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  1. I was only 7 and not following the weather at the time, but it must have been a tremendous heartbreak here in NW NJ. Only like 4-5" total after HECS totals forecasted .
  2. Maybe during the LIA winters of the 1700s and 1800s? Otherwise not sure.
  3. True. That was also a much colder winter with a bit more snow in January.
  4. Incredible February. This has almost become a top tier winter.
  5. Still waiting for updated spotter reports from Mt. Holly.
  6. Moderate to heavy snow in Forks Township, PA where I work. Already a bit of snow on my car that I'll have to clear later.
  7. February 2014 needs recognition as well. Consistently cold (though not to the extent of 2015), along with consistently deep snowpack with back to back storms on February 3 and 5 in addition to a great two parter right before Valentine’s Day. Probably one of the more underrated recent winters in general.
  8. I mixed with sleet in northern Warren County about 20 minutes ago. Odd to be both on the northern edge and having the mix line reach you.
  9. Moderate to heavy snow here in northern Warren County. What a difference from just an hour ago when when we had barely a flake.
  10. A little dry for far northern areas.
  11. It can stop trending south now.
  12. The weird thing about that event was the fact that there was only about 2” of front end snow that quickly turned to sleet, followed by hours upon hours of sleet. The next day we got about 2-4” of heavy snow on the back end here in NW NJ.
  13. As long as it's actually pleasant and not just 40s and dreary.
  14. I envy those with clear memories of this storm. If I had a time machine, this storm would be one of my first weather choices.
  15. There was also I believe a SWFE that gave north and west areas significant snow around February 21 in 2011. It wasn’t quite a total shutout.