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  1. Nice torch today..not much snow to lose..2-3"....but its gone. Think got up to 55F or so. Gusted low 40s last night.
  2. Ice box up north last night--not sure if it was clouds, wind or what, but my low was only 25F last night.
  3. Interestingly even being on the western slopes I only got to 40.3F yesterday--which is pretty decent for here CAD wise (as Tamarack laughs) Still rock hard crust coverage, although will be long gone Monday like you mentioned. 13.5" season so far...pretty respectable, probably above average i would think.
  4. I think I saw something that it was going to be down for a while....like 2 weeks. Been out for a few days now.
  5. 4-5" of snow on the ground here with thunder, lightning, rain and hail..or sleet or graupel or something. Think that might be a first for me to have that combo platter.
  6. Nice call. 2.4" of wet paste here. Looked like almost some S+ on my cam in the 4-5am range.
  7. Similar to what I had today. Didn't see ALY mention much in the way of flakes today(outside of the system tonight), but had mood snow pretty much all day.
  8. Some really nice snow growth with this batch moving through..nice little refresher. Definitely higher ratio than the last event.
  9. My ratios were in the 10-1 range, so not great. These really low froude events actually aren't the perfect setup for here either, the Taconics in SVT to my west block a good amount of the moisture, hence you noticed the radar building up in ENY down through the Rensselaer Plateau and south of there.. Briefly had some really good growth, but it certainly wasn't perfect dendrites like it can be alot of times.
  10. I was thinking this was like a poor man's NOV 16 event too as it was unfolding. IIRC alot of those same areas did well too, but this seemed even more blocked as even Woodford didn't do that well in this, which is unusual. Think they got crushed in NOV 16. Weenie ARW model run from before the event ago nailed pretty much the exact spot in ENY that jacked. Although most mesos were pretty good in depicting the backed up blocked flow. Certainly interesting from a meteorology perspective.
  11. 6.5" final here. Saw a 12" report in ENY on ALY PNS. Definitely feels mid winter with wind and 21.7F
  12. Yep, the Taconics in ENY have been getting crushed for a while. They can do pretty well in these blocked flow setups.
  13. Lol....Im actually down to 29.3F in the lowlands. 3.9" as of a little bit ago.
  14. Temp slowly dropping now at 31.8F with some decent flakes/snow growth. Seems like a Woodford/Mitch jack..
  15. Models have seemed to ramp it up a bit down here over recent runs..be interesting to see how it plays out. ALY put out a WWA for most of Bennington County looks like.
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