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  1. We had quite the storm is Westfield. The drive in to Simsbury this morning was interesting, branches and small trees down everywhere
  2. That's true even in Far Northern Connecticut. For years we would never expect any meaningful snow until Christmas time. So many bridge jumpers now...
  3. Just in time to watch as the model runs turn...so much flip flopping. Don't invest over day 4, just watch with interest. But yeah, great to be back in winter tracking season.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Don't forget your antacid of choice today!
  5. Speaking of that I was just thinking, I'm going to miss James enthusiasm this winter. I see others trying to fill his shoes... but don't think they have the fastball to compete
  6. LOL is right, but at least tracking season is here
  7. Well I'll be dipped...Lets see how many times this can change before Sunday morning
  8. Saw the first flakes of the season yesterday afternoon... while at a customers house in Tolland of all places
  9. Patchy ice on the driveway this A.M. from last nights rain. 31 degrees
  10. Spectacular Bombogenesis. It'll be fun watching this develop, a little pregame for the upcoming season tracking wise...not buying 6 plus rain yet though...
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