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  1. Monday looks suppressed, I dont expect much rain maybe .25 to .50 at most
  2. What were the final NYC area rain totals compared to Upton's forecast valid 7am yesterday? To me it looks like they were off well over 50 percent on average on a forecast issued while it was raining. I know it's rain and the public doesn't care but this was a pretty terrible forecast...
  3. It's the mid level lapse rates and outrunning the forcing
  4. It's falling apart dude probably not even going to see thunder around the NYC area
  5. impressive super cell ongoing
  6. SPC is not on board but it looks good to me....
  7. my rain gauge only said 0.26 last night but it sounded so much heavier...but it was also 4am
  8. Will be interesting if anyone sees 90s this weekend with the convection chances
  9. It was terrible sleeping weather unless you mean the rain outside with ac on
  10. Can really see Cindy old circulation
  11. How much did yankee stadium pick up in the first batch that looked heavy in western nj, .005 maybe .10 at best
  12. Should weaken like that first
  13. Should be fine, should have started on time they have had little to no rain so far