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  1. i was in piscataway last night and yards that got sun were down to about 3"
  2. the highest liquid equivalent i could find in nj was .46" in east brunswick. lol
  3. i wonder what a graph of our average winter temperatures vs the frequency of "i only care about snow in winter" posts would look like
  4. CPK is chesapeake virginia. central park is NYC
  5. because the mjo keeps getting stuck in phases that favor eastern us ridging in the winter
  6. what's going to cool down the equatorial west pac? mid latitude storms don't reach that area
  7. i have no idea about that. i do know about sst trends and the mjo tho
  8. maybe the huge area of near 90 degree water in the west pac will magically cool down despite co2 emissions not dropping
  9. climate change pushed the west pac past an MJO tipping point and we're probably not going to see any sustained good winter patterns for the rest of our lives
  10. remember when it would be below freezing behind a snowstorm
  11. the middle one is a peanut feeder and the one on the far right is a screech owl box that a squirrel lives in
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