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  1. i wonder how warm december is going to be
  2. too much downslope flow for convection in the immediate metro imo
  3. it had just emerged and hadn't darkened/hardened off yet
  4. there are a decent number of personal stations above 95
  5. you guys are the ones posting like you have latent unexplored urges
  6. i can just post gay porn instead of all this lame innuendo
  7. ewr is 74 this month. if the park asos wasn't garbage it would be close to that
  8. reminder: if we used normals going back 100 years we'd all be well above average this june. thanks <3
  9. looks like a bunch of little waves that the models are going to struggle with until the day of
  10. ewr might not make 95+. we had better downslope flow yesterday
  11. honey can you put the a/c on i'm dying IT'S NOT HOT
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