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  1. I just counted the trees either snapped or uprooted, the number is 12, all in a small area.
  2. It’s been some time since I posted… yesterday was wild. 5 or 6 mature trees down at my parents’ in southern Havre de Grace, MD. Some snapped in half, others uprooted. Even small trees were torn down. They were all in the same area, but did not fall from a domino effect. The straight line damage went eastward for a couple hundred feet onto the adjacent property, with 1 large tree falling there too. I really don’t think it was a tornado as there was no radar rotation, but not something I have personally seen before. This is the most extensive storm damage I have experienced in my neighborhood. I have measured and witnessed 60 mph gusts in severe thunderstorms, with little damage. I don’t even know the true speed of yesterday’s storm. If I had to guess I would say 70+.
  3. .7” in Havre de Grace. Most of it fell in the last band (.5”). Visibility briefly dropped to .2 miles.
  4. Looks like .5” in Aberdeen? Still snowing. About what I was expecting.
  5. Largest storm since 2016: 5.7” in Feb of ‘19. It’s been difficult lol.
  6. It’s white rain now, but was able to get to 1.2”. Before I left for a couple hours this AM, I cleared half of the board to see if it would accumulate on a non-snowy sfc. it doesn’t.
  7. Literally the only thing that bothers me about the warmer months is the return of Dark Fishing Spiders. They are pretty much the largest (4-4.5” leg-span) native spider in the US besides the desert tarantula. My house is in the woods on the bay. It could not be more of a perfect habitat for them. They are the only kill-on-sight bug/arachnid in my mind. Even if they are outside on the property, it’s BB gun time. They WILL get in the house. We have dark wood trim around everything. That is their favorite shit. Such god-awful creatures.
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