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  1. All the people running and taking cover.
  2. It comes down to who wants it more
  3. Wow snowstorms we're intense back in the day.
  4. Looks like a more powerful, slightly east version of your Monday post snip.
  5. Wow did not realize NYC did so poorly in 2008 2009 (actually average). Not too far away here in SW CT we were over 40 and had snow coverage for months. Of course NEMO was the difference in 2013.
  6. I was at 11 for 11/12. 8.75 so far this season.
  7. Yup. So far for me worse than 11/12. However slightly better than 01/02 and 97/98.
  8. Did not watch video, however why would he throw in the towel this early? If he is throwing in the towel for an epic second half I get it, however the GEFS and GEPS look better in the LR, CFS and EURO weeklies show a better pattern and also wavelengths start to shorten. We can easily have 1 or 2 more snow events. The late 80s and early 90s taught us that March can be big in sub par winters (also last year). I think he resides in Virginia? If so then I can see throwing in the towel for that region.
  9. Ha. It has to look like the worst period in history on the way if he did that.
  10. The following storm seems to have a little better airmass ahead.
  11. The following storm may be a little better for coastal peeps like myself.
  12. CFS weeklies kicked the better look down the line. 500mb looked better at week 3 but surface temps high. Week 4 still has a trough in Alaska but managed to put a trough in the east with cold temps. 5 and 6 look great. That Alaska trough has to move at some point doesn't it
  13. Great storm indeed. Down on the coast in SW CT managed 6 inches in the last part of the storm. my sister was at UCONN and said they got demolished.
  14. Wippie! We had barely had one week of cold and we're already warming up. This Jan can't deliver They had Feb below normal temps last I checked.