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  1. this is terribad for winter lovers
  2. december isn't a winter month anymore and white christmases are disappearing
  3. the morning of nemo the euro showed the 2" liquid line well into nj
  4. the peak winds aloft happen around 12z and winds are sse. snooze
  5. i can't find the dwarfing rootstock i want
  6. climate change is taking this away from most of us
  7. it's that magical time of year when guys in new england hope for a pattern change around christmas
  8. for a true comparison you'd need to use standard deviation
  9. i remember when we got snow in december from less than ideal patterns
  10. i don't mean a ku or anything i mean like 2"
  11. this is honestly not a bad look
  12. models had below freezing temps for the entire metro last night. oops
  13. why should they cool when co2 is only increasing?
  14. the cams show an impressively large area of 2"
  15. that's a radical change for an ensemble mean inside day 7
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