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  1. Isaias winds were definitely stronger. Isaias was the biggest windstorm since Sandy, it'll be tough to top that one.
  2. And just like that, the rain is about over. That was a wild, wild 2 minutes of blinding rain.
  3. Woah did I get home just in time. This rain is absolutely insane, it's a white out. I'm in awe and we've had a lot of extreme weather in the last 20 years to be in awe over.
  4. Crazy wind in Whitestone, must be close to 60 mph. I just came back from the gas station on the way home and there was a big garbage can being blown around the station flew right past my car, never seen that before.
  5. That northern eyewall looks like it's packing quite a punch. In some ways, this will be more damaging than a fast moving Cat 3 because it's going to pound the same areas for many hours, even days perhaps.
  6. Some people are talking about inhibiting factors and some quadrants being restricted but it looks as good as ever right now to my eye. Any weakening before landfall looks to be minimal and seems trivial at this point as this is going to be a devastating hit no matter what.
  7. It's not really THAT far off from a Cat 5 and looks to be strengthening still so not sure how you can say that it won't be a Cat 5 with such certainty. It's unlikely but certainly not impossible. It's all semantics anyway, this will be a devastating hit regardless.
  8. I made note of this as well a few pages back. It's unlikely that Galveston will receive a direct hit but it's going to have to start making that sharp NNW turn soon or Port Arthur and Beaumont could really be ground zero.
  9. That's the worst part of this storm. A lot of these intense Gulf hurricanes in recent years outside of Michael peaked early and leveled off or weakened upon approach while this one developed much later in its cycle and could well peak or still be intensifying upon approach.
  10. I know that wobbles are common with these stronger systems but it seems like Laura could make landfall on the western side of the cone a little west of the Texas/Louisiana border closer to Beaumont than Lake Charles unless it makes a sharper NNW turn soon.
  11. The duration of Sandy is what made it so historic. Consistent 50+ mph wind gusts for 24+ hours. The peak wind gusts were incredible but the winds were pounding the area for what seemed like forever. No storm in my lifetime has come close to matching Sandy from a wind standpoint. The sheer size of the storm was mindblowing.
  12. Yeah, you were right. I was actually a little scared for my dog with the branches blowing around.
  13. Just took a stroll through the neighborhood and was shocked by how many tree branches are down. I haven't seen this many branches littering the street since Sandy, nothing even close really.