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  1. There are gale warnings posted for the near shore waters with storm warnings for the offshore waters. Winds at stations that I follow on WU (including my own) are gusting from 40 - 60 mph along Fire Island currently. I believe that the gale warnings cover this.
  2. Light rain/snow mix has turned over to light snow. 32*
  3. I can’t speak for that area so I don’t know if that is true. Apparently some channelized vorticity combined with a weakening lake effect streamer managed to make it this far east. Mount Holly had us at a 20% chance last night.
  4. Did anyone else partake in last night’s car topper event? I just looked outside and I have a thin coating of snow on most surfaces.
  5. Snow has ended here as some drizzle. 1 1/2” new.
  6. Steady snow. 3/4 mile visibility. 31 degrees. 3/4” new.
  7. Snowing steadily out here. Accumulating on grassy surfaces.
  8. Rain has changed to snow in my area and it’s coming down heavily in some areas.
  9. Very interesting evolution on the 18z GFS.
  10. Where did you spend those winters?
  11. Very strongly agree.
  12. This reminds me of many of the winters in this region back in the 70s, 80s, and 90’s. Yes there were a few good ones however much of the time was like this with AN temps and rainers. With the pattern this year featuring the raging PAC jet you really can’t go wrong with warm in your outlook.
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