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  1. Wow that is much snowier than literally every other model
  2. Very little qpf on Euro track isn’t bad
  3. You think similar lake placid? Thinking 3 to 6 here, was surprised to see almost 10 inches of pack on the ground here but the hotel is just NW of the town of lake placid and sits at 2k feet. Just beautiful up here
  4. I’m in lake placid for the weekend clear and cold negative 6
  5. Transient cold shots with brief windows for some snow like tomorrow, 2 to 4 with up to 6 NW of 287 is a good event, immediate coast and Long Island are not as fortunate
  6. Should upslope for the southern and central Dacks
  7. What’s up with the hole over btv on most guidance
  8. What’s up with Champlain valley? Is that downslopping and shadowing
  9. Btv going for 2 to 4 now and you can sense the disappointment to what was originally modeled