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  1. Surprising storm here in SW CT. Was expecting 1 to 3 of slop but received 9.5 of fluff. That western band over performed for sure. Feel bad for CT valley though.
  2. Plus 0.5 20.5 for the season.
  3. Ground coated. Snowing. cold. Beautiful wintry scene before the nice warm up this week.
  4. Snowing in Cary North Carolina. They had an above average snowfall season. Longitude for the win.
  5. Light snow continues Easton. Hate the radar look.
  6. Pretty much just flurries now. Radar looks like garbage.
  7. Pingers mixed in now. Can this waffle back south and east or is this our fate.
  8. Sleet line moving back north https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/?parms=https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/?parms=OKX-N0C-0-6-100-usa-rad
  9. Don you called it with your March suggestion of a couple winter events possible. Thanks!
  10. I think it depends on location. Had a few double digits snowfalls here in SW CT in March. Agreed Ceiling is higher in December for large events. However total snowfall March has won here.
  11. Some areas in NJ went from snow back to sleet.
  12. It's like a super mini 93! Like 1% the strength.
  13. Honestly I am at peace with this winter. D+. Could have been a lot worse. 7th below average season this century so can't complain
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