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  1. notice how the most consistent feature is a record breaking greenland block
  2. who called for snow before the 15th? my guess has always been christmas week and beyond
  3. i'm thinking an offshore miss or two before the big dog
  4. a shield volcano ain't gonna cut it
  5. it's gonna tuck south of long island and slot u
  6. that block is perfection and there are people worried. lol
  7. i think most non mets here don't really know what they're looking at which is why they post snow maps all the time
  8. nyc got 1.4" from this pattern
  9. a west coast ridge and we would be cold and dry
  10. how can you see that block and not get a little excited
  11. that was all pac based, this is better than that
  12. this is the best looking december pattern since 2010
  13. there's a west coast trough on the nyc 18" storm composite
  14. a 1978 setup in this climate would give everyone from philly to bos 30+
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