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  1. 06z GFS has it east of Cape Hatteras at 348 hours. 12z GFS has it west of Key West at 342 hours. It’s an interesting thought anyways...
  2. Same out here. I am a native LIer and can tell you that there was an early season Arctic air mass that impacted the area back around 1974/1975. This event produced high temperatures in the 40s and lows of about 30 on the north shore of LI during mid October at that time. For the time of year it was impressive. In any case I have personally never seen frost anywhere this early in the season until today.
  3. 35 out here with patchy frost in the area.
  4. Any one take notice of the shadowing effect on the cloud deck caused by the easterly flow drying out slightly as it crossed LI and NYC extending into eastern PA. This has been seen on visible satellite almost all day. This is not something that I can recall seeing.
  5. This line is a fast mover but is not producing anything significant here except for a torrential downpour. Minimal CTC and no significant wind as the 50 DBZ echoes pass directly over me. 0.65” in the rain gauge with this line so the mesoscale models did well with rain amounts with this feature today.
  6. This line is putting out a lot of lightning right now as it comes out of the Poconos. It is producing 2-4 strikes per second according to my Tempest.
  7. Mt. Holly has issued a SSW for my area for the line heading towards me from Carbon County, PA. Looks like it will be a quick hitter.
  8. We are popped right now with an intense cell moving overhead and providing torrential rainfall.
  9. Wx Radar from Punte Del Este, (Isle of Pines) Cuba. Click on the image for the animation.
  10. Next significant topographic feature for the storm to deal with are the Sierra Maestra mountains in Granma Province in southern Cuba this evening and tonight. These peaks run up to 6000 feet in elevation and are situated west of Guantanamo. After that the storm looks to work it’s way WNW parallel to the southern coast of Cuba (unless it recenters again).
  11. Looks like the center is SE of Guantanamo.
  12. That is the mid level center. It has to align with the low level center.
  13. Torrential rain is occurring with this feature. It’s winding down here and we have picked up 0.79”.
  14. An impressive light show with the squall line as it passes through. Frequent CTC/CTG Is accompanying this feature. No strong winds here.