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  1. Could we get at least one area wide 5-8" event or so in this mild winter? I'd hate to be shut out for two consecutive seasons.
  2. I think the 40s winters as a whole were pretty average in the east.
  3. February 1979 was pretty huge in the Mid Atlantic. It also had some incredible cold. Probably one of the most underrated cold periods.
  4. August 1 to October 12 or so of that year was quite possibly the most disgustingly humid period I've ever experienced. The second half of that autumn was mainly below normal afterward, making it quite the contrast.
  5. Was it actually colder than 1934?
  6. I definitely agree most of the time, but didn't July 15, 1995 achieve that feat?
  7. It's interesting that the "big ticket" (ala July 2010, July 2011, August 2001, etc.) heat wave has been so elusive since 2012 or so, despite the anomalous warmth during most summers.
  8. Quite the summer with an incredibly hot and dry July and early August (with an impressive number of 95 degree days) followed by historically heavy rainfall.
  9. Summer has been continuing well into September and even October recently.
  10. I would only really consider a cool down to be high temperatures below 85 and dew points below 60 at this point.
  11. June 2008 had a pretty impressive heat wave early on.
  12. This will probably be one of the coolest April 15-May 15 periods as well.