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  1. I see you’re back in full force hoping for another blowtorch . Glad to see you posting again.
  2. Actually now that I’m looking storms are firing in western NY state. That could be our shot later on tonight
  3. Yes the warm front and best dynamics is further north than what the models were showing . Perhaps we can get some scattered convection between 6-9pm. If not the threat is done.
  4. If Laura makes landfall at 150 mph it’s really redundant at that point. She’s a true buzzsaw,, that storm surge is going to be incredible
  5. This was always was a fast mover I don’t think anyone is shocked by that
  6. How much you thinking for our area ? I’m in union county as well . 3-6 inches of rain ?
  7. Yup sun is coming out now , that was one of the concerns . Instability is rising .
  8. The 6z NAM has the low going right over NYC. Perfect track for 3-4 inch rain totals.
  9. Doesn’t matter , it’s now casting time .
  10. Since when is the NAM been God like this winter?
  11. We need that vortex south of Alaska to slow down or retrograde. If that can happen we’ll build some ridging out west. The negative NAO looks great but the pacific can do it’s damage with this set up.
  12. Yes it is the only model showing this scenario. Pay no attention to snowman19s posts. He’s like a parrot every winter.
  13. Not sure what you’re looking at. The ensembles have a robust -NAO building by day 8. Whether that happens or not is another story