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  1. For the first time this weekend, clear blue skies in Wantage, NJ. Happy 4th everyone!
  2. It has been a gorgeous day in Sussex County. Not even humid. Watching the storms in Pa. however.
  3. Moderate snow in Wantage, NJ. The snow has changed from a powdery consistency. It is now piling up and sticking to trees instead of just blowing around all over the place.
  4. Moderate snow with howling winds in Wantage, NJ. Near whiteout conditions.
  5. No go here in Wantage. Bummer. Glad there are some here that are enjoying it.
  6. Clouded over by me following some clearing. The clouds are moving at a good clip. So, I hope there is more clearing again throughout the night.
  7. Partly cloudy in Wantage, NJ with fingers crossed!
  8. Moderate to heavy rain in Wantage NJ. No thunder, lightning, or wind.
  9. Skies cleared after 6am but have now clouded back over in Wantage NJ. Latest reading at Sussex Airport is 59.
  10. Back to nothing again. An inch or so total in my neck of Wantage, NJ. Got more from the sleet fest two nights ago. Congrats to those who cashed in on this one.
  11. Light snow falling again in Wantage, NJ.
  12. Yes, heavier returns over Sussex County now. There is faint flurries falling. I have to squint at an evergreen to see them.
  13. Stopped snowing in Wantage NJ about an hour ago.