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  1. Here we go again with EEE.. WCVB Boston: Massachusetts health officials report season’s first EEE positive mosquito sample.
  2. I know this is a broken record at this point, but what the hell is going on there? Looks like a plowed field ready for some crop planting. At this point maybe just hope weeds grow and fill in the all the bare spots?
  3. With the amount of convection around SVT since Monday feel kind of hosed at only 1.02" for the 3 days.
  4. Some serious bad luck Gene to only have 3/4 of inch in 6 weeks. Think you will score some decent rains the next few days. Picked up around .60" or so today through 3 or 4 different cells rotating through from the north. Much needed.
  5. Doubled up yesterday's .02" with a whopping .04" today. Just got to hope for some hits the next 3 days.
  6. Anybody ever use Cedar Oil as insect /bug repellent on the yard? Thinking about doing a blanket spray around the yard, but wasnt sure if it wouldn't actually do anything and I have alot of area to spray.
  7. Just got back home and see .48" in gauge. Not sure how much of that actually went into the rock hard ground, but will take it.
  8. Deck getting close to completion, water is a ridiculous 81F for June.
  9. Meanwhile another 0.0 in the books here. Hopefully we can get something more widespread today and tonight.
  10. Duxbury cocorahs came in at 3.09" @powderfreak So right on the money with radar estimates.
  11. I think a little under 1" for June precip so far. I was peeking at my cocorahs and I dont see any summer months lower than 2.55". Small sample size, but that was the lowest back to 2015. Most summer months are 4-7" going back to 2015. Guess that's why I have never seen the lawn so brown.
  12. Yes, I do. Just keep watering, but not over water it. It's already stressed, adding N will only stress it more IMO.
  13. I'm also getting expanding and growing brown spots every day. Lava approved.
  14. Depends on the type of grass you have. Kentucky blue grass will just go dormant and then bounce back with rain and somewhat cooler temps. With fescue and perennial rye grass you could actually lose some if it stays dry long enough and hot enough. I dont know what you type you have, but I think most will bounce back. Now, if somehow July is a roaster and dry, then obviously higher likelihood of some grass not coming back. But I mean you would need almost no rain for another 3-4 weeks I think to lose amounts you would notice.
  15. I seem to remember summer 2016 with just constant terrain cumulus, even on forecasted nice days would wake up with bright sunny skies then orographic clouds would start building and bubbling at like