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  1. Just went through pages again for fun. Best storm for SW CT since March 2018. Hope for Neg. NAO again next year.
  2. Hope for the 08/09 analog to come true. Back to back above average snowfall seasons would be nice after the previous two winter's.
  3. B- 42 inches of snow. Great FEB. Good storm in December.
  4. Really it's been this way on average it seems since the start of the century. The previous 30 years was the opposite. For instance only 6 below average winter's here this century, however 7 below average winter's in the 90s. Pretty sure 80s and 70s were the same.
  5. 10 inches of paste and tree fell on house. SW CT lost power for days.
  6. Everyone has an advantage somehow. Boston has better winter's while NYC and NJ have better springs. Everyone wins.
  7. I am at peace with it. Solid B- winter with above average snowfall when NINA was supposed to wreck Feb.
  8. Over to rain in Easton. Half an inch. 42.0 on the year.
  9. Feel like it's a west to east thing. Upper li reporting snow rain mix while SW jersey is snow.
  10. I do prefer Summer, warm weather over cold and winter for sure. You may be right, just have to caveat whatever map you see you have to add at least 15% to SW CT due to Bridgeport reporting.
  11. you are the MET so will take your word. I just used the below probably not too granular. I just HAVE to caveat that Bridgeport seems to represent all of coastal SW CT. So what u see there in SW CT u have to add at least 15% to the annual average to be correct Blizzard be of 96 Bridgeport 15 Fairfield Norwalk etc all 27. Blizzard of 2006 Bridgeport 12 Fairfield 22 Norwalk 20) can go on and on frustrating, and the NWS used those BS Bridgeport totals to make maps like below.
  12. Also don't forget Bridgeport under reported as usual.
  13. I wrote before if one took the last 6 years alone one would think eastern New England averaged 50% more snow than western New England. However, if you look at the annual average snowfall is equally distributed west to east. Couple caveats, eastern coastal sections will average less than western coastal sections due coastal huggers, long island acting as somewhat of a blocking landmass (more so for Fairfield County) etc, while western SNE also has a slight unfair advantage in elevation. This year is just restoring average.
  14. 41.5 Avoided 3 below average years. Only 6 below average snowfall seasons this century!
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