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  1. Outflow boundaries on a local scale have been the major player in this evening’s activity out here.
  2. Seems like you folks in the metro area are having a quiet evening convection wise. Not here. Cells have been back building over my community for the past hour. Lots of CTG with this activity. Also had a wind gust to 33 mph with one of the down bursts. Looks to be winding down now. 0.77” in the rain guage.
  3. Precip total out here is up to 1.84” for this event.
  4. The line passed through here a short while ago. 0.20” in the rain bucket and the wind did not exceed 20 mph. A few rumbles of thunder with it.
  5. Same here - .01 on the day. I wasn’t expecting an inch of rain today however today’s precip total definitely falls into the bust column. Radar as of now does not look too promising. Let’s see how we do with the predicted winds tomorrow.
  6. The severe thunderstorm at my location here in Bethlehem Twp, PA dropped marble sized hail for a few minutes about 30 minutes ago. That line which is crossing into western NJ bears watching. With the passage of the squall line our temperature dropped 20 degrees in a few minutes from 69 to 49.
  7. And just like that my Skyscan is detecting lightning. It is the nature of these features that they can start producing lightning very quickly.
  8. I think this warning was issued due to strong winds as reported by spotters and/or radar indicated. No lightning on any of my devices either. If you you read the warning statement it does speak to high winds associated with this feature.
  9. Squall line has just passed my location. It’s a mover however no lightning or thunder here with it. Wind gust to 19 mph.
  10. You will want to pay attention to the wind gusts today. Many gusts here from 35-40 mph. Highest gust is 49 mph so far.
  11. Pay attention to your dew point temp. The air temp has dropped 3F since the event began. I have gone from 32 to 29. The DP has leveled off at 27F.
  12. I am now down to 1/4 mile visibility with heavy snow. It took only 10 minutes for this to get to this rate.