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  1. Def a pretty deep winter feel for sure this week, even for some valley locations. Very minimal melting. Although it's a pretty sharp cutoff down here where snowcover is gone.
  2. Couple more scraps this afternoon/evening, little under 2" additional. Nasty out there right now though, man.
  3. Even picked up almost 3 inches here which is pretty solid for a mostly lake streamer event.
  4. Getting some nice action off Ontario today. Streamer/upslope combo scraps...
  5. I haven't been able to use that radar in a long while...not sure what happened to it. Unless there is a trick to it Im missing.
  6. As always...start at 4' and adjust up as needed.
  7. If you don't get that documented within 5 minutes of precip stopping, you are already too late!
  8. Mulching leaves is some of the best organic material you can add to your lawn, and its free. Just make sure they are relatively small pieces so they can break down without actually smothering it.
  9. I know they are very rare, but she is lucky as might have been killed if the boyfriend doesn't intervene. I think only 1 documented black bear death in VT history? https://www.reformer.com/local-news/its-not-their-fault-winhall-woman-recovering-from-bear-attack/article_26d67128-5bb5-11ed-aff2-e3106b29a52e.html
  10. Nice, how many passes can you do before you have to dump it?
  11. The worst. I just decided to delay any leaf cleanup this year until like 70% are down. I was going to do a cleanup last weekend and glad I didn't, it became S+ leaf drop with .25 mile VIS later that day. Would have driven me mad.
  12. Sums it really, the 100k-200k income earners just sitting tight. I will say almost everyone of our friends or kids friends parents already owned pre-Covid, even those with alot of equity in their home, it doesn't make sense because as it would just be a lateral move with a higher interest rate even with a massive down-payment. The 1 million+ housing market is interesting, those rarely sold pre covid, those just sat forever and ever. Now, going like hotcakes..lol.
  13. There was a glut of housing pre-covid in this area where houses had literally been sitting on the market for years in some cases. It's amazing how picky we were able to be when shopping around for housing, listing agents would send multiple follow up emails and phone calls for a house we saw that we had really had no interest in buying, trying everything they could to make it seem appealing. Now its get us your best and final 3 days after it's listed. Many service industry, blue collar, etc were still priced out even back pre 2020. (At least in Manchester/Dorset,etc) There were not a ton of long term rentals, but definitely some, those have seemed to vanish with owners wanting to cash out on the market. Most service industry from here live over the border in ENY--Granville, Greenwich, Hoosick Falls when there are rentals and much cheaper housing. The 250k-500k homes pre covid are the real killer. Those were still in reach for many locals around here--Teachers, law enforcement, steady 2 income family, small business owner, Orvis workforce, etc. Those are now 550k-1Mil at 7% with about half going to CASH buyers. Some of the places where new students have come from in my kids classes--Seattle, Boston, NYC, NJ, DC, Florida, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, CT. They had to add a third class in my daughters 5th grade. The family from Seattle literally just did a Google search and moved here, never had been to VT before. They did a zoom tour of house and bought it no inspection, obviously sight unseen(well in person at least), drove cross country and realized the house had no basement when they went inside and tried to find the door to it. When you are going against 10 offers, you might miss some stuff you would think is standard.(I'm sure there are plenty of remote buying stories like that) Hard to compete in a small town with limited inventory when the buyer pool is national. There has definitely been a ground swell to get affordable housing options has been mentioned by you and Alex and others. Zoning, Height restrictions, red tape stuff always seems to pop up thought before even getting off the ground.
  14. I was thinking that. He was foliage king, drove all over NE every year it seemd.
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