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  1. .53" last night in springfield
  2. all you need is a ridge in the east
  3. in between hours temp of 97, have to wait to see if it's a "real" 97 or rounded
  4. i hate this new normal of erratic rainfall. it's like the atmosphere flips a switch
  5. impressive warmth signal for next weekend
  6. forkyfork

    summer banter thread

    classic "nice" day with annoying gusty winds
  7. if it can organize there's a chance the line makes it to nyc. moist low levels give us cape until fropa
  8. the euro shows +22c at 850mb monday afternoon. lol
  9. i'm thinking a WAR/plains drought ridge linkup
  10. whenever there's a ridge in the east these days records get broken
  11. forkyfork

    summer banter thread

    since met. summer started 10 days ago
  12. records on the way
  13. more heat/severe potential showing up on the eps post day 7
  14. probably has to do with rising moisture