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  1. I don't in here, but do in cocorahs. I also dont know if its programmed to accept Trace, maybe just numeric amounts? Guess Kevin would know that.
  2. A few upslope scraps down this way overnight, picked up 1.8". Same depth here as Alex-- 6".
  3. Looks like they were clear most of the overnight, but had a light south wind funneling up the CPV which is a death knell for BTV radiating.
  4. Little late with the update, but 4.8" final here. Looks like I was low man on the totem pole in all of SVT. Looks like every CO-OP, Cocorahs station was above 5". Eh, happens. Some below radar -SN coming down tonight.
  5. Seems a bit aggressive from ALY forecasting 10" here. Pretty quick hitter, only way to hit that is maybe some lingering backside snows into Sunday. Outside chance if everything breaks perfectly I guess.
  6. Always nice when those skinny bands sit over your house. 6.8" here final most likely, twice has much I was thinking originally. Although I just ran into town and seemed to be around 3-3.5" on ground and seemed to rain at some point as there was a dense crust in the middle.
  7. Wonder if someone in the Underhill/JSpin corridor squeezes out a 12" from this?
  8. Still snowing from some squalls from today's event and already snow map up from ALY for the weekend event. Hopefully we can keep it rolling and avoid cutter central moving forward...
  9. 5.1" here, bit of an over performer as I was thinking little less than that here in the valley. Very picturesque as others have stated. Not much happening now-spitting some snow grains. Holding at 32F. Did a little backyard river exploring earlier this AM as kids school was cancelled.
  10. You really have to look with binoculars to even find piles in around town in Manchester. Wiped totally clean, although there wasn't much to wipe out..few inches. Time to reboot.
  11. Ha..I was just looking at those Tilton/Northfield cocorahs obs, both like 2-3" like you said. There was a 6.2" in Pomfret VT on Cocorahs which is to your NW in the same trajectory the storms were coming from, so there is some additional ground truth. Plus KLW said he had 6.5" I think.
  12. Nice hit again here...pure white haze out there.
  13. LIne of squalls moved through...looked more ominous down at DDH..maybe some rumbles down there..real low VIS as you can see during and then after..ridge is roughly .25 miles away
  14. Impressive totals over the past week-ish. At the same time maples are budding and flowers popping up in