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  1. risk favors another under-performer.
  2. looks very localized, can easily see an inch or less over the metro area, or double that
  3. Big bust today forecast was sunny and low 80s
  4. There are no big rains on that map
  5. Wasn't a hurricane when it made landfall probably a 60mph TS
  6. It's a TS not a cane
  7. This is a landfalling micro TS
  8. This is a micro cane with a very very small area of hurricane gusts, this should produce minimal damage and surge
  9. He's moving too fast
  10. Your photography skills are amazing, whiteface this morning. They claimed snow but im not sure it wasn't just frost?
  11. Great sunset
  12. Disagree, we want Maria to speed up to increase chances of a US landfall. Jose is not a big issue, ideally we want Jose to move as far SW as possible to grab Maria and sling it NW. The faster Maria moves the better chance it has at impacting the US ahead of a massive trough foretasted over the area by next weekend.
  13. terrible
  14. its really not the storm is upon us
  15. NHC was nailing this forecast, the TS watches never made sense being so far outside the cone.