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  1. 1.71" last night and 4.42" last 6-7 days. Nice spongy feel to the ground.
  2. Yea, you will see some along rte 9 unless it melts before you get there.
  3. Was at the kitchen sink post dinner last night and this guy just pops up at the window.. coming back for seconds. Never been face to face like that before.
  4. 2.45" here last few days. Next week looks pretty awful too-hopefully some breaks to score a nice day or two. No snow here, just some flakes on my cam, but nothing stuck.
  5. Euro is not exactly dry over the next week or so either.
  6. Yea, pretty classic SVT upslope radar right here--No man lands (Glastenbury) down through Woodford just getting crushed with some decent to very good returns elsewhere. Would have been an easy 12"+ in the usual spots down here.
  7. Yea, my backyard brook is a little more audible this morning. Pretty widespread 1.5-2" will do that.
  8. RIP my new bird feeder...the one night I forget to bring it in. Clip (April 30 2021 at 133 AM).mp4
  9. Subcritical flow is not good normally for Stratton and Mt Snow. If its' really blocked the Taconics can trap the heavier stuff up by me and even Washington County NY can score a few inches and even block the good stuff from me on the Green's western slope. We aren't usually totally shut out even really blocked flow, but can limit maxing out on accum. Woodford normally is OK in any flow, the Taconics open up down by Bennington and the elevations are lower just to the north so the precip can bank up into there. Been a few times where Bennington itself has had more than up by me in Manchester when really blocked. I see Mitch just chimed in with some sounding stuff, so looks like it may make it to Stratton and even Mt Snow possibly.
  10. Good for her for cashing in on this NFT madness.... 'Disaster Girl' selling original photo behind viral meme (
  11. And yes, Deerflies are the absolute f'n worst! They almost picked me up at 4k at the top of stratton last summer and flew away with me.. May try this tactic this summer..
  12. This is already a second or third wave of black flies down here, they have been out for a few weeks. I'm same as Diane, Deet does absolutely nothing to deter blackflies from me. I can bathe in it and they attack even more it seems.
  13. Black fly apocalypse today..cloudy with a little bit of dews and they got very hungry.
  14. Overall, the discussion is great, it does seem to veer off at times and get a little personal/political. Personally I really appreciated the insight from WhitinsvilleWx on the vaccine stuff, that has been really interesting to me. Stock stuff too.
  15. Certainly seem to be on borrowed time with this thread...