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  1. Thanks. About 1" down now. Taking the kiddos up to Bromley tomorrow for first time this season, nice to have a little refresher.
  2. Radar looking good for 2-4 I think.
  3. Nam gone wild with the clipper tom in SVT/CVT:
  4. For a SVT valley location it is pretty decent as some spots can not be (DDH, etc) Retention obviously is not great--but it's bad anywhere west of the spine up and down VT. 1500ft and up on the East Slope would be the ideal spot.
  5. Coming down nicely with some good snow growth..looks like maybe .5" down. Couple inches would be a win tonight for here.
  6. Tuning in just praying for that double snow icon..They had a different one for "Snow" before that one I think.
  7. Looks like a little more than just a innocuous clipper: Deform right over Boston
  8. Mitch taking an substantial early clubhouse lead season to date, still plenty of holes to be played though
  9. Some of the meso models last night were backing a band up near your area around 12am or so, always nice to wake up to a surprise. Total here is 13.6" after some fluff last night in that same banding that was hitting Albany area. Missed out on the jack area to the south, but can't complain for early DEC.
  10. 9.0" as of noon. Missed the big stuff, but nice and wintry again. Been gusty at times here on the Western slopes. See if we can somehow squeak out a few more inches later today tonight to get 12" Interestingly, had almost exact same total and precip at 7am as the Peru COOP at 1700' up the hill. 8.3" with .76LE here 8.3" with .79LE at Peru COOP
  11. 27" Duanesburg NY (west of ALB) Albany revenge tour continues. Bunch of biggies past few years.
  12. They always get 2ft in every storm... That is pretty much right in line with the Bennington reports(from my plow guy who lives there) and Mitch. Pretty much 10-20" in that zone...with more to come.
  13. For Sure, Mt Snow is the most south of all SVT resorts.