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  1. That is strange. I wish we had more records of the winters during the LIA from before 1869.
  2. What's interesting is that I've read from a couple of sources that 1867-68 was also incredibly snowy, but I didn't know that 1866-67 was as well. That two year period could have been snowier than any other in the official records if so.
  3. March 1885 had an incredible cold spell starting today and lasting until the 23rd, with an average maximum temperature of 24.3, and an average minimum temperature of 11.9 in NYC. Was just looking at old records and I can't imagine that degree of cold so late in the year.
  4. It's been especially poor to your west here in Warren County, considering the one decent event in early December was slightly too far east for this area. Allentown has a whopping 5.3", which currently stands as the worst winter of all time there.
  5. Hard to believe the maximum was only 79 in 2012, especially considering many of the readings in the Midwest and New England.
  6. I have about 10" for the year lol. This easily has the potential to be the worst winter of my lifetime here, and the worst since 88-89.
  7. It's been a while since we've had a widespread 100+ degree day, a la 7/6/10 or 7/22/11.
  8. Late December 2017 to early January 2018 was the only notable cold period since then.
  9. I remember reading about that storm in February 1958. It was a very cold storm with significant snow to Eastern Long Island, yet the highest accumulations were actually in the Poconos, where many areas had 30-40" in a strip of very heavy snowfall. Interesting that the best dynamics were so far inland. Those same areas were hit just a month later during the KU on March 20 that year as well. The winter was beyond historic for the Poconos, just absurd.
  10. So far my biggest event even here in NW NJ is 2.8." If that lasts, it will be absolutely historic.
  11. What did you get in the 2/10 storm that winter? I thought that was epic from Philly to Allentown.
  12. Do you have a recollection of the winters of 1960-61 and 1966-67 by any chance? Those are two winters that have always fascinated me by looking at the stats.
  13. I'm in Western Jersey, and trying to locate the radar online, and I'm not having any luck. Would love a link to it if possible.
  14. Can someone post or link the radar that indicates precipitation type?