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  1. Coating on very select surfaces
  2. Gonna have to disagree with ya. Not about Beachin trolling lol.
  3. I think his point is it’s sort of a ridiculous rule. As long as the handle isn’t offensive, it should be allowed. I’m going to change mine to “TaxesUp1%Down”. It’s clearly political but not offensive.
  4. I can’t hear you over the heavy rain hitting my skylights
  5. I don’t like beachin but Build the Wall is a funny screenname. imo every word should be uncensored and avatars and screennames should be fair game. Let’s you know who you are really talking to. Some people hide for some reason.
  6. 1.0, HdG. Sleet now so I had to run out and measure.
  7. .2 of snow here... more than I expected tbh
  8. About 35 now with 100% light-mod snow. Sticking.