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  1. I hate to bring it up but didn't we have one year in the 90s where we had great blocking but mostly rain events due to pack? Is this year similar. Remember benchmark tracks and rain.
  2. I would take another 1 to 3 inch mess in a heartbeat. The year of being nickled. Adds up though!
  3. 2.5 inches final for Easton. 5 inches on the year.
  4. Thanks! I hope we get a least a minor snowfall before the changeover for next week. Euro shows a few inches.
  5. 2nd accumulating snow event this December, can't ask for much more this early in the game.
  6. 2.0 on the nose in Easton CT. I live on the northern boarder of Fairfield and it looked the same (same temp of 29 degrees as well) however can only officially confirm lower Easton. FYI 2.5 on the last storm. 4.5 on the year
  7. A good win for this time of year. Also, ahead of last year wrt snow event count.
  8. CMC and GFS world's apart at hour 228. Good news is CMC has gotten better with the storm on the 17 th
  9. It's amazing how much precipitation we have had with no apparent end in sight. IMO this is actually helping us score some light snowfalls (last Monday, tomorrow), with a POTENTIAL for a heavy event next week. Hard not to score some snow events in winter when precipitation is in abundance, even if the air is more Pacific in nature.
  10. Hopefully if EPS agrees it's a temporary 1 to 2 week issue.
  11. Don and Bluewave are better placed to discuss the long range. I am a mere hobbyist