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  1. look, september isn't a winter month, and even though winter is warming too it still snows, and even though the snow tends to melt faster than it used to it's still dark and gray out,
  2. he wants major news outlets to publish "CLIMATE CHANGE CANCELLED" headlines
  3. yes, september is up a degree across most of the country
  4. what is it now? 9 out of the past 10 septembers above normal? that would get to me if i liked winter
  5. people just don't like the constant reminders of a changing climate
  6. natural bug killer is still bug killer
  7. 41st 90 for ewr. maybe one or two more next week
  8. the problem with pesticides is that they take down beneficial insects too
  9. sunny and upper 70s at 1030 am. another toothless backdoor front
  10. lanternflies are discount chinese cicadas
  11. every time he says we're done with heat we get six more weeks of it
  12. the smoke layer can be seen in the 9/11 lights
  13. finally some heat tomorrow. can't wait to lose this awful airmass
  14. probably high dewpoints/minimums driving the positive departures
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