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  1. This is a good one, too
  2. Owego and Oswego are two different places
  3. 1. Not true of everyone 2. You can’t give half the district a day off and make the other go to classes/work
  4. This is true, except I can’t wait to see how many elementary kids actually show up for online classes tomorrow in my school
  5. Can see snow up on Mt Tom in Easthampton but all rain with occasional flakes in the valley
  6. Mulch some into the grass with the mower and compost the rest...bagging is a waste
  7. Looks like slightly over 2” here in Easthampton
  8. About .3” so far here in Easthampton and still raining steadily...I’ll take it
  9. I’m well aware of the characteristics of a truck
  10. point was just many people have figured out home ownership without a truck. Not crapping on anybody who has one - just saying not everyone necessarily needs one.
  11. I drove for three weeks around Europe this summer and I saw about 20 pickup trucks that weren’t clearly company vehicles.
  12. Multiple rumbles of thunder moving through here, too
  13. This is probably a dumb question, but why is this thread labeled NYE?