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  1. nyc would have gotten 12+ with a better airmass in place on march 7th
  2. 60 kts at the top of the mixed layer sunday night.
  3. the hrrr keeps trending slightly colder at the surface
  4. strong cad signal. wait until this is in the short range so the meso models can sort out the details
  5. forkyfork

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    orographic snow is cheating
  6. that's a nice high though. probably mostly frozen just inland
  7. the eps has been showing a dream pattern since december. polar blocking with a pac jet undercutting the cold
  8. my station's min this winter is 2 on 1/21. will be close tonight
  9. what stormlover said
  10. the nam shows the best lift from the snow squall intersecting the dgz
  11. 37 sad degrees and rain in springfield. the melting line is moving east on cc at least
  12. tonight's forecast: 1/2 inch of salt
  13. this is one of the most impressive snow squall soundings i've seen for this area