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  1. Yeah you’re in a dead-zone too. There’s only 3 peeps in Harford lol
  2. Does the political forum not work? Is it a different site now?
  3. Still about 3” here in Darlington.
  4. Looks like a 1-2” Catoctin special
  5. Last verified severe at my house was in July 2015 I believe. 62 MPH wind gust. Snow is difficult, but damn, severe even more so.
  6. It creeped me out lol. That’s the only way I can describe it.
  7. Be careful about parking on slopes. You can see where I parked it last night, and what I walked out to this AM. Slid back 20’ and only stopped because it hit the lawn.
  8. how is there still someone out there who doesn’t know
  9. I’m a landscaper and y’all are putting me to shame
  10. You could do some smaller river jacks as a covering too. It’s a little more expensive obviously but you will essentially only pay for it once whereas mulch is every year (2 for dyed).
  11. give farmersonly.com a look
  12. Precip shut off now. Last band that came through put down .6”. 1.7” measured just now, but it rained and sleeted earlier before I could get a good measurement.
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