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  1. Not to go off on a tree tangent, but I had 2 Nice Dogwoods on my property in PA, they seemed pretty healthy, didn't see any signs of anthracnose. I did have a 250-300 yr old Sycamore that had a wicked case of Anthracnose the 5 years I lived there, it would constantly drop leaves from May right through until full leaf drop in NOV, complete nightmare keeping the yard clean since it was right in the front yard. That thing was a majestic beast though, I think its actually on the PA Big trees website as one of the biggest sycamores in the state.
  2. Weather wise, spring is the only season I miss growing up in the Mid Atl. Cooler summers and much snowier winters in VT are a trade off I will take every day, all day, in exchange for missing for Cherry Blossoms and Dogwood Tree Flowers in April/ Early May.
  3. It really is kind of mesmerizing watching the loop.
  4. A Cocorahs spot near me in SVT dropped form 37" to 10" in 5 days. And that spot is at 1800ft.
  5. I'm guessing this one April 2003: http://cbs6albany.com/weather/historical-data
  6. Oh yea, that was at the ski area..by the college and town was less..more like 15-17" I think. Or at least that's what the cocorahs report said, but totals varied all over the place on small microclimate scale.
  7. Where did you see that total? Seems a little high, but who knows.
  8. 15.7" over the duration according to cocorahs. 3/16/2017 7:00 AM VT-AD-24 Middlebury 0.3 N 0.12 1.6 NA VT Addison 3/15/2017 7:00 AM VT-AD-24 Middlebury 0.3 N NA 14.1 NA VT Addison
  9. Woodford VT coming in with 42" as of this morning...lol. Weenie central. We need to get Mitch to setup his spot to confirm these ridiculous totals they always come in with. They are double most every spot in SVT including the ski spots per JSpins post. Im not saying I don't believe them, just always incredible totals. Wish they had a COOP or Cocorahs to get official numbers.
  10. 19.7" final tally with total liquid at 2.00"
  11. Wow dude, that's pretty amazing. Looking at the radar 40+ seems within reason.
  12. You guys couldn't convince him to live on the west slopes of the greens or East of the spine?? Yea, 2010 was the fluff bomb upslope that actually crushed down here as well. Not sure about 2011, im sure someone will come along to reminisce.
  13. In NE outside of NY state---Woodford in SVT has 3ft so far, but yea widespread for NE would be up in BTV area over to JSpin and the elevations spots in NVT I would think.
  14. I know everyone jokes about how well the coastal plain has done recently at the expense of inland areas, but BTV has 4 of their top 5 events in the last 10 years. Their records go back to the late 1800s don't they? Interesting.
  15. Where were you exactly? I was in western Chester County, I remember getting lots if 24-28" measurements, although that was along time ago and I was young high school weenie and don't have any exact records or anything.