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  1. Get your advisory events while you can... .. Not sure if this was posted already somewhere. National Weather Service set to drop advisories by 2024 - The Washington Post
  2. Guess there were some higher gusts than I thought on the other side of town.
  3. Wow, that's a solid pickup from squalls--nice. Nothing here but a dusting. NW winds just don't do much here, feel like MAYBE gusted to 40. Had no problem sleeping.
  4. Well, it really is completely different microclimate than most of VT. Not that this is breaking news. You could get a string of late blooming Millers B's that leave most of the VT posters with a few inches of sand or cirrus. Some years, the wealth is spread more evenly, this year little different obviously.
  5. By a long shot. I made a totally innocuous post couple years ago to someone who was moving to VT (or getting a second house maybe) with some general info on climo and a link that I thought would help and someone posted right after "don't get why people from different regions are still coming in posting". Something along those lines. I certainly wasn't popping in to rub in some big snow dump.
  6. He did give it an A+ in the other thread. But yea, even at this point with 120" that would be an all time best for like 95% of this forum.
  7. It would have been great if Phin didn't have this forum as a resource and his own personal topographic tour guide (Will) and ended up in Whitefield or Bennington.. He would be doing some serious
  8. Still hanging on here too..although Phins looks "cleaner" more pot holes forming on top here in the pack..looks kind of ugly.
  9. Oh, yea not sure if he means depth or snowfall. 2 different metrics obviously.
  10. It's also easier to be much more above normal by now here since the average is lower than those guys further north.
  11. Below average depth looks like. I don't think Phins area has been better than most of VT. He looks below normal to date. I think JSpin is above normal to date(he can confirm)Figure all of Maine is well below average? Not really NNE here, more CNE but no one is probably more above average here than my area, Im already prob 25-30 inches above seasonal average, not even to season to date-- prob more like 50 inches above normal to date. Anyone else can chime in. I know RUT area is also prob near seasonal averages or above too before March even starts.
  12. Going on 38 straight days of 12"+ here, not much in the pipeline so will be dwindling. Grinch takes away A or A+ here, but I would go solid A-. Top 3 all timer in DEC and pretty consistent and above normal snowfall and snow cover. If March is totally punted, maybe down to B+.