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  1. Will be interesting if anyone sees 90s this weekend with the convection chances
  2. It was terrible sleeping weather unless you mean the rain outside with ac on
  3. Can really see Cindy old circulation
  4. How much did yankee stadium pick up in the first batch that looked heavy in western nj, .005 maybe .10 at best
  5. Should weaken like that first
  6. Should be fine, should have started on time they have had little to no rain so far
  7. Ehh, also out running the forcing they are quickly weakening
  8. Severe threat is low isolated wind at best
  9. should quick weaken near the coast
  10. Wow but any severe?
  11. Sea breeze outperforming the storms right now
  12. out running shear and midlevels are drying out on the nw flow
  13. LOL
  14. Well it was mostly Ryan Maue who claimed the new GFS runs 5-6 degrees hot for the cities due to its new UHI adjustment, seems bang on to me outside of sensor placement issues. Maybe its running hot for other urban cities but seems decent for NYC.
  15. today never looked widespread, the forcing was always modeled to be very weak.