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  1. another strong day 10 signal
  2. which makes this one the latest on record
  3. i wonder how many old heat records are tainted by poor siting
  4. ewr hit 90 on light east winds in late september. that's insane
  5. some premature calls these past few pages. like saying winter is over because it's 50 on feb 10th
  6. these sudden dry spells are annoying. all the lushness from august is gone
  7. two so far. tomorrow depends on seabreeze timing
  8. ewr has a shot at 3 90's in a row
  9. "we all suspected it would get hot in september"
  10. next thursday
  11. another early winter for russia
  12. the eps has been trending warmer. up to a +8 anomaly at 850 mb
  13. bump. records for sunday: ewr 92 lga 89 jfk 88 isp 83 bdr 87 nyc 89 all except nyc look breakable to me