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  1. Have just changed over here in Bethlehem Twp. to rain/sleet mix - 32/31. 2” new
  2. What are your thoughts regarding freezing rain potential on the north shore of LI into the city based upon the NAM surface projections during Saturday night?
  3. We had a severe ice storm on LI in January 1978. I have pictures of trees and shrubs in my yard encased in 1-2” of ice. The pictures are amazing. I could upload them but because of the file size restrictions on this board I am unable to do so.
  4. I have seen an extended period of heavy freezing rain at +12.
  5. Tatamy

    Jan 12-13 Snow Event Obs and discussion

    I am starting to see some flurries up here in Bethlehem.
  6. Starting to see some flurries here in Bethlehem PA.
  7. Having lived through the many winters of the 70s and 80s and early 90s I can assure you that there was no bias towards colder weather. You do know that there was a period of 20 years back then where there were only 4 KU events in the region. Average annual snowfalls were much less than they are now.
  8. Tatamy

    Memory Lane

    I would go with 2/78 and 1/16. 2/78 was especially dramatic with high winds and low near zero visibility’s for hours on end along with 30” of snow. 1/16 also brought 30” of snow with very high rates. As dramatic as Boxing Day was its most significant impacts were felt in eastern NJ and places to the north and east of there in the region. We only had a couple of inches from that one here.
  9. The 35-40 dbz echos near Allentown and Bethlehem PA is a graupel shower mixed with some large snow flakes. The intensity is way overdone on radar.
  10. Tatamy

    E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2018-19 OBS Thread

    There is light snow falling along I81 to the NE of Harrisburg just along and north of the ridge near Fort Indiantown Gap going towards Frackville. There is also some light snow along western sections of I78 at this time.
  11. Folks to the north of the city just saw cirrus for most of the biggest storms. Then we had the storm where the rain/ snow line set up along / near the Hudson River. Probably one of the biggest screw jobs ever for the weenies in NE.
  12. Tatamy

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    Light snow at my house in Bethlehem, PA
  13. Tatamy

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    How about Groundhog Day in 1976? Do you remember that. That was on a school day. Woke up to blinding heavy snow, wind gusts estimated to 40 to 60 mph (estimated as my wind instruments were frozen solid) continuous thunder and lightning, and my barometer dropping past 28.60”. No one ever talks about that one and it was not forecasted either. Low pressure unexpectedly bombed on an arctic front.