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  1. It’s not even thanksgiving yet , wait until December 10th and we’ll see how things evolve by then
  2. The PDO is neutral ( actually +0.4) so you’re wrong about that.
  3. The long range is quite blocky on the Atlantic side. A certain poster claims the flow is fast with nothing to slow it down . That is not true at all. The block gets trapped near the Davis Straights so our storm chances will be increasing as we head into thanksgiving week
  4. Just so you know I wasn’t referring to you. You’re a great asset to this board .
  5. Hopefully we cash on a cold stormy winter so we see less posts from him
  6. If the pattern was wall to wall cold, he wouldn’t be posting ...we all know that by now
  7. The firehose is approaching from the south . Fun times ahead for NE NJ, NYC, and LI
  8. A nightmare scenario if the euro is right with those winds.
  9. That is a massive hit for sure. 3-6 inches of rain area wide with 50-70 mph wind gusts.
  10. Yeh strong cat 2 , low end cat 3 at Tallahassee Monday AM
  11. Yes but a very close call none the less , there's still plenty of time for the models to figure out the upper air pattern. The trend today is for a slowing moving Maria up the coast and a much weaker Jose...
  12. Hour 174 200 miles east of Norfolk moving WNW, and she's a monster
  13. 12z Euro Hour 96-120 Maria slows down and starts to turn NE, there's a building ridge over the northeast but the incoming trof from the west is making a push east. This may be heading OTS
  14. So JB thinks it curls northeast near Maryland ? Very few ensemble members show that. I do agree with his landfall though.
  15. Euro and GFS seem to have this locked in now. Still some time to change but the consensus has grown for a major impact from Florida to the Carolinas