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  1. I have a gut feeling we'll get more snow. But I agree, I temp watch more as we get to March. I need two weekend days at 55 plus so I can get the old VW painted!
  2. Actually the more I think about it, the good Dr. a member of the media?
  3. He's our case study of enantiodromia in the weather world...
  4. Yup, noticed that a couple days back going into work at 5:30. Time change coming in a couple weeks...
  5. We haven't gone to NH for a number of years because of the insane amount of the fish and game cops. It gets ridiculous when you get stopped several times a day for registration checks etc. Its maddening after a while!! No such issue in VT and Maine
  6. Absolutely not!! Without looking back through my notes, 1989 comes to mind. Memories of wiring houses in February practically in a t shirt. So many 80s Winters were terrible.
  7. Problem with Maine is trails are BORING compared to VT. NH just has too many trail police. Frustrating as hell to be stopped every few intersections being asked for registration etc
  8. So true! Rev chassis for the win...and older body!!
  9. I was just thinking about this. With all the talk around here the last couple weeks you'd almost assume its April 10th. I'd love a mild March this year...have an old car to paint and assemble. Its just a hunch based on nothing but years of weather watching, but I have a feeling winter ain't done yet
  10. Tip?? LOL! Sorry, not long enough
  11. Radar looks non existent...but the ground is turning white up here in Westfield
  12. That gust came through Simsbury about 20 minutes ago. Were getting some snow in the air lightly right now and there's a wall of dark clouds off to the West
  13. Just had a gust of wind come through Simsbury and now we have a snow shower moving through. Heading home to Westfield soon, I may take the long way home and try to find some snow. Temp down to 34 after a high of 37
  14. The very storm that got me interested in the weather! I was very young, but remember it like yesterday!