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  1. Had some CTG action earlier when the line passed through
  2. It’s moving through here now. Thunder and lightning and a heavy downpour with it.
  3. 0.72” total with this event with the squall line now past.
  4. This system has been a good wind producer out here as well. The highest gust I have seen so far is 37 mph. Many reports of gusts to 40 mph+ in and around the city and out on LI especially on the south shore.
  5. Just getting into the core of the heaviest rain activity. 0.44” so far. I am thinking 1 - 1.5” out here in the Lehigh Valley. Earlier calls for 3-5” out here seem overdone as of now.
  6. Saw a video from Fire Island showing light snow falling there about 30 minutes ago.
  7. It should also be noted that storms crossing the Delaware River typically pulse up as they start to move across western NJ. I have seen many mild storms really pop as they make that move after they pass through my area.
  8. Strongest wind gust with the activity here so far is 27 mph.
  9. It’s a silent one here so far. Just a healthy downpour. No lightning strikes detected on my Weatherflow.
  10. Nothing burger so far here in eastern PA.
  11. Don’t know if anyone here is watching the Weather Channel but they have had some amazing footage of the tornadoes down south today.
  12. That depends on your location. The gravity wave that swept through my area about 9:30am this morning took care of that. Wind gusted to 46 mph at that time. Many observations of winds along the south shore of LI from 40 - 65 mph today.
  13. Tremendous wind storm underway out here. Have seen a gust to 43 mph in the past 10 minutes.
  14. 36 Mph wind gust with the second line a few minutes ago. Pay attention to that one as it moves eastward across NJ. That is the actual cold front.
  15. Wind gust to 29 mph with the passage of the squall line here. It was accompanied by a rain shower.