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  1. Obs Thread 1/15-17

    Picked up about 5” in Easthampton
  2. January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    It was good, but definitely not worth the money...kind of thinner that I would have liked
  3. Pre New Years Clipper/Re-developer

    Why do they use 30-year spans?
  4. Pre New Years Clipper/Re-developer

    How truly representative are those years? Wouldn’t a longer-term average be quite lower?
  5. Fall Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    Tar spot on maples has been bad in many places this year and causes that
  6. The Blizzard of the Ides, 2017 ...observation time

    I mentioned the same thing in the NY forum. They seem low sometimes. I think Albany is currently just over 58" though.
  7. Upstate/Eastern New York

    The 17" total at the airport in Albany must be one of the lowest measurements in the Capital District, no?
  8. The Blizzard of the Ides, 2017 ...observation time

    Yeah...I'm probably less than 10 miles away and had about 12 or 13
  9. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Sounds like Syrmax had no trouble finishing his whole stash of wine last night
  10. Spring Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    How's the Doppelgänger? I haven't been out there in a while...the lines just keep getting longer
  11. Winter Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    I just dispersed all of my remaining sidewalk/driveway snow piles throughout the yard - get it out of here
  12. Winter Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    Drive around puddles...I love that
  13. Upstate/Eastern New York

    Yes...downtown Albany and Troy are essentially at sea level. There have been quite a few storms with marginal temps where the valley got slush while elevations got a foot or two.