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  1. Steady light to moderate snow at times here in Scarsdale. Sticking on grass and car tops. Roads are wet
  2. I lived in the Pelham parkway section for many years. They kept saying they were going to build something on that land. What’s burning a lot of brush?
  3. Hello all. I am Adam from tsw we been posting all day on our page. Don’t know why my name was brought up of Mia. Keeping 3-6/4-8 as I have all week. I learned from the blizzard I kept 1-2 feet for a week as a forecast and didn’t back down. The worse thing do to is model hug great page and a lot of great forecasters on here. More snow is coming after this. Enjoy the ride!
  4. See when I forecast I use the STD model (I used it for Steven D). See what he says and go opposite. Seems to work real well this winter. Steven DiMartino @nynjpaweather · 5h 5 hours ago If you only have one model with an extreme solution in an atmospherically unfavorable environment, is advertising that solution responsible? Steven DiMartino @nynjpaweather · Mar 14 “@pete807: @nynjpaweather Yes, I see. Below normal temps but not winter like.” Bingo! Put away the snow shovel. Steven DiMartino @nynjpaweather · Mar 13 Yet another GFS model run that continues to back off on the cold. Not one day featuring highs in the 30's through Day 7 for any location.
  5. Which one? he posted 3 of them. new one he put 6-12 for NYC on south.
  6. this is steven D or STD as I call him. STD has been calling for no storm for days which is his opinion and I respect that. What I do not respect is when he lies! NY NJ PA Weather Consulting 3 mins · Good Morning everyone! Much colder conditions are in place today and even colder weather is on the way for tomorrow! Meteorologist Erin Budden will have the updates this morning. Meteorologist Steven DiMartino will have the Daily Video Discussion and Premium Discussion out this afternoon after the 12Z models to handle the potential storm. Note, all the 00Z models have shifted significantly to the east. Updates on the way!!
  7. and yes that is me who Steven D or as I call him STD is referring to as "adam" from tristate.
  8. I also posted on my page (private one not the public one on tristate), So now he back peddling. So he thinks 5 inches for NYC and 4 inches just north of that? the guy is just awful and his strat warming ideas have failed him over & over again.
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