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  1. Sounds good to me! Speaking of ordering spirits I'm getting low....be back in a while!
  2. Well...maybe it's time to try again. Couldn't hurt...and it's a good time of year for it
  3. Back to weather.. tomorrow looks like a great late fall day for some hiking. Was hoping to go to Mnt. Greylock but the upper road is closed already
  4. I got spoiled several years back when a customer gave me a bottle of 18 year old stuff as a tip. I don't drink much, but now when I do it's got to be top shelf!
  5. I can't stand beer...and bud heavies just make your pants look like that IPA
  6. I can understand they're being a delay in getting treatment on the highways as it is a lot of area to cover. However advisory should have been up especially considering the holiday weekend, not that that should matter. That way if you stuff you're all wheel drive SUV into the woods off of the highway it's on you
  7. Thats beer?? WTF is that? Probably looks the same coming out....
  8. A surprise...or shades of the 80s
  9. Oh, the wine will be flowing like water Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. He messed up and sprung his calendar forward instead of fall back on the clock. He thinks it's December 22nd
  11. I've seen enough of that way too many times... especially the decade known as the 80s. I'm not at all disappointed with the possible setup in December myself
  12. Sure is! And we have outdoor work today...gonna be brisk!
  13. Rain and 33 in Simsbury. Looks like about an inch and a half before it changed over last night. About the same at home in Westfield
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