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  1. it's gross outside. thankfully it won't last that long
  2. forkyfork

    summer banter thread

    i have a snowball in the freezer covered in frozen tears
  3. forkyfork

    summer banter thread

  4. 1.88" last night in springfield. 7.42" for aug so far
  5. lga 91 ewr 90. tomorrow has the last 90+ potential until around the 25th
  6. sunday is trending wetter. this goes along with the slow trend for saturday's front
  7. strong signal for another intense ridging episode starting around the 25th
  8. forkyfork

    summer banter thread

    was winter's back broken when it hit 80 in february?
  9. they've been waiting since june 1 to post about it. then when it gets hot again they'll say how it's not so bad because the sun angle is lower
  10. forkyfork

    Excessive Rainfall and Thunderstorm Event

    to be fair this is convective rainfall and models are notorious for not getting the placement exactly correct
  11. forkyfork

    Excessive Rainfall and Thunderstorm Event

    don't call this a bust for nnj just yet. more heavy echoes developing and expanding near union county
  12. forkyfork

    Excessive Rainfall and Thunderstorm Event

    monsoon summer. hot and dry giving way to constant rain following a shift in the mean flow
  13. high dews = lower lcl's = easier for seabreezes to trigger convection