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  1. AND it may not last through March AND shorter wavelengths 2nd half of February.
  2. I get the general disappointment so far this month, however... 1.) We've had a normal January snowfall month 2.) We still have Feb and March ( IMBY March has been snowier than December) 3.) The RNA may hurt our snow chances early February however as Don alluded to Mid Feb on the RNA is not detrimental due to shorter wavelengths (so we may see a 2 week period in early Feb of lower but not impossible snow chances) 4.) This decade, unlike the last, we've had some record breaking March/April time periods. Snowy Marches 2019/2018/2017/2015/2013 so 50/50 shot 5.) La Nina Marches tent to produce 6.) Due to the areas relatively low average annual snowfall, only takes one big storm to put us back in the game (2016/2006/2013/1993) 7.) We usually get a good storm during pattern changes, especially with a falling PNA Yeah of course the rest of the winter may be a whimper, but I don't think just cause the RNA is returning for the above reasons we should close the blinds. Just my opinion. Have a great day.
  3. That's crazy. Also amazing how such a short distance can make a huge difference in snowfall. I still have only experienced 6 below average snowfall seasons this entire century (2 in last 3 years). Wasn't the 1980s the same? I believe the only above average snowfall season was 1983 which was the only KU that decade.
  4. Plus 1. 9.0 on the season. Need to get to 30-35 to continue to say "only 6 below average snowfall winters this century)
  5. Good news is Winter is not even half over yet (March is typically snowier than December IMBY).
  6. Thanks. Does it keep that look to the end of the run or is it transient? We just need to keep that delayed until the 2nd half of Feb. Like Don said RNA works starting 2nd half of February.
  7. Looks like the coastal runners are reduced. This leaves two camps one which would be a good hit and the other OTC. 50 50 shot?
  8. Fwiw, and it isn't much, but the CFS weeklies keep the 2m temps below normal the entire run. Warmest panel at end
  9. That's fine negative PNA in Feb is better than December and if we get a negative NAO with it, it can be magical.
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