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  1. Have flipped over to snow out here. 35*
  2. We actually have snow on the ground for Super Bowl Sunday out here. Still steady light snow 32*. 0.3” new
  3. Regarding today’s weather there is a weak system moving through eastern and northeastern PA at this time. Areas that are under the 20 - 30 dbz echoes are actually receiving a burst of moderate snow at this time. If you are above 800 to 1000 feet it is sticking and accumulating. Lower elevations are seeing snow but it is not really sticking. If you are under light precip it is mixed snow and rain. If you live in or will be out and about in northern NJ or SE NY you can expect to see this burst of snow come through as the afternoon progresses. Getting steady light snow here now. I checked traffic cams near Hazleton and that is where it is sticking. It had not yet reached MPO as of a short time ago.
  4. 12z Euro goes all in for 2/3.
  5. Up to 37 at my station on Fire Island.
  6. At my weather station on Fire Island the temperature is at 33*. It’s been at that level since about 1pm. Winds have backed around to south but are not strong at 8mph with gusts to 11mph.
  7. We had light sleet for a time and have now gone back to light snow.
  8. That sleet line looks like it is making a beeline for the city and northern NJ.
  9. Many areas to the south and west of Allentown have mixed with or gone over to sleet. Radar shows this change over moving quickly to the east.
  10. Steady snow - 1/2 mile visibility. 1.5” new. 22/19
  11. Radar is definitely filling in across east central PA. Steady light snow here.
  12. 32/21 at my station on Fire Island. Temperature /dew point has risen 10 degrees since 9am with a steady south wind.
  13. Snowing moderately again in the Harrisburg PA area after a break earlier.
  14. As this burst of snow progresses to the east it looks like the snow has shut off in the Harrisburg PA area where earlier it was snowing hard. This aligns with model progs calling for a break in the precip for a time during the day in many areas.