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  1. Yeah, DCA's winds just bumped up with that temp jump. There seems to be a bit more momentum transfer / mixing than expected. Only thing left not fully feeling it is Fredrick with 41 and NE'erlies still.
  2. DCA TAMDAR aircraft at 2:58z had 50 kts at ~950mb (1900ft). Peak of LLJ at ~912mb (2800ft) with 63 kts. Nearly isothermal from SFC to that height.
  3. Looking at some TAMDAR soundings from DCA and BWI. There's a dry layer just under 700, but the near sfc dews in the 20's (and teens just above) from the NE is really the killer.
  4. If it's blue, it's a transformer. If it's purple, it's lightning. On most cameras at least, unless you have some crazy white balance.
  5. TAMDAR eastbound departure from MDW starting at 6:39 (00:39). Everything up top is good. The lake is doing work on the coast mixing warm.
  6. 3200 Customers as of 4p.. http://mema.maryland.gov/Pages/PowerOutagesData.aspx
  7. I was looking at your station earlier because I noticed that gust on my display because you upload to CWOP. Nice fetch from the Magothy today for you. I bet the Magothy is absolutely running out of the channel.
  8. There's the 71 mph gust at the ASOS at IAD. KIAD 021652Z 31031G49KT 10SM BKN044 05/M04 A2978 RMK AO2 PK WND 29062/1638 SLP084 T00501044
  9. Surface isn't getting any warmer but the boundary layer is cooling off with CAA. Steepening lapse rates = bigger downward momentum gusts, that's why you all are getting the increase in outages.
  10. I-95 at the Susquehanna river is closed. Two semi's blown over.
  11. For MD outages: 2K customer uptick in last 15 min. http://mema.maryland.gov/Pages/PowerOutagesData.aspx
  12. Likely some small hail just SE of Manassas. Low CC, mixed ZDR with very high KDP = small melting hail.
  13. You're in it until the 850 low wraps around (Morning, after sunrise).
  14. DCA reporting snow ended at :47 past hour. Sleet and Freezing rain now.