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  1. Normally ENY and SVT are halfway decent for storms by NE standards, what a snoozer for June. Month long chamber weather.
  2. Up in Essex Junction for a soccer tourney all weekend. No shade and a scorcher for kids and parents alike. Honestly enjoyed last weekends tournament with fleece blankets and hats more I think. ..lol.
  3. https://video.nest.com/clip/801114b066444ddfa5da007d4b7a8a1a.mp4 https://video.nest.com/clip/3a859ca2effd4724b69c1df80784ed4e.mp4 I forgot to take in my Feeder on Monday night and had one come to the back of the house, which has happened many times. What is interesting is that the Bear is so delicate with the Feeder, he just sucks the seeds like a vaccuum it seems, the holes are pretty small where the seed comes out. The Feeder itself is still the exact same shape it was before he got to it, not like he smashed it into pieces and then ate the seeds-seems to have some experience with these feeders---lol. The second clip is funny, dude just pops a squat on the lawn enjoying his feast..ha.
  4. Without even looking at my data, that jives with the feel of what has been going on here in SVT. Every rain event seems to be .14"-- barely wetting the ground under trees. Wouldn't mind some dews to maybe get some storms at least.
  5. Yea, that is pretty crazy. You knew it was a mortal lock though of there being multiple rescues this weekend.
  6. Could be. Those types of Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood never look good here(obviously a lot warmer where you are climate wise), they always seem to get winter damage or some type of spring frost/freeze issue. My in laws have 2 or 3, not sure what variety, but I have rarely seen anything but a random flower or two, many years nothing. I just stick with Panicle and Smooth Hydrangeas that look good every year regardless of winter/spring conditions.
  7. Big soccer tournament being held in Manchester this weekend that my daughter is playing in, everyone bundled in hats, fleece blankets, hot chocolate's, warm tea's, coffee's...lol.
  8. We are firmly on to Deer Fly season, they have been out for a little while now. Still some lingering black flies though too. I only ever remember worrying about mosquitoes growing up in SEPA. It really is ridiculous up here with the bugs...lol. Serious rain shield in effect here..no rain for 15 days and then only .19" last night.
  9. Just like any window AC, you have to take screen out if it's not a sliding screen. My screen slides up, but is still unusable with this. Basically you can open window, but there won't be any screen. Unless you jimmy rigged something I guess.
  10. Yea Steve, I have all 4 units on the app and can control them individually.
  11. Ha, me too. I watched youtube videos. Honestly, they do have a nice straight forward easy to understand system for install, but its not the 30 second set it and forget of my old units.
  12. Yea, that is basically what I read as well. I pretty sure have posted before about how inefficient some of those portable units can be, what a difference when I got rid of my ratty 9K portable and went to the 12K Midea.
  13. I have a 12K, 10K and two 8K's. I was coming from 3 old crappy Walmart units and a 15 year old portable unit. They really are unbelievably quiet. My window units were 5K and portable 9K, so it was upgrade in every sense for me. It is really nice to be able to be out all day and use the app and have run them for a few hours so it is cool when you get home. I know alot of window units now have wifi, but this was a change for me. I think SJones or someone mentioned that is kind of nice to have the extra light as well, they actually look pretty nice from the inside aesthetically. I wouldn't say they are difficult to install, but a bit tedious. I am definitely happy with them considering what I was coming from, total night and day.
  14. I had no idea about that rebate until you posted that last night. I bought 4 of those suckers last year, guess time to get my $400.
  15. Wow, pretty quick drop to 59F by 9pm. You might be the coolest spot in NNE right now..or one of. Outside of some spot right on the water. 69F here.
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