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  1. this is a wx board, right? don't you find these changes interesting?
  2. Washington, D.C. 1872-1900: 50.2F 2010-2022: 57.6F (+7.4F) New York, New York 1869-1900: 43.4F 2010-2022: 51.0F (+7.6F) Boston, Massachusetts 1872-1900: 42.0F 2010-2022: 46.9F (+4.9F) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1874-1900: 47.2F 2010-2022: 53.8F (+6.6F) an average march in nyc today is warmer than what dc used to average. an average philadelphia march back then is about the same as what boston averages now. that's insane
  3. did the climate really change if you weren't alive when it was colder
  4. "march is a winter month!" it used to be a winter month <3
  5. better start learning mandarin and hindi because china and india each have over 4x our population
  6. i worked at a pet store in college and it was more enjoyable to clean rat cages than talk to the customers
  7. america is a seething mass of ignorance and stupidity
  8. duh. have you met an average american? this country deserves to burn down
  9. most people are stupid and need to be controlled by the government
  10. none of that is going to comfort the hundreds of millions of victims in the global south
  11. there's so little real cold to go around these days
  12. the public is too stupid for that shit. just attribute everything to cc so they get scared enough to want to reduce emissions
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