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  1. moisture from the gulf and tropical atlantic
  2. more elevated heavy convection wednesday night
  3. if tomorrow's setup happened slightly later in the season we'd get crushed
  4. the march sun isn't strong enough for these dewpoints
  5. it's about to run into weaker convection to its southeast
  6. this is on track to be ewr's first 1" or greater precip event since the big snowstorm
  7. this is a slam dunk for 50kt gusts
  8. how is this not going to result in convection everywhere
  9. on that second sounding peters posted the juicy cape doesn't start until around 700mb
  10. i just went through random towns on google maps located in tomorrow's moderate risk area and tbh most of these places could use an ef5
  11. there isn't much low level cape even on the hrrr