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  1. They are heading eastbound. They won’t even extend as far north as my location.
  2. Convection is still trying to fire to my west. So far my Tempest has recorded one lightning strike. This event has been a whiff out here.
  3. Tornado warning- Delaware County, NY
  4. The school district people are being proactive about this. If you analyze the potential risks that are being accounted for when schools are closed for a winter storm and compare those to the risks that a severe weather situation can bring to the table I think it is actually a fairly easy decision. The fact that the school districts now have the remote learning piece in place seals the deal.
  5. If you want to see what a tornado can do take a ride down to Fort Washington PA. Get off at the exit from I276 for Rte 309. Take a ride up Fort Washington Ave and then up Limekiln Pike. This tornado happened last summer however there is still plenty left to see. Homes with tarps still on their roofs, damage to a school, many large trees snapped in half about 20 to 30 feet off of the ground. There are actually more tornado damage paths then I can count in that region. We are living in a new climate regime and the old idea that tornadoes are just a mid western thing has been completely blown away.
  6. Check out the post just before your’s. Do you recall seeing a map like that for this region? The atmosphere is quite juiced today so this is actually a good call IMO.
  7. Squall line continuing to move rapidly eastward across central PA. This is a view from SW PA taken earlier (from Facebook).
  8. Yes I am definitely looking forward to some excitement out here around 4-5pm.
  9. I lucked out with the cloud cover which has just cleared out of here.
  10. Sun is coming out from behind the clouds here. Storm total - 2.83”
  11. I have looked at webcams up there during the day and have not seen anything like that up there. I would wager that there has been mixed snow and rain in places up there at times especially earlier this afternoon.
  12. What is the temperature up there?
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