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  1. if the kewr asos were actually in newark it would be in the 90's right now
  2. another low passes near the area wednesday. they should just issue the flood warnings now
  3. you know at some point in this pattern there's going to be a region wide deluge
  4. days like today make me love climate change
  5. forkyfork

    August 2019 Discussion

    august is now an extension of july and september is what august used to be
  6. forkyfork

    August 2019 Discussion

    don't say things like that unless you know they will happen
  7. forkyfork

    August 2019 Discussion

    gotta enjoy whatever little scraps of cold you can get
  8. stout blocking with a firehose is how we got 60" in a month in 2010/11
  9. i wonder if it will get humid
  10. that is an impressive ridge bridge over us
  11. tomorrow's threat looks dead to me. lots of debris and the low has been trending weaker and weaker
  12. forkyfork

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    do you have area? the site i use hasn't updated in days