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  1. Beginning to dump here in Hillsborough. The banding is starting and the snow growth is increasing. Good timing with the sun going down.
  2. Cannot believe I am actually agreeing with the warlock, but I agree. I don't expect anything heavy until later, but 15" is a stretch. I have been going with a prediction of 7" since last night. I hope the NWS proves me very wrong. Come on heavy rates!
  3. Elevation, especially in March, is very important. I am probably less than 3 miles from wxman but 350 feet lower in elevation and received about 10" from that storm. I am guessing this one may be more uniform for our areas since it seems colder. Just have to get a little lucky with the banding.
  4. chrisNJ

    March 12th - 13th Scraper

    Pretty much zero accumulating snow for NJ and NYC on 12z 12k NAM. ELI and especially SE NE rocked.
  5. It’s not letting up in that N to S band in NJ. And looks to be back building a bit as this thing pivots.
  6. In those heavy returns earlier the flakes were cotton balls. Now the lighter radar return have produced the heaviest snow of the day. Ratio increase!
  7. The radar echoes here in Hillsborough let up but the snow got heavier. Seems better ratios. Can barely see three houses away. About 7”
  8. Been dumping here in Hillsborough for a few hours. Love the band. Maybe 5-6”.
  9. 85’ here. I am guessing we are 3 miles or so apart. Elevation driven.
  10. What a difference elevation makes. I am off Amwell just west of 206. Maybe 0.5”. Back to rain now in the lighter bands.
  11. Concerns alleviated. Beginning to dump.
  12. I know. Starting to mix with flakes now. 33 degrees.
  13. All rain in Hillsborough NJ. Trying not to worry.
  14. NWS Mt Holly prepping to up totals.
  15. chrisNJ

    December 9th 2017 Crusha Obs

    Put it this way, the biggest storm I ever saw in my first 24 years of my life, before moving to NJ, was 10” in the Superstorm of ‘93. This is the most by far in the suburbs of Atlanta since. We still got some banding here and could push 6.5-7”!!! Great start to the season.