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  1. Had a nice storm this morning in white plains
  2. No it's a cold front pressing se actually, not classic sea breeze storms at all
  3. Any 100 degrees anywhere in the Northeast during this heatwave?
  4. My Davis had a Max heat index of 115 yesterday in lake george, currently it's 90/80
  5. 80 dew point yesterday upstate ny. This is crazy for the adriondacks at 10am. Did you see btv last night?
  6. Incredible dew points with this heat my Davis read 80 yesterday's with a Max heat index of 115
  7. qg_omega

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    There was an mcs last night?
  8. 92/74 split today now 89/74
  9. Upgraded GFS surface temperatures should never be used
  10. It seems to move north to south down the lake on some models, think it losses steam this far south but will be something to watch
  11. Severe later for NNE?
  12. From over a week ago the ridge all along looked pretty far north with upstate NY looking best for record highs. Onshore winds were always possible along with possible clouds from decaying mcs along the Eastern boundary
  13. Looks like brown outs and despair for all