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  1. Shelf cloud from earlier with the second round of storms.
  2. Lots of lightning just to my SW as the next batch of storms approaches.
  3. I think the storms over Allentown will head to the city First round of storms were good rain producers - rec'd 0.67" with that round which is reforming in western and NW NJ. Lightning was minimal here but saw a nice shelf cloud as it arrived with a wind gust to 20 mph. Skies darkening here as the second round gets going near Allentown and heads our way.
  4. I think it weakens. But that is a ton of rain over PA. Hopefully we don't get into that because it would be flash flooding. It's only moving around 20 mph. Plenty of rain out here today with on and off convection. Nice shelf cloud with the latest feature that moved through about 7:15pm. 1.10” on the day. NWS has a FFW for my area.
  5. I mounted mine on a shed. I grounded it with an 8’ 1/2” copper grounding rod purchased from HD and connected it with #6 coated stranded copper wire.
  6. Correction - the picture I posted earlier was taken at the Patchogue Marina. This storm put down pea sized hail over at Fire Island Pines. You don’t hear too many reports of hail on Fire Island.
  7. I am not disagreeing with you on the WU wind meters. That is why I compared it to a Weatherflow. I also have a Davis but I can tell you that the Weatherflow uses a technology that better measures wind speed. We had a severe storm here on Saturday. The Ambient measured 23 mph. The Weatherflow measured 32 mph. These instruments are about 4 feet apart.
  8. There is a WU station in East Northport that recorded a wind gust to 35 Mph as the storm approached just before 3pm. It is an Ambient station. I have an Ambient and a Weatherflow close to each other here and knowing the enhanced capability of the Weatherflow to measure gusts I would argue 50 - 60 mph. My brother lives in East Northport between Clay Pitts and 5th. In any case his street looks like a war zone with tree damage at least as bad as what you received.
  9. This was taken at the Patchogue Marina.
  10. I swear it was close to putting down a waterspout but I wasn't far enough east to stay drive so I went back to my car This is another view of the approach of that cell that you posted earlier.
  11. Tatamy

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    Nice hail cores currently with storms near Trenton, NJ and Pottstown, PA.
  12. Tatamy

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

    Plenty of lightning with these storms. Over 700 strikes in the past three hours on my Weatherflow detector.
  13. Tatamy

    May 23rd Severe Event

    After the event that I had here last Sunday night I would have no problem if this ends up being a non event.
  14. Tatamy

    May 23rd Severe Event

    20z HRRR has a quick moving cluster of storms that would cross parts of the area around 10pm.
  15. Tatamy

    May 23rd Severe Event

    Squall line is stretching it. Ten lightning strikes on my Weatherflow in the past hour.