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  1. it's practically a small tropical cyclone. look at that pwat
  2. this MCV appears to be on a good trajectory for us
  3. http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/riggi/
  4. i grew up in bayonne and watched events cross newark bay with a clear view. this was another great one
  5. i'm pretty sure the last event like this bumped north at the last minute. someone correct me if i'm wrong
  6. does any of that rainfall affect the metro?
  7. like bluewave said we have to wait until the convection has developed and is nearby to get a handle on where the best rains set up
  8. i drove through it on 287. very heavy rain but nothing special
  9. the euro has a warm front overhead sunday with a low tracking along it. we'd get nailed by convection if that verifies
  10. sea breeze storm on eastern LI. you can see the shadow from the tower
  11. it got an OK for quality control http://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?stn=KEWR&unit=0&timetype=LOCAL
  12. i agree. probably 97-98
  13. ewr's dewpoint crashed to 57 with NW winds. this is how you get higher maxes than forecast