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  1. Count me in as someone pulling an all-nighter.
  2. Those of us in the interior missed out on that.
  3. A little over 2 inches here in northern Warren County. I believe sleet started to mix in at around 7:30. The snow growth was pretty poor here, and I don't believe the intensity ever surpassed light-moderate.
  4. Yeah, that is a very puzzling snowfall distribution that the GFS is depicting. It seems to be in complete contrast with other models that are showing a more uniform distribution of precipitation. The probability of that exact solution verifying is fortunately pretty low.
  5. Although subjective, I'd rather have an anomalous arctic outbreak than be 40/30 and dreary consistently if the pattern isn't conducive to snow. Arctic intrusions can be interesting to track.
  6. The storm thread has become unreadable.
  7. I would also add 2000-2001 and 2002-2003 to that list.
  8. I'm almost certain that AVP got more snow in 03-04, 04-05 and 05-06.
  9. How about areas like the Poconos, Catskills, and far NW NJ? Just curious.
  10. Ended up with no measurable snow today in northern Warren County. This year has been unprecedented in many respects. On an unrelated note, when was the last time we had a year without a single KU event? I think it was 2007-08, considering October 2011 qualified as one.
  11. From looking at the Kocin book, 1888 absolutely smashed the Hudson Valley region with 40-45 inches in spots. It is Albany's storm of record.
  12. This is like our version of Boxing Day.
  13. Speechless..And after an incredible +15 December.
  14. Snowing in Hope, NJ, albeit very lightly.
  15. I was not anticipating that north trend. Wow.