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  1. Yep, I think this is the first year VT has officially changed it. My wife told me that the other day, I had no clue.
  2. Seemed pretty busy around town with some post Columbus day weekend peepers invading---they are going to be pretty disappointed. Unless they enjoy some Brownish/yellow Beech leaves hanging on.
  3. 3.51" final. Feel like that is kind of maxing out on synoptic precip in the valley. Never lost power here but good amount of outages around here also--lots of limbs and a random tree here or there down, but nothing extreme it seems. No damage that I noticed around me, but winds looked to shift W/NW after midnight which is normally kind of meh here.
  4. Starting to hear that howl through the woods and little window rattle...picked up alot on the past 20-30 mins.
  5. Not hard to pick out the SVT valley downslope screwgie....
  6. Yea, Forky had a nice little troll post in the Foliage thread with 925Mb wind map, but I think the prime foliage areas in NH, VT ME are past peak anyway(I think in ME too?), even way down here we are past peak in the valley. If this storm was 1 week ago, then definitely would have made an impact on Columbus Day weekend peepers. Mostly a dullish brownish-orange-yellow hue looking out my backdoor. Although Genes drone footage still shows lot of green and mix colors in his area.
  7. Betting the house on the over for 24mph max gust here. BTV shows that slim sliver of 40-50 gusts. ALY just didn't seem to get that detailed with it
  8. Just waiting for PF to report the first flakes at 4K...
  9. Sorry man, that's incredible damage. Almost looks like dead crabgrass or something, but that fact that on May 19th it looked that, definitely not--looks like actual turfgrass. Crazy how thick it is in that pic. If it really is grubs, then the turf should pull up like a carpet and you should see ALOT of grubs.
  10. Whoa, either that was an epic disease/ drought etc that wiped it out or their wasnt any "real" grass there to begin with. Mid OCT should be very green. Was that a newly seeded area or more established?
  11. Pretty efficient small droplet rain...interesting to look at the Wundeground estimate and it has my area in SVT at less than .1" While my status is at about .80" so far. Normally its in the ballpark at least, but some weak dbz echos producing some decent totals.
  12. Western slopes of Greens and Eastern slopes of Taconics have really lit up over past few days from my valley view point. Lots of reds and oranges popping out. Saturday is looking nice, so should be a good show for those coming in for the weekend. IMO, already several notches better than last year ever was.
  13. Dropped into 50s here. BWI got to 98F and DCA we not there.
  14. Nice gradient there, I'm at about 1.7" for Sept