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  1. Not sure if you recently had a booster, but friend of mine had severe vertigo after the booster. Was in the hospital for a few days
  2. Since when? Hasn’t had a storm in days, no data is much better than the GFS with all the data
  3. Agreed, perfect match P5 Nina
  4. The chance is this upcoming week before it all goes to hell
  5. Likely north of the I90 corridor
  6. Don’t think I had a rain drop here
  7. 7 is strong ridging over the east
  8. none of the tele's look good for December
  9. coldest departures for December look like the first 1-2 weeks, mid month and beyond likely go warm with a grinch storm very much on the table.
  10. grinch storm seems likely once again
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