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  1. It's been perfect the last few days! Screw the H.H.H. we don't need 90s this time of year. Thinking back, I believe it was the summer of 1996 that was cool and fairly wet the majority of summer...I didn't complain!
  2. Beer, come on...this is Margarita season! On a weather note, great thing about having chinchillas as pets.. I have an excuse to install early. They hate the heat more than I do.
  3. Growing up in a house where it was always WAY too warm (for me) with a combination of electric heat and wood burning furnace was an absolute killer for me as far as getting sick regularly. Once I was out on my own and learned to manage the humidity and temp my winter health greatly improved. I still never keep the house above 67, usually it's more like 65
  4. So that's why so many people were driving in slow mo yesterday evening! It took FOREVER to get from Manchester CT to Westfield MA
  5. I love the Norway spruce! My old house had two that were about 60 feet tall...really miss them. To grow nice they need lots of room
  6. Poured here too in Westfield. Green up in FULL swing here. I haven't even treated the lawn yet.. and it needs to be cut in the next couple days..
  7. D- is being kind out this way...more like f+ The blizzard was a non event here. If it had been more region wide my grade would be quite a bit better IMBY
  8. Idiots with phones at its finest. Forget helping when they can get their .00000002 seconds of fame. Useless piece of shit human being. As they say, this shit is why the aliens won't land here...
  9. Well, flurries here in Simsbury. This wind BITES. The guys aren't happy we're working outside today... I just remind them that mother nature is a B*tch
  10. It'll be April 3rd. Its the Stafford Speedway swap meet...the weather ALWAYS sucks for the spring show
  11. Relief...thats a laugh.. 25 cents won't change much. AND its only gas, not Diesel.
  12. That April '82 was crazy! The grass was already greening up, buds on everything and within a few hours we were back to mid January weather, and extra time off from school
  13. Nice thunderstorm just went through Westfield. More impressive than I thought it would be
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