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  1. Light snow is moving east through eastern sections of PA at this time. I am seeing visibilities in the range of a mile or so to the west of Allentown at this time.
  2. On the 12z GEFS, out of 20 members, one hits the whole area, another is an inland runner, another clips the east end of LI, and the remainder bring minimal or nothing.
  3. Look at 500mb - no bueno - trough is flatter.
  4. I wouldn’t be getting sucked into this one too quickly… like you said it’s a nice thought.
  5. If this works out we are looking at 2-4” across the area Tuesday night.
  6. That is very possible. There is actually a lot of support from the 12z mesos for the amounts you noted. With all the focus on the Friday night system and whether or not it goes OTS or not I will take what we can get from this one.
  7. The NAM just managed to draw a walk with the last event. It consistently over did mid level warming in my area and was way under with snowfall estimates. This time around it was the HRRR/RAP FTW. It did do okay in the coastal areas.
  8. This type of snow activity tends to be low topped and the activity up in the Poconos is not always well picked up by radar from Mt. Holly. I can’t tell you what the conditions are like up there now however in the space of 5 minutes we went from 3/8 mile visibility to just a few flurries. I would guess that conditions are improving up there.
  9. Mt. Holly has a special weather statement for this feature indicating the potential for 1/2” to 1” of accumulation for the area extending from the Lehigh Valley across central NJ down to the area of Toms River, NJ.
  10. A lake effect streamer has set up shop over eastern PA and far western NJ. Have been seeing some light snow and flurries around for a couple of hours now.
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