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  1. Lol. The curved back ones are the only ones remotely comfortable.
  2. I think @powderfreakhas mentioned this in the past for Stowe, but August is just crazy busy here. Every night you need call ahead or reservations for most restaurants. In July, almost never need that during weekdays. Maybe that is just the same every where in New England, AUG is peak vaca time I guess. Nice comfy 51.8F this morning for the low.
  3. My wife and I noticed a weird looking creature on the petunias the past week or two, no idea what it was, but now I do after a Google search. Defintley interesting.
  4. Turned into a sneaky somewhat wet July. 6.66". Cocorahs 30 year prism average says 4.84" for here.
  5. Nothing severe by any means, but these dews let out some torrential downpours and put down a quick 1.12" as they rolled through SVT. Nice evening with some stratus hanging around the Ridgeline as everything clears through.
  6. Yep, those .1-.3" events are pretty much useless when the soil is this dry. Honestly need a 1-3", but not in a 30 min Tstorm. I had mentioned in my other post, I was kind of shocked that following a 1" rain the soil dried out so quickly.
  7. Yea, it was too much for me too. I was doing it for a while, then just gave up the lawn watering and just do veggie and perennial gardens. My low output well can't hold up anyway to watering the lawn as much as it would need it.
  8. This is easily the most I have watered lawn and garden here in SVT since moving here in 2014, also the brownest I have seen the lawn and that is with some rain here and there. I think a big part of the brown lawns and dry gardens has been the very low RH and DPs for most of the summer. The evapotranspiration I'm sure has been off the charts when you combine very low RH, sun and wind. The top 4-6" of soil has been getting sucked dry very quickly. Before this recent stretch every day seemed to be a Chamber day with sun and low dews. The other week I had 1" of rain and was watering again in 2 days. Even 1" of rain really did nothing to my grass, just kept it from getting browner really. I think many of our summers the past 15 years have been so humid, that moisture was retained in the soil much more so after a rain event. As was mentioned also, soil composition plays a big part too. Obviously it has been dry for a big part of the region as well as per the map posted.
  9. No wind to speak of, but couple hours of constant TL and tropical esque downpours early this AM. 1.71" in Stratus and .39"in Davis--something aint right..lol.
  10. Want to try to get up there sometime, just for the optics, kind of mini fjord vibe.
  11. Bennington got to 95F today. Unless I am not looking at xmacis correctly, 95F looks like the all time max since 1998 when they started recording temps. @dendrite can confirm if I have that right?
  12. I think I might have one of the lowest totals in all of VT this event, only .12", at least at the bottom of the cocorahs report im sure tomorrow.
  13. Nice, enjoy. Although you may be the first person ever to say they enjoyed Bennington more than Burlington...lol. I think you had a post the other day about it. Their are defintley more "quaint vermont towns" I guess than Burlington if that is what you are after.
  14. Chamber approved weather in the Adirondack's Water not quite as warm as last year at this time, but still 76f-ish, so not too bad.
  15. Pretty wild storm, nickel size hail and probably some biggers ones just bouncing off the ground with pure white out and good winds too. Best storm in a while and easily biggest hail I have seen since I have been in VT. Also dropped almost an inch of rain in what seemed like a few minutes. Just grabbed this melting one for pic..lol.
  16. I did go out this morning and was like WTF? Took about 10 seconds to realize what had happened most likely, and then checked cam to confirm.
  17. Since moving here have never seen a bear in daylight IMBY. Past couple weeks been probably 3 or times, even when I am out there, they don't seemed phased unless I make a lot of noise. They are getting more and more comfortable it seems around here. I don't know, maybe it is random. This little guys strolled by this morning at 7AM. Not sure what he was looking for in a flower pot--lol. https://video.nest.com/clip/d58836ad922140b888abb68216d660f8.mp4
  18. Actually picked up 1.1" of rain. Pretty steady too, so hopefully soaked in the ground. Pretty tired of watering veggie garden and new perennials/shrubs, etc. Lawn was really torched. Not saying wells were drying up, but aesthetically never seen so many brown lawns since I have moved here. The super dry air and wind just sucks the moisture out so quick compared to our normally humid summers recently. This summer has been crazy with the lack of humidity though, just top 10 day after day. You can see why the older houses dont have AC, not really needed until the recent dewey stretch of the last 15-20 years or whatever. Im sure dendrite has charts to show the dews over time.
  19. Normally ENY and SVT are halfway decent for storms by NE standards, what a snoozer for June. Month long chamber weather.
  20. Up in Essex Junction for a soccer tourney all weekend. No shade and a scorcher for kids and parents alike. Honestly enjoyed last weekends tournament with fleece blankets and hats more I think. ..lol.
  21. https://video.nest.com/clip/801114b066444ddfa5da007d4b7a8a1a.mp4 https://video.nest.com/clip/3a859ca2effd4724b69c1df80784ed4e.mp4 I forgot to take in my Feeder on Monday night and had one come to the back of the house, which has happened many times. What is interesting is that the Bear is so delicate with the Feeder, he just sucks the seeds like a vaccuum it seems, the holes are pretty small where the seed comes out. The Feeder itself is still the exact same shape it was before he got to it, not like he smashed it into pieces and then ate the seeds-seems to have some experience with these feeders---lol. The second clip is funny, dude just pops a squat on the lawn enjoying his feast..ha.
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