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  1. We had that issue about a week and a half ago. We had just planted a couple of mimosa trees and had a slight frost down here in Westfield. They seem to be holding on with just a couple of burnt tips.
  2. 38.7 in Westfield at 6am this morning. No frost on the windshield on my way into the lonely office!
  3. Chips ahoy in one hand...hand lotion in the other. Not even looking at the open tab with the radar
  4. Snow picking up now in Simsbury. We went from almost nothing, to nearly moderate within 15 minutes. Ground is white but nothing sticking to the pavement yet 32°
  5. Flakes in the air in Simsbury at the shop. 29° Almost a Currier and Ives look now...
  6. I was joking. We're a company of four. If we have to close or run out of work we're effed after a fairly short time
  7. Nice! BTW..what is "paid" leave? Going to be an interesting few weeks for my business
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Zonal as shown should keep the April Fenway Park weather at bay for most of sne
  9. Sorry. I was just responding to others in this thread...I don't really even want to talk about it haha. And I just realized, it is a banter thread..
  10. Yes exactly, hence the "nearly" And I don't mean to say it's nothing but with doctors I work for that I have spoken with the 3 of them believe there is an excessive amount of hype.
  11. Yes and in my opinion, this is being hyped to death. No one seems to care, or want to hear/educate themselves that the flu mortality is nearly the same.
  12. Me too. Plus I don't care if it's trump Obama or choose whomever you like... The president isn't the one that should be guiding us on issues like this anyway. So sick of how a virus gets politicized, like somehow it's the current president's fault
  13. Yes. We are required to get one also. School district we perform maintenance for requires it. I think it's a great idea
  14. No, not any more than anyone else. When something like this wants to spread, theres not a lot we can do til if and when theres a vaccine. The other funny thing is two doctors I work for have said that several patients who absolutely refuse to get flu shots have been beating down their doors asking when a covid vaccine will be available. Some people will always just be stupid idiots and let hype run their lives
  15. Something people seem to miss is how many die of the "regular " flu every winter, yet its mostly ignored. 18 in Connecticut the past 2 weeks have died from the flu. 100k nationwide, I seriously doubt it. And if so the same people who need to worry about the flu most need to be watching