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  1. If you use Roundup(dirty word I know) you can seed the next day. Other broadleaf specific weed killers, yes you have to wait a certain amount of time. You really have almost no grass there and nothing that will come back I dont think. Maybe some, but its pretty sparse. If you did nothing to it, I think come OCT it would look "greener" because the weather would cool and more synoptic rains would come, but it would be mostly weeds popping by looking at what you have now. I wouldn't do anything unless you can figure out a watering schedule.
  2. Been out the loop here with regards to lawn recently. I think I said this a month ago when it looked like a "lawn" that I didn't think there was much grass in there to begin with, mostly weeds---I know you don't want to hear that. I cant believe that there was that many weed seeds in the new loam they brought in. I would try to get some money back from the Hydroseed place--what are they saying? Honestly, you somehow need to figure out an irrigation method. Some how you need to get some water to this area during establishment. Your fighting and extreme uphill battle without. I would say screw off to the hydroseed place with those results. Although they could always blame it on lack of water I guess.
  3. Been no shortage of Chamber days this summer--I know a few select individuals only want high heat/dews, but this is the type of summer weather I envisioned when moving to NE. Not the best summer for the 7 people that have pools in NNE, but very comfortable for day to day living. My AC units have collected a good amount of dust this summer. I've spent a good amount of time in FL the past 3 months for work, and the dews are just suffocating. Always appreciate flying back to ALB and coming out of the airport to a nice low/moderate dew air mass.
  4. This would have been good to put down at seeding time. Its really the only product available at big box stores that can prevent and kill weeds at the same time not harm grass and allow it to establish. Active ingredient is mesotrione also used in Tenacity--which is the top of line liquid weed killer. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Scotts-21-5-lb-5-000-sq-ft-Turf-Builder-Starter-Food-for-New-Grass-Plus-Weed-Preventer-23200/203716573
  5. Might need to see some updated pics to see what actually is going on there--how much actual grass vs weeds.
  6. Wow--crazy story! Nice to be able to save the house. Everything looks great now. There are currently 3 old houses that I have noticed in my small town being raised and a new foundations/basements being put in. Definitely some fascinating work.
  7. I think we have opined about this in the past, but imagine the different microclimates we would have if the spine of the Greens was 10k-20kft and the Whites the same? There would be a lot of noose tying /rejoicing depending on wind direction/moisture/etc. lol. On a current weather note--spent the past 9 days at a lake house in the Daks--in a relatively cool/wet summer, couldn't have asked for much better weather over that time...temps in the 80s most days and water temp in the mid 70s--pretty much perfect.
  8. Man, what a crush job for CVT amd NVT the past few days. Impressive pics guys. I could post some impressive driveway puddle pics after a whoping .39" today.
  9. Definitely different in the southern part of the state. My backyard brook is a couple notches above a trickle.
  10. Yea, what Brewbeer said pretty much..you want to have 3-4 mows before doing any weed killer products. Im not sure what those weeds are exactly, but you definitely have a lot of weeds in there, anything that looks like it is a little thicker, even if it looks like grass, is a weed. The actual grass will be coming up wispy thin initially. So in the picture above even the stuff that might "look" like grass that is like a 1/8" or 1/4" thick is not grass. Its only been 10 days since they resprayed I think you said? No way you are ready for a mow. Right now you would only be mowing weeds and then trampling those thin young grass seedlings. I guess its possible too that some stuff is coming up from that initial hyrdoseed they did a month ago or whenever that was. For reference, this is what my lawn looked like about 3-4 weeks after seeding, hard to tell, but that grass is still super thin and pretty much falling over after a took a Reel mower to it. You can see my footprints because the grass is so thin, but it was getting long enough to mow.
  11. Some decent totals along the NH/VT (Putney) state line where the training setup. Also RUT area with some 3"+ Ended with 1.03" here. 6/20/2017 7:00 AM VT-WH-12 Putney 2.0 WNW 3.75 NA NA VT Windham Classic | New 6/20/2017 6:00 AM VT-RT-14 Rutland 2.0 E 3.27 NA NA VT Rutland Classic | New
  12. Yea-- they just sprayed yesterday, so nothing is sprouting, try to rake back into the washouts areas if you can. Better to have washouts now than at 2 weeks when stuff should be coming up and then got washed away. Another reason why Peat Moss or some other top coat can help--it can help with runoff and washouts, but not totally prevent it.
  13. Some decent gusts with that line that just came through SVT, nothing incredible, but a few power surges and looking outside maybe a few pretty small branches/limbs down. Rain has been meh in my exact location, heaviest stuff seems to have been near the NH/VT border.
  14. Peat Moss would be best, stuff is great at retaining moisture. If you have the budget for it, I would get that down and over the whole area, especially knowing that you're not watering much.
  15. Was on the northern edge of the cells moving through SVT, some decent thunder, calm winds. Pretty meh, but I wasn't in the meat of it. Rain drops were massive though.