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  1. impressive 3 day heat wave!
  2. I think this is the peak heat of the summer.....
  3. Record high low temp at LGA at 80 degrees. Previous record was 67 degrees
  4. odd warning from them yesterday
  5. It doesnt even rain now?
  6. Upton not impressed
  7. Sunday felt like March or October with the intermittent rain
  8. you think? lol
  9. Freezing today with passing showers, feels like October
  10. Not a cloud in the sky for about half an hour here still nice but more clouds now
  11. The jackpot zone was actually pretty well modeled
  12. From Unpton's disco .HYDROLOGY... Widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain expected with locally higher amounts, especially in any thunderstorms, mainly through afternoon/early evening. Any flooding will be mainly minor and in poor drainage and low lying areas. There is a marginal to slight risk for flash flooding today. No significant precipitation is expected Saturday through the middle of next week.