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  1. I like that look and seems like a good low maintenance idea. You could mow some walking paths through it too. I'm not sure about the seed, maybe they sell some type of pasture seed or something.
  2. That's one heck of a construction site you have going on there Lava. Why would the wildflowers look out of place? How about a mini fruit tree orchard..or space for vegetable gardens that could feed half of Maine..lol
  3. Out of state--but wife reporting power is out from that complex that is rolling through SVT. Looks like a tree fell nearby per what she is saying.
  4. Missing the heat at home, but found it down in here in Tampa. 96/63. Not horrific dews I guess, but toasty nonetheless.
  5. Wouldn't want to be stuck on that road with RWD and fresh summer tires on. I'm not sure how much fell around here. Stattton had a pic of their golf course covered in about 1-2 inches which is at like 2k. So guessing a little more higher up.
  6. Lava, my phone is not quoting your post for some reason, but think that is Orchard Grass. Not easy to to get rid of. I know this is an evil word, but Roundup/glyphosate is really the only way. Might take multiple applications too. You could try the dig up and reseed method too.
  7. Pre-emergents target young immature plants, so depends on how "established" that grass really us. If you have 3-4 leaves on each plant probably Ok. Your saying it "came up nicely this spring". So did it actually establish last fall or was it more of a dormant seeding and establish this spring?
  8. As much as this weather pisses me off, those shots do capture some nice scenery eyewall.
  9. I know nothing about birds-I honestly think I can only identify Cardinals, Blue Jays and Robins..ha. There were 2 on my feeder for most of yesterday that I had to look up online. I guess it was 2 male rose breasted grosbeaks--cool looking bird.
  10. Ugg, although you should probably get used to those occasional late season snow shots in your location I would guess. Got back to SVT on Friday night after spending the last 3 weeks in central and southern FL, definitely a little system shock dealing with this weather after weeks of high temps and dews. Any visible snow here looks pretty high up, like close to 3K, but super light.
  11. Ha, didn't think you would approve. It is a good option for a low input groundcover though if that's what you looking for.
  12. Remember too, if you drop it right after the snow melts, the soil temps will still be really cold, which also isn't ideal for germination. You would probably want them to warm just a bit I would think.
  13. I would think like any type of seed, you just don't want them to dry out before germination. Now, some high quality grass seeds maybe more finicky than Clover seeds, so I'm guessing you would have some better luck with Clover Seeds if you just do the "spread it and forget it method". That wouldn't work with quality grass seed. Main things you would want would be seed to soil contact and constant moisture to get the best results. I'm guessing they are pretty cheap, so you can try to just chuck some down and see what happens, but you may not get a ton of germination that way unless you drop it and we are in a really wet pattern for 10-14 days
  14. 4.6" of sleet/sn with 1.52" liquid at 7am Puts me at 99.6". Been snowing lightly, we'll see if anything is on the board that could push it over the century mark.
  15. Yep, that warm nose from hell took no prisoners last night in parts SVT. I had 4.6" on 1.52" at 7am West Halifax at 1500ft on the east slopes in extreme SVT had 4.0" on 1.65". They normally get porked in these type of events.