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  1. Eeked out .38" last night, like Freak said I think in the other thread, seemed like some orographics helped maybe. Winds were ripping, actually lost power for a few hours in the middle of the night. Been spending a lot of time in Seattle the past month for work, love going there, great city and such a beautiful landscape......when there not socked in with clouds and 50F-55F like it was most of last week when I was there
  2. Recognize that hill which is your last pic, here is my shot from last year from the same exact spot when at peak around 10/5/16 I think. Your shot is obviously past peak with bare trees, not sure what it looked like at true peak several days before your pic. Last year looked really good.
  3. Mohawk-Hudson convergence I think is what you are describing , doesn't seem to happen a ton, but pretty cool meso feature. Some on here are probably more familiar with that feature than me. I recall it a few times last winter.
  4. Speaking for my area in SVT, its drastically different from just 5-6 days ago. Nothing last weekend, but changing quickly each day.
  5. Yea, I don't know. Might be a delayed, but not totally denied year down here. The Hills are getting redder each day this week. Might actually be some decent pockets for the Columbus Day weekend leaf peepers.
  6. Right, he can chime in on exactly where is spot is, but looks maybe a little too far SE for the absolute max like near the 2200-2500 spots near Woodford which get porked on upslope and coastals, and from pretty much every wind direction..lol. Be curios how his spot did during that Nov 2016 Upslope storm. Woodfrod had like 25-30" I think. That would be good barometer on strictly upslope.
  7. Do you mean individual storm totals from Coastal's? Or overall season totals? Remember him complaining about some downsloping and warming during certain storms, but isn't he in a pretty prolific upslope zone for NH standards? Its says 170" in last years table.
  8. Looks like JSpin has another possible contender now for the top spot along with Alex in Bretton Woods.
  9. In-thanks
  10. Still really green west of the Greens spine here. Pic is from yesterday. I haven't been up to the 2k range east of the spine yet, probably were a few pockets that turned early and maybe browned some, but not as bad as up in NVT i wouldn't think.
  11. Nice sunset to the west over the Taconics..about 5 mins past peak, so was pretty dark.
  12. I remember moving there in early June and thinking "this isn't the San Diego I was promised!!" lol
  13. I honestly cant recall summer thunder, even during monsoon season. Maybe my memory is foggy as Im sure there were some storms inland and over the high Elevations in the Laguna and Cuyamaca ranges in eastern San Diego County later in the season. I lived about 2 blocks from the water, remember May Gray and June Gloom though pretty vividly.
  14. The 8 years I lived in SoCal I can only remember getting thunder and lightning once or twice...it was during winter with a big Pac LP. It may only been one time, but it was house shaker for sure.
  15. I think you will have better results, now that you are watering and not relying on rogue downpours.