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  1. Did you see how phase 6 is in February?
  2. It really makes me laugh with these posts. Between winter cancel. No opportunities coming. Then wow we going to get slammed. To oh no it’s shifting nw. Any of us can look at a model and see what it shows. Imagine if all models were correct a week out or 3 days out etc. What would be the point of the challenge to forecast this? Personally I kept saying for a couple of days snow nyc on north. Then stick with it until the energy comes onto the mainland and models adjust. Breathe ppl it’s going to be a wild ride this winter. Major opportunities with cold to work with coming up.
  3. What was your user name? I am Adam from tsw. Still doing this all these years.
  4. I remember hani. He would say only bill answer. then we developed tristate forums. Then fb which sandy blew us up. 380k ppl make things interesting. As I said on our patreon platform. Pms. Texts etc etc watch that epo! I don’t care if we have a trof over the east. If we have a negative nao this early. Means nothing if there is no cold air source. Remember normal temps are in the 40s. We need colder than normal weather. Epo being positive means we not in a good position to cash in. Wait until January. Breathe everyone things will get there. I know just like in real life people are impatient. They want results! Now! Doesnt work that way
  5. No one? Anyone? The nam doing what the nam does
  6. Bingo! He posts gfs crap All the time w epic fails.
  7. Nam looking better which to me is a great great sign for nyc and li ppl
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