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  1. No one? Anyone? The nam doing what the nam does
  2. Bingo! He posts gfs crap All the time w epic fails.
  3. Nam looking better which to me is a great great sign for nyc and li ppl
  4. We need this hrrr to show it this evening. Hrrr range is too early. I been talking behind the scenes about how I don’t lie the look of Sref and nam. The nam usually does well in this set up. Need it the nam to come to the south. Since the Sref got worse for snow lovers I would expect to see the nam to be the same or worse in the next few minutes.
  5. If you get the preceeding storm to become the 50/50 that supplies the cold Air we will be in business I lurk here and see some of the posts. It’s mid January. Yes the winter has stunk so far but we have two more months to cash in.
  6. Now go back to nov 30th. What did the weeklies show for Christmas. I am sorry but no disrespect. We can all see what the models show but ppl learn from the past. They never going to be right 10 plus days in advance. When a model hints at something it usually is more extreme (either warmth or cold) than what’s it’s showing. Happy new years
  7. I am hearing about a flash freeze. Yes spots will ice up but remember with the wind it will dry out pretty quickly which will help. Contractors be ready but I don’t expect an ice rink out there. Just watch the puddles freezing up
  8. Exactly! My main theme on my weather page this am is pick your poison. surge flooding or fresh water flooding from 30 inches of rain.
  9. Finally cashing in on some much needed rainfall in westchester. Seemed like for weeks rain to the north. South. West. East of Us but seems like Mother Nature making up for lost time
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