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  1. This was one of my favorite lower end warning events of recent years. It was just a wall of snow approaching the region. That morning it was pretty obvious it would be a positive bust.
  2. I just checked xmacis2. The Quakertown coop reported 80/43 on March 28 and 43/21 on the 29th. Belvidere, NJ reported 84/38 on the 28th and 44/22 on the 29th. Definitely an interesting temperature drop.
  3. I think 2010 was our last truly cold December. 2017 had a frigid ending but I don't think it qualifies overall. I wonder if it would take a predominantly -NAO and -EPO pattern to get it done.
  4. I'm not sure about 30 year averages, but according to xmacis2, NYC averaged about 32" in the 50 year period between 1870 and 1920. I think the difference is that much of that was made up of 4-8," 6-10" types of events with KUs being less common. Obviously it was also much colder then.
  5. Imagine a cold winter with below average snowfall. That would be the most shocking outcome.
  6. I would just like to see a freeze before December at this point.
  7. Many of our very good winters consist of one good storm and a great three weeks of winter. Any winter with one great month (February) and one decent month (December) should at least warrant a "very good" rating in my book. Otherwise the same could be said about winters like 04-05 and 09-10.
  8. It was also one of the all time greats in the Poconos with a band of 30-40" in NE PA.
  9. Incredibly humid stretch for the next week or so. The lowest forecasted temperature here is 67 for the next 7 days.
  10. I also noticed the 1 and 2 coincidence for bad winters. It seems to have started in full in 1931-32.
  11. I can’t believe I have a high of only 68 forecasted on Saturday with only scattered showers and thunderstorms.
  12. I would like it somewhat regularly in the spring and summer but not every day.
  13. Philly had a high of only 49 on June 2, 1907.
  14. I don't think they had quite that much but I believe other places in the Poconos were in that range.
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