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  1. Overnight crew cut back totals...looks more realistic. Also more detailed with Orographic nuances kind of like what we were talking about last night. Looks pretty reasonable.
  2. Yea, it makes sense what ALY is saying and also what you are saying. I kind of mentioned it in the NNE thread, I could see some of the favored east slopes locations doing well. Following up to what PF said--it be nice to have some detailed orographic forecasts, I know its tough with NWS offices, they kind of have to paint a broad brush sometimes and cant pin point every orographic nuance through the whole service area--Im guessing that takes time and money. You know your local climo saying you don't do well on SE winds, same here. So, when I see 8-12, I expect lower taking into account local climo biases. But yea, maybe if there was a way to have a more detailed forecast or mapping tool. I'm sure if OceanStWx was around he could comment on it.
  3. ALY just pushing all the chips in the middle early on...trends say this may be optimistic.
  4. Yowzer ALY..seems a bit aggressive. I could see some favored East Slope spots maybe getting up there, but widespread 8-12? I guess its not THAT far off some of the 12Z guidance output, but we'll see.
  5. Seems all the radar sites have been doing that for a little while now. They eventually work, but it can take a bunch of attempts of waiting for it to work. I would like to know what the issue is too?
  6. With another far western jack just south and east of Albany. Saw an 8" report there.
  7. 6.1" final. These mini over achievers always seem more enjoyable.
  8. Posted in main thread, but will here too as NNE pots get lost in a sea of SNE obs. 5.1" on .18" liquid so far. Love these calm wind events, just so easy to measure and stacks up prefectly. Should be able to squeeze out 6" I would think, nice solid first event.
  9. 5.1" on .18" liquid, so 28-1 ratios..wasn't expecting ratios that high or that much snow. Pure fluffy fakeness, good use of QPF though
  10. Nothing manly about this band, that's for sure. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  11. I'm in the same band to your NE, got about 2" in 1 hour. Nicely formed dendrites efficiently piling up, haven't done a core, but seems like some good ratio snow. About 3", always nice to bust high. We'll see how long this band hangs around. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  12. Snow just started about 30 mins ago on the NW fringe here in SVT. -SN 29F. Small flakes and a dusting.
  13. 1.55" here, but most of VT was less than 1". Looking at ME cocorahs reports- the lowest total was .84", so yea, I would guess maybe you got more?
  14. 1.55" of wasted QPF Lets see what materializes next week and towards the second half of DEC.
  15. Looks like over 1" on the day. ALY at only .17 and DDH .21" and RUT at .36" Not sure why the large discrepancy as it's not convective hit or miss, must be some oragraphic influence in play.