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  1. We have been getting doused over the past hour. Total on the day up to 0.64”
  2. Nice lightning storm in progress out here. 230 strikes in the past 3 hours with this activity.
  3. New Moon for the Tampa Bay Area as of 5:54 PM today. The lunar cycle will also be a factor in the impending tidal surge threat.
  4. Strongly agree as shown on the scenario in this run.
  5. 18z GFS - A track like this where the center lingers along the west coast of FL not far from Tampa Bay is going to cause major tidal surge issues.
  6. Strongest winds I have seen have been 84 mph at Henry Island and 77 mph at Gabarus. Also a gust 79 mph near Glencoe.
  7. Lowest pressure I have found is 953 mb at West Arichat on Cape Breton Island.
  8. Winds out here were not that especially strong today. We maxed at 32 mph out here. The strongest winds that I was aware of was along the south shore of LI- Fire Island in particular where Fire Island Pines maxed at over 50 mph. I am not aware of any issues with trees down out this way.
  9. Wind speeds have come down across eastern Nova Scotia (especially closer to Halifax) and the direction has changed over to more of a westerly component as the center starts to move through. Lowest pressure I have seen in the Davis network is 960 mb.
  10. Wind gusts up to 82 mph at Henry Island.
  11. Must be as recon was flying around Sable Island a little earlier.
  12. Out by me we have actually decoupled with calm winds and a temperature of 46. We might even get below 40.
  13. There’s a separate thread for that under tropical headquarters.
  14. Henry Island now gusting to 79mph. Station is just off the NW shore of Cape Breton Island.
  15. I think that is exactly what will happen.
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