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  1. i'd rather read a sports post than a weather question
  2. summers are getting hotter and winters are losing their bite. sorry bros
  3. in the middle of a drought: "another beautiful sunny day!"
  4. if you don't understand weather terms why post here?
  5. thanks for backing up this statement with reasons
  6. -3 would be nyc's coldest temp since 1943
  7. this is the fastest arctic shot i've seen
  8. when was the last day with full sun from rise to set?
  9. you guys should just give up on snow. i'm hundreds of miles north and the no winter line is even going to get here
  10. it's going to keep getting warmer and our snowfall averages are going to start dropping rapidly
  11. two more +10 days for the area
  12. i picked a random 80s january at ewr and got 1981. -8.8 with 6.9" of snow
  13. we had lots of cold and nickel and dime events during the "bad" 80s. this is a complete shutout with a +11 january departure at ewr
  14. probably not going to break the record
  15. the 70s and 80s had many months that were significantly below average with nickel and dime snows. this winter is nothing like that
  16. it's been cold between the rainstorms so sure. i just don't see how basing your happiness on something that occurs a few times a year for under a day at a time can be a good thing
  17. maybe it's time for most of you to find hobbies that don't involve snow
  18. how is it a regression to the mean if the climate is changing
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