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  1. I'm greatly looking forward to Sunday-Wednesday of this week.
  2. Sleet mixing in now in Northern Warren County.
  3. Yeah. I noticed that the mix line seems to be somewhat collapsing south in the Lehigh Valley area according that radar. Could be encouraging. Edit: Seems to have shifted south slightly. "Collapsing" is too strong of a description.
  4. Can anyone recall a specific instance in which the Euro had a hiccup run like this that depicted a vastly different outcome than the actual storm?
  5. Count me in as someone pulling an all-nighter.
  6. Those of us in the interior missed out on that.
  7. A little over 2 inches here in northern Warren County. I believe sleet started to mix in at around 7:30. The snow growth was pretty poor here, and I don't believe the intensity ever surpassed light-moderate.
  8. Yeah, that is a very puzzling snowfall distribution that the GFS is depicting. It seems to be in complete contrast with other models that are showing a more uniform distribution of precipitation. The probability of that exact solution verifying is fortunately pretty low.
  9. Although subjective, I'd rather have an anomalous arctic outbreak than be 40/30 and dreary consistently if the pattern isn't conducive to snow. Arctic intrusions can be interesting to track.
  10. The storm thread has become unreadable.
  11. I would also add 2000-2001 and 2002-2003 to that list.
  12. I'm almost certain that AVP got more snow in 03-04, 04-05 and 05-06.
  13. Ended up with no measurable snow today in northern Warren County. This year has been unprecedented in many respects. On an unrelated note, when was the last time we had a year without a single KU event? I think it was 2007-08, considering October 2011 qualified as one.
  14. From looking at the Kocin book, 1888 absolutely smashed the Hudson Valley region with 40-45 inches in spots. It is Albany's storm of record.