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  1. I would triple confirm what Will and PF said. 1500+ is where you need to be in SVT. Whenever I drive from my place to Stratton, snow pack drops somewhat quick from say 1700-1800ft down into Bondville at 1250ft (the town at Stratton's entrance).
  2. Oh yea, even in the little village of Jamaica at 750' the retention is outrageously better than Bennington, Brattleboro or even here in Manchester at similar elevation.
  3. Just going to have to watch it going into summer, especially if its DIT special with HHH throughout. I think you mentioned being on a well, so need to watch running that dry--you most likely will need to water through summer. Fall seeding is definitely a better option if you can wait, but just make sure to not let the seed dry out if your seeding now or in fall--constantly moist.
  4. Good thing to know the right people to ask before putting a down payment on some land in Bennington. You would trying to unload that after 1
  5. What's the elevation of the plot? I think the town center is only like 700-800', but it goes up quickly heading towards Stratton. Retention will be really good there, maybe not MW Maine good, but still impressive given the Latitude and longitude. Its a good spot for any coastal type of storm or any E/SE flow event--which most synoptic events are. You will lose some upslope component as you are starting to get further away from the Spine in Jamaica, again depending on where exactly it is. If your near town center or east of there, snowfall totals would drop off compared the west side heading up in elevation. But if you are looking for 20-30 acres and cutting down your driving distance, than options get limited a bit. It's a good spot, you can cherry pick better ones in SVT if you had no acreage limitations, etc. Jamaica is is really nice spot distance wise from Stratton and Magic..and even Mt Snow to the south.
  6. Your definitely doing it the right way as a second home owner. Not everyone is doing the same, as you would expect. My neighbor couple houses down has 4 cars in the driveway with CT plates, maybe been here for 10 days. They leave almost daily, not sure where they are going, but the are definitely not "hunkering down". Maybe they are just driving around looking at scenery, who knows. I will say that I am not seeing as many out of state plates as I thought I would, so for the most part people seem to doing a decent job of self quarantine. If I lived in NY or any hot spot I would probably go to my second home as well if I had the option.
  7. Hospital situation similar here in SVT as to what PF described. Have a friend who is ER doc and friend who is a nurse at Bennington hospital. They said it's been really slow, they have a COVID wing setup, and think they said have had 1 patient needing hospitalization so far.. County population is only 35K and relatively spread out, so not too surprising as of right now. I'm sure it will increase in the next few weeks, even in rural areas like here. But everyone I know has been really good about the social distancing here over the past 2 weeks.
  8. Yep, they are going to retire and sail off to Tahiti with 3-4 months of an extra $600 per week.
  9. This goes back to the point you have made several times. This is talking Lindsey Graham and the few other Rep. Senators who have issue with the unemployment $600 payment. Meanwhile, the quartet of Republican senators apparently has no problem with the fact that the bill will provide billions to companies that have spent the past several years pouring cash into share buybacks, while saving a huge amount of money thanks to the 2017 corporate tax cut.
  10. It looks like Lindsey Graham and few other Rep. Senators were not happy with the +$600 UI check on top of State payments. They wanted to cap it at whatever your salary was saying that some people will be making more unemployed than if they were working. That was earlier, not sure where they stand at this moment. Maybe Bernie has some issues too. Both sides really trying to sneak stuff in there.
  11. That's not the way I read it-I think its a straight $600 per week regardless of salary.
  12. I think I read it here a few hours ago--might have been WSJ..Im assuming its part of the signed bill? Gist of it is $600 per week for 4 months
  13. I think that initially that was the thought, but under the approved package it looks like everyone on unemployment gets a extra $600 per week ON TOP of their normal weekly Unemployment Insurance rate.