the week? But most important to me … basement did not flood! ETA: wow at those 8-10” estimates just south of potomac
  19. But I love me an ominous-sounding AFD, and this afternoon's was a good 'un. Standard deviations! Higher magnitudes of forcing! One to five-to-ten year ... event! (Just a "hint," though.) Area of greatest concern! A new one: "hydrophobic." All it missed, was "lollipops." But I guess that's more a snow thing? This is NOT to poke fun at the forecasters at Sterling or the AFD's author! They are fantastic. I'm just a connoisseur of AFD's -- some of them are little works of art, I've saved Dewey's before PD2 somewhere -- and I always like the ones when the writer brings in a bit of drama.
  20. These past two days have been disgustingly yukky. I know we've had hot weather this year but it seems the humidity hasn't been as bad as per usual. I've usually acclimated to the typical DC summer miserable mugs by early July, but I've really been put out by the sheer ooziness of the past few days. Hopefully one of these training storms will give me a good light show in a bit, make up for it.
  21. It's raining hard, but I've certainly seen heavier. Then again, "heavier" in my head canon is June 2006.
  22. This is the definitive garden-variety thunderstorm. But I'm drinking because my wife and daughter are out of town, and I'm blasting Tom Waits and relieving the glories of bachelorhood. So it's OK. ETA: Although that was a pretty impressive strike just now. Rattled the windows I think.
  23. Clouds getting a bit of ye old mammatus look to my NW.
  24. Yeah, really nice V-shaped notch on that MOCO cell. Constant low rumbling thunder in upper NW, this one will miss to my north, but I opened the window because I love that sound. Nature's version of Jason Newsted. Well, maybe not *that* loud.
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