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  1. Yea, I would assume the data is coming from COOP or first order stations, but the nearest one to me on that map would be Rutland COOP which they have as 71.7" but they were actually 66 or 67" last year. So, not sure where the number are coming from. That said, the map still looks decent shading wise, at least in this area.
  2. It also seems that the Randolph cocorahs observer is extremely meticulous with obs and measuring. I think Phin mentioned in one post that the observer was measuring every few hours in some event, obviously that would be too frequent, but the point is they probably aren't missing any event. Every .8" and 1.3" are probably being logged immediately before any sublimation/melting. We talk about this frequently, but if you are doing once a day measuring or waiting long periods before logging measurements, its not going to accurately portray the snowfall in a region where there are many frequent smaller events, especially in the Jspin, Alex, etc upslope zones.
  3. PF explained it was 10-11, but I wouldn't call last year a ratter in NNE either. Southern NH prob the most below average, steep gradiant as you headed down towards SNE.
  4. Those Tblizz skis do look like the skinny 210s I remember from high school in the late 90s. Growing up my friends dad was a sales rep for Nevica ski gear in the 80s. His basement was literally filled wall to wall with merchandise on racks---it would practically blind you when you went down
  5. Can see why Phin left MD and made bee line for NH. Forgot what disaster winter was in the Mid-Atl last year. .3" in Philly..ouch.
  6. That's the best viewing anyway, so long as they didn't drop too low, could be OK. I checked 2 PWS nearby at 1800ft and 2K, both didn't get below 38F last night. Guess next 2 weeks will tell us. 29F/30/30 here past 3 nights.
  7. Yea, good question. Speaking locally, maybe just hope some of the mid slope and higher hillsides(1000-2500ft) where many of the maples are aren't radiating and staying a bit warmer? No idea, but this is legit fall airmass, prob pretty chilly even hillsides.
  8. NEK starting to pop some reds and oranges..
  9. Got to 29F here. Some other spots radiate better then me down the hill 400-500', maybe some 26-27F readings locally.
  10. Woodford VT reported 62" during that 5 day stretch. Savoy Mass 57". Mitch would have been buried in his current spot if he was there, probably near 60" also I would guess. I wasn't here obviously yet, but I heard it was 16-22" with a lot of rain mixed in here in the low lands of SVT.
  11. Yea l, agree. I found the post a few years back, I don't know where it is now, but I remember the person mentioning it wasn't a drift and it was "on the level" or something like that.
  12. I recall one of the posters in the Mid Atl forum saying they had a 55" depth, which is almost hard to believe in MD outside of Garret County. But then again, we are talking Parrs Ridge which peaks through the I don't think I had higher than maybe low 30s as peak depth over the border in PA where I was living at the time. (Western Philly burbs)
  13. Its no match for the infamous Parrs Ridge..aka the Himalayas of Northern
  14. Well, I know the 3k NAM certainly hates that area. March 93 could be coming up the coast and it would still print out .1-.2" qpf..ha. It does it with every storm.
  15. 65-70" average in Whitefield? Wow, that seems low, but you would know better than me ORH was low 60s and now upper 60s average now right?