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  1. Record November cold usually results in record warmth later on.....
  2. They are starting to really limit road salt in the Adirondacks, mainly sand is now used
  3. It’s flurries and the column is drying out as we downslope, this is Not an anafront setup as stated many times, down by DC and VA the jet is more supportive of back building
  4. Heavy burst of snow is not likely, most won’t even see the possible change to snow. There is nothing here that supports an anafront
  5. Seeing a lot of similarities to last winter with cold / warmth and rain / cold
  6. Friend just landed at JFK said turbulence was really bad around 3k feet plane was getting bounced around real hard
  7. Winds tad lower now at jfk compared to earlier think we stabilized a bit and strengthen the inversion as sun is going down
  8. I’m surprised they aren’t harping more given its Halloween night
  9. JFK ripping to 40mph already, think they make a run at 60mph out of the south tonight. That can cause damage given the direction