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  1. 90% of music sucks and 100% of christmas music sucks
  2. i was with the les chase group on the old easternuswx forums. randy, weather53, zwyts, huffmakd, stormchaser chuck, and others i don't remember
  3. doesn't look like that huge area of warm water between hawaii and mexico is going anywhere
  4. 4-5" per hour in feb 07
  5. tug hill megabands > lake superior nickel and dime streamers
  6. big difference between a low near the dateline and over alaska
  7. an aleutian low is favorable for a -ao
  8. i see mets on twitter pimping it. one of them got angry and blocked me after i criticized the "rule"
  9. when the current older generations die off that market is going to collapse
  10. it looks like nothing more than a cut n paste of maps from east asia to north america
  11. does anyone have more info on the bering sea rule/east asia rule? i know patterns translate downstream but getting this specific smells like voodoo
  12. every time a tv meteorologist says "turkey day" a puppy falls into a vat of acid
  13. i posted about the PDO in the nina thread. i looked at every nina since 1995 and can't find such a warm la nina pacific with the exception of last year