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  1. 60 in Midtown and it feels amazing. It's sad in a way because it's only the first week of March still and you know there will be some cold days ahead but once you get this first taste of spring, you want it all the time. Well, at least those of us who are normal. (Edit: A.K.A. everybody but Anthony)
  2. Me too, to bury winter.
  3. Pouring rain in Whitestone. This would have been a decent sized snowstorm had it not flipped over to rain.
  4. Just changed to rain with a few flakes mixed in and it's raining hard. What an odd storm
  5. Moderate snow, big flakes. Sticking everywhere now. This should be the case for you North Shore folks pretty soon.
  6. When out for a drive thinking it'll be a rain and snow mix mainly then the snow started dumping when I hit the highway. Not sticking on the roads, thankfully.
  7. Seems like you Long Island folks are really winning out. Nothing heavy in Whitestone, pretty steady moderate snow since the onset with an occasional heavy burst and some sleet taking over when the rates lightened.
  8. Mostly sleet here but that seems at least partly due to lighter rates.
  9. I bet that's sleet. Snow just started getting heavy here, after hours of light to moderate.
  10. Light to moderate snow in Whitestone. The snow stuck everywhere instantly. I went shopping, came out about an hour later and about an inch accumulated on the car.
  11. This place is dead. I know it's not a big storm but it just shows how spoiled we've been this year (month really). A potential 4-6 inch storm would have had this place buzzing the last few winters.
  12. I will always root for snow, but once I feel that warmth on my face even in February (and yesterday felt really warm) I start to long for spring.
  13. For sure. Yesterday was 50 for the first time in forever and it felt fantastic, I actually went outside in a hoodie and no jacket for the first time since early December-ish. As much of a fan of snow I am, I start to look forward to spring as we near March. Especially with everything going on in the world, this has felt like a longer, harder winter than most.
  14. And always seems to change over quicker as well.
  15. Just took the dog for a long walk. This is a beautiful snow to take a stroll in, even he enjoyed it and he doesn't usually like the snow. About 5" in Whitestone.