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  1. Christ almighty! These gusts just won't let me sleep..and now various trim pieces are being ripped off the house. Going to be interesting to see the damage tomorrow
  2. I had the strongest reaction I've ever had to the flu shot this year. Two days of feeling like ass, but no soreness. I'm able to sign up for the shot on my b-day Morch 22nd
  3. Got to love modern gasoline! Terrible. It reminds me I have stale gas in the old Bug and lawnmowers still... need a good D.I.T. wind event to burn it all up in the genny!
  4. Oh my, how do I respond to this novel haha. I hear you on the fake news/science thing. I mean isn't the beginning of any science the fact that... I don't know so lets figure it out? (and no it doesn't get figured in a press conference) It's just an interesting phenomenon that you've proposed and needs to be studied. Too many young ones have got used to blockbuster winters in SNE
  5. For some maybe, however I am basically at my average for snowfall this season, so is it a non winter? Not for me
  6. Yes i understand. Maybe the way I typed that came across subpar haha. I totally agree on climo. Where I live and work we're already at average for the year. That's the reason I mentioned the VERY good winters...I see many that are quite a bit younger than me are very spoiled by blockbuster winters. I've lived through many bad years. I think what I'm interested in most is IF the HC speculation could be somewhat correct regarding east coast storm development? Time will tell...
  7. Right! You know.. I've been contemplating his H.C. thoughts and they do make sense. However the only thing that makes me scratch my head is how quickly it seems to have developed. I would expect it to happen more gradually. We had a string of VERY good winters in SNE for the most part, then the last couple happen suddenly. So maybe a see saw transition instead of gradual? Upcoming winters will be interesting to monitor the change.
  8. The first time I visited AZ I thought I was going to hate it. Turns out I actually like heat without the damn humidity, and Flagstaff is so much like New England. It's probably one of the only areas I could see myself living besides New England. Trips to Florida however, yuk
  9. Pepper and egg grinders? Sounds like a bun full of bad gas! Never heard of that combo
  10. Its hard to believe CT has it all over Mass in this! Thankfully I work in CT so can get vaccinated there. supposedly my phase is opening nest week according to Nedster Malmonte
  11. Hope not...but I have a gut feeling it could be. Hopefully we can get a march bomb
  12. Just looking at radar it looks like you just got into that better band thats moving in. Looks like its heading this way