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  1. Some serious lightning and thunder in Queens. Lightning starting to become more frequent, blinding rain now too. Incredible rain now as I near Citi Field. It's like a Tropical Storm. Now it lightened up considerably just like that but that was an intense 10 minutes or so.
  2. Huge clap of thunder here in Midtown and an insane 5 minute downpour, looked like a tropical downpour.
  3. Insane storm in Whitestone. Tons of cloud to ground lightning, house shaking thunder, very windy and torrential rain for a good 20 minutes now. As good as it gets for a coastal thunderstorm.
  4. Got home at 7:00 last night and it was 73, took my dog out at 7:10 with shorts and a light hoodie and it was 55. I've experienced many backdoor fronts over the years and I don't remember any temp drop that drastic that I've felt.
  5. I don't understand how anybody loves this weather.... in April but to each their own. 60s and sunny the other day felt fantastic, it makes you feel alive. This weather just makes you tired.
  6. Any real cool weather after March is unacceptable.
  7. kat5hurricane

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    That's usually a sweet spot of the 5 boroughs in marginal situations like this.
  8. kat5hurricane

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Wow. 5" already? Congrats
  9. kat5hurricane

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    Just woke up to a winter wonderland in Whitestone. It looks like a couple of inches just eyeballing from my window and coming down moderately. I do hear a little pinging but it's predominantly snow.
  10. kat5hurricane

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    What? The radar looks good to.me.
  11. kat5hurricane

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    I was going to say even a blind squirrel blah blah blah but broken clock works too
  12. kat5hurricane

    March, 2019

    Why is that? Tampa is a great place to visit. To each their own I guess. I hope you get your day off another day. I'd prefer not to have a flight cancellation or wait in the airport all day for my flight to resume. Anyway, I hope we get a good snow tomorrow. I believe that 3+ inches would be our 2nd biggest snowfall of the year as sad as that is
  13. kat5hurricane

    March, 2019

    I've been out of the loop all day and just saw a WWA posted for the area to my surprise. I just took a quick look at the radar and saw nothing in sight so I'm wondering why they posted the advisory for 7 this evening onwards. In any event, I'm hoping that the Sunday/Monday threat is a miss because I have a flight to Tampa first thing Monday morning. It would be just my luck for the first big snow of the season to occur right when I'm flying out of here. Sorry fellow snow hounds but I need this next storm to be a bust.
  14. kat5hurricane

    OBS thread March 1, 2019

    Solid 1.5 inches or so in Whitestone. Nice little surprise. Nickel and dimeing (sp) our way to a double digit snowfall winter.
  15. kat5hurricane

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    Coming down hard in midtown, sticking everywhere except main roads and even there it's starting to stick. I'm getting November flashbacks although a different setup.