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  1. He's got like 14" OTG, but your point stands, it's been a rat in the Berks up towards extreme SVT. Mitch has the same total as me right now on the season, which is pretty crazy and I'm sure is a pretty low return rate of that happening in any given year.
  2. 3.5" the other night and looks like a couple more this morning.
  3. This weekend is up there was Columbus Day weekend...total zoo on the mtns and in town. It's a pain, but in all honesty it's what keeps these tourists towns going.
  4. Snowing really hard. 1.4" in 30 minutes from initial band. Back to moderate now.
  5. Only posters I know of in SVT are myself and @wxmanmitch above 2K (near Woodford) who post with any modicum of frequency(Mitch mostly on twitter). Some members have second homes, condos, etc-- but not many that live here full time that post very often. Unless I am forgetting someone? Our new friend in Brattleboro too..
  6. Certainly no "damage". Zero outages in SVT via Green Mountain Power. Temps were 30-32 though in the elevated East Slopes most of the night, so prob a decent glaze in spots I would assume.
  7. Only a few spots in NE that hasn't had a 12" storm recently. Would be interesting to see a 24" map...
  8. We were stuck in no man's land in SVT between the PF and crew band and the SE stuff most of the day. Pretty pedestrian rates and meh snow growth for big part of the day. Made up some ground with some 20-30:1 fluff this evening finished at 5.5"
  9. BTV mentioned 15 or 20:1 ratios. Light winds so no fractured dendrites and good lift through the DGZ for a time. Kuchie could verify if there are multiple hours of good snow growth.
  10. That might be one of the most balanced state wide corner to corner snow maps I have seen.
  11. This was close to S+ before the line hit around 30 mins ago. During squall line
  12. S+ with the stuff ahead of the main line. Should be pretty wild when that stuff moves in over next hour.
  13. Yep, getting juicy out in CNY racing east.
  14. Nothing was more epic than that squall that hit KLW's area down through you a few years ago. Wasn't that like an 8" squall? Guess that wasn't a squall line per se either.
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