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  1. Some decent totals along the NH/VT (Putney) state line where the training setup. Also RUT area with some 3"+ Ended with 1.03" here. 6/20/2017 7:00 AM VT-WH-12 Putney 2.0 WNW 3.75 NA NA VT Windham Classic | New 6/20/2017 6:00 AM VT-RT-14 Rutland 2.0 E 3.27 NA NA VT Rutland Classic | New
  2. Yea-- they just sprayed yesterday, so nothing is sprouting, try to rake back into the washouts areas if you can. Better to have washouts now than at 2 weeks when stuff should be coming up and then got washed away. Another reason why Peat Moss or some other top coat can help--it can help with runoff and washouts, but not totally prevent it.
  3. Some decent gusts with that line that just came through SVT, nothing incredible, but a few power surges and looking outside maybe a few pretty small branches/limbs down. Rain has been meh in my exact location, heaviest stuff seems to have been near the NH/VT border.
  4. Peat Moss would be best, stuff is great at retaining moisture. If you have the budget for it, I would get that down and over the whole area, especially knowing that you're not watering much.
  5. Was on the northern edge of the cells moving through SVT, some decent thunder, calm winds. Pretty meh, but I wasn't in the meat of it. Rain drops were massive though.
  6. If your not going to be able to water consistently , I would wait until fall honestly and have them respray then if that's an option. If you respray now and your purely relying on mother nature then it will probably be tough, I mean your going to be just praying that convective storms hit your little hill there. In the fall at least you can get more synoptic type rain and also the sun angle will be lower so the soil wont dry out as fast. Did the hydroseed guys give you a guess on why they don't think its taking? The only issue I can see if insufficient water.
  7. Honestly to make sure you get the best results after spending the money on the hydroseed, you have to water every day/multiple times per day until you leave Wed to try to get as much to sprout as you can. Being gone for 5 days without being able to water and relying on rain is tough, but hopefully mother nature helps out.
  8. This was my PA lawn that I redid, was mostly crabgrass and weeds. Like I said constant watering is what made the difference in getting it established. Before: After:
  9. Is your seed Kentucky Bluegrass? Bluegrass is the slowest to germinate (compared to Fescue and Ryegrass) Can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks normally. Even at 4 weeks, new bluegrass lawns can look pretty sparse. Also, hard to tell exactly, but that looks a little dry. Are you keeping the seeds/soil constantly moist? That is critical and the most important factor in getting germination and establishing a new lawn. When I redid my lawn a few years back in PA myself (15000 sq ft) the hardest part was keeping the seed constantly moist without a in ground irrigation system, lots of hoses and sprinklers throughout the yard. I worked from home so I was able to monitor it, but still was tedious. I know you have mentioned issues with your well water I think in the past, but you need to make sure that you water everyday multiple times per day. Enough that it is always somewhat damp/moist.
  10. Interesting stuff PF. Over 1" here today and around 2" the past few days, but defintley some downsloping here. The east slope high terrain was just crushed around here, got to be some 3" totals, the radar looked ridiclous all day with some nice echoes just rotting over the same areas.
  11. Yea, unfortunately unless you made significant changes to the soil and growing conditions it will 100% look like that top pic with warmer temps and without super wet conditions. I mean this is as wet as it gets and its still sort of patchy.
  12. I like that look and seems like a good low maintenance idea. You could mow some walking paths through it too. I'm not sure about the seed, maybe they sell some type of pasture seed or something.
  13. That's one heck of a construction site you have going on there Lava. Why would the wildflowers look out of place? How about a mini fruit tree orchard..or space for vegetable gardens that could feed half of Maine..lol
  14. Out of state--but wife reporting power is out from that complex that is rolling through SVT. Looks like a tree fell nearby per what she is saying.
  15. Missing the heat at home, but found it down in here in Tampa. 96/63. Not horrific dews I guess, but toasty nonetheless.