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  1. The snow has been great here the last few hours and we’re going to go well over every forecast I saw for the Pioneer Valley...what happened that prevented the extreme shadowing that was showing up in every model and forecast?
  2. That’s what they usually do...this one is unusual
  3. 6 or 7 inches here and coming down nicely, which is better than I was expecting after hearing so much about downsloping the last couple days
  4. Yeah...a couple inches here when I woke up
  5. It’s more complicated than it every school going to continue to buy computers for every student when the federal government isn’t picking up the tab? And while it’s no difference to have a remote learning day when you are already fully remote, for schools that are in person, having to suddenly go remote on a couple hours notice after a 5:30 am phone call, it a huge pain in the ass.
  6. Our district did one remote learning day and then quickly declared any future snow day would be a traditional snow day.
  7. This is a good one, too
  8. Owego and Oswego are two different places
  9. 1. Not true of everyone 2. You can’t give half the district a day off and make the other go to classes/work
  10. This is true, except I can’t wait to see how many elementary kids actually show up for online classes tomorrow in my school
  11. Can see snow up on Mt Tom in Easthampton but all rain with occasional flakes in the valley
  12. Mulch some into the grass with the mower and compost the rest...bagging is a waste
  13. Looks like slightly over 2” here in Easthampton