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  1. We torch. Got a nice bike ride in with my daughter, although not sunny, nice enough for a quick pre turkey dinner ride.
  2. Just to look at the difference 1 week can make...I posted yesterday the graph that showed average snowpack for the local COOP for 11/24. It was 38% chance for greater than 1" depth. Go out just about 1 week from now on 12/3 and it jumps to 66%. So again shows how quickly it can ramp up and NOV normally isnt a good starting point for contnuous snow cover.
  3. Yeah, massive cutter that just kind of sits and spins over the Ohio Valley/Great Lakes with a firehose of moisture coming up from the gulf aimed at NE. Ugly, get that out of the way and move on to hopefully some snow chances.
  4. Snow depth data on 11/24 for Peru VT COOP at 1700ft that is really good retention spot( 80 years of data) Lot of 0.0 depth data looking at it year by year. 38% chance of 1" on snow OTG on 11/24.
  5. I moved up from West Chester in 2014, albeit permanently. Can't speak for NVT, but around here rentals and long term leases are scarce and most that are available are pricey. But since it seems your young and no attachments(kids, etc) maybe able find a smaller place--studio/1bed, but again not sure about BTV market, but assume stuff is high demand.
  6. Small blessing I guess with COVID is the flexbililty to be where you want to be for long stetches. (As opposed to weekend warrioring it) Is everyone just homeschooling their kids? (Don't know if you have any or not, more a general question) My wife's cousin has lived and Brooklyn for 10+ years and bought a 2nd place in Manchester recently and will be here reomtely until they are needed full time back in the office. They enrolled their only child in school here for the year.
  7. Also, maybe in the past when people have posted data they may have just cropped out the address bar and side bar so you just see the table and don't see where it's coming from?
  8. Don't think so, pretty sure Xmacis has been available for a quite a while( although not totally sure of timeframe?). What's cool is that it has COOP and cocorahs data combined which is nice.
  9. Similar temp ranges here. The 43F is at 850' and the 56F is around 1130'
  10. Well, Phin is certainly driving some it political or snow Plus there are some other newer posters also making the subforum worthy of more than just collecting usplope radar shots.
  11. Ha, for sure. When I moved here I didn't have even the slightest clue about how extreme the microclimates were. It totally fascinates me, you can spend hours and hours looking at topo maps throughout NE and trying to figure out what pattern and wind directions works best for what area. ( myself for that one) I came from an area in PA where there was just such minimal difference in topography and microclimates that I never even noticed it outside of some elevation events where at 500ft someone had 3" and at 200ft maybe you had .5" of slop. It was pretty simple really, the suburbs got more snow than Philly the further W and NW you went and that was that pretty much that.
  12. I love the every once in a while subdued, dry JSpin SNE burn... Had an epic one a bunch of years back aimed at Scooter and Weymouth...I cant remember the details, but it was pretty funny.
  13. Yea, that is what I expected with those depths. Your probably not going to get those same depths, maybe a shady northside of the house Obviously it will still be impressive.
  14. Got it. Right, Tamarack probably has a similar average depth on half the snowfall. So it's still somewhat "fake"..ha.