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  1. so many people can't seem to grasp that periodical cicadas and annual cicadas are completely different animals
  2. the divide between nj and eastern areas continues. ewr 87 lga 82 bdr 80 isp 80 jfk 83 nyc 81
  3. tomorrow's forecast is dependent on how the mcs/derecho evolves over the upper midwest. all options are on the table from possible svr weather to boring stratiform rain all day
  4. it's been posted over and over again that 2012 was extraordinary and while the overall trend is down there will be significant year to year variability with the thinner ice. we're in one of the best ice retention patterns in years and the metrics are still well below average
  5. trended from a refreshing nw flow pattern to humid southerly flow
  6. they have been chasing a recovery for over a decade
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