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  1. F Lowest snow total since 2001 2002. Third lowest snow total since I have been tracking in 1989 1990.
  2. I just received a trace of snow from latest snow squall!! Latest snow since 1977 here. Amazing.
  3. I am in Easton CT. Only 8.75 for the year. Lowest since 4.5 in 01/02.
  4. This one was actually worse than 2011/2012 There were only 2 events that winter, however they were larger and lead to a greater seasonal snowfall total. 2001/2002 horrific. I believe this winter is the 3rd lowest snowfall total in my lifetime (do not have the totals from the 1980s, however using central park as a guide by adding 10% to their totals no winter in the 80s was worse than this). 2015/2016 actually ended up average.
  5. They say the big ones are sniffed out early by the GFS
  6. Did anyone come close on their seasonal snowfall forecast for New England? I know Isotherm nailed the pattern perfectly, however was curious about snowfall (conscious that we still have March).
  7. I think NYC needed a specific amount this year to raise their 30 year average to 30. NYC is so vast the snowfall amounts in the City itself vary a lot. Coastal Brooklyn is probably closer to 22 while the Bronx around 30.
  8. I think it runs in cycles. Seems to be a 30 year below average snowfall cycle to 20 year above average. If I am not mistaken 1920 to 1950 were not particularly snowy. 1950 to 1970 were very snowy and 1970 to 2000 were not too snowy. Of course the last 20 years may have been snowiest.
  9. 3rd worst in my location behind 97/98 and 01/02. 80s were bad but only one ratter. Just a long string of below average snowfall winters
  10. Shorter wavelengths in March will save us
  11. Snowiest March/April in my life in SW CT. 10. 9.5. 2.5 and in April 6
  12. From a snow total forecast perspective I wonder who was closest. I am guessing the lowest as I do not believe anyone had this low.
  13. Want to learn, in that look would the cold air be trapped above the block? Or would the air under the block be good enough.
  14. If 1990 is the top analog there is hope. A little over 3 inches fell that month in NYC.
  15. On a bright m note we had a decent snow event in March 1990.
  16. I thought March 1990 was an ok month. .
  17. Will the MJO going into 7 and 8 help us at all in March?
  18. I just looked at the historic NYC snowfall records and am shocked how bad 1970 through 2000 actually we're. ONLY 3 above average snowfall winters in 30 years! Makes this 2 year below average run look great.
  19. 11/12 had higher snowfall than this year due to the October snow and January snowstorm. However it was warmer than this year.
  20. Just up there. Here we made average snowfall partly due to the blizzard.
  21. I am guilty of that and still do so. My personal definition: <33% of lower average rage = ratter (98,02) >=33% <50% Terrible (95,12,97,99) >=50%<67% Bad (00,07,08) >=67%<100 disappointing (19)
  22. Yeah down there it is. Here it's slightly better (4.5 2001. 8.75 this year).