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  1. This will likely be Central Park's 3rd below average snowfall winter in a row. The longest streak I could find was 10 consecutive years from 84/85 to 92/93. Most recent 96/97 through 99/00 (4 years).
  2. Western IO temps are rising fast which could create longer/stronger forcing in phases 1 and 2.
  3. I honestly do not remember the temp profile of 03/04.
  4. Looking at the MJO, looks like a pretty high amplitude wave in phases 2 and 3. Hopefully moved on so we finally have a warm April.
  5. Agree 100%. I look at 13/14 as a shorter duration, higher snowfall slightly warmer version of 93/94. The next time we have a similar setup we will likely compare to 13/14 and see the same differences.
  6. Here is the location monthlyseasonalsnowfall (1) (4)(1).pdf
  7. Blizzard of 96 also had this (heavy snow in the teens). This was one my my 3 lifetime 20 plus events. 1996 - 27 inches. 2013 - 22 inches. 2006 - 20.5 inches.
  8. One thing I always do is look at the previous dips in the presented period. It had not dipped below that threshold. Perhaps the predicted SSW never materialized or coupled like it was expected to.
  9. I remember someone posted that there is a difference between a true NAO block and an "atmospheric furnace" resulting from an RNA pattern. Basically bootleg.
  10. 100 percent agree. The same happened after the 55 through 69 epic period, which lead to the 30 year period where CPK only exceeded average 4 times (which is mind boggling when thinking about it - 4 above average snowfall winters in 30 years). I am personally going to compare this decade to the 1980s, which averaged 19.74.
  11. Believe it or not our area was above 10 inches in 11/12 (when you factor in the October snowstorm). 11.5 was my total.
  12. I know it's not completely over, however it's not look great for more snowfall. That would put this decade at 3 below average snowfall winters, only better than last years total. Average this decade before this winter was 19.6 and will take a hit when this year is ultimately added.
  13. Check these temps out from the blizzard of 96. Wow. Courtesy of Rays winter Storm archive (I really wish it was still being updated).
  14. What I find interesting is the fact that both coasts are the only locations to increase snowfall - even down to coastal North Carolina!! I may be over simplifying, however, this must be due to higher moisture and proximity to events which are continually increasing in intensity.
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