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  1. Really, the movement north and west of the forcing band is a good move for all of us in the metro area. We shall see
  2. I think 107.1 "the Peak" is a great station. Good Mix and Chris Hermann in the afternoon and Jimmy Fink in the evening always plays much different music then you hear on other commercial stations in the area.
  3. I think Forky once said a long time ago that where the 700mb vv's are greatest is where the best banding will be. I could be wrong though.
  4. I can verify, 20" here in mountain view section. Have 4 trees down in my yard. Ugh.
  5. This might be useful. Thanks again SACRUS.
  6. Do you teach? That was an excellent presentation which was easy to follow and understand. I've written quite a few technical documents in my day and that was a textbook example of taking a complicated topic and making it simple to comprehend. Well done and very informative. Thanks!