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  1. I can verify, 20" here in mountain view section. Have 4 trees down in my yard. Ugh.
  2. riverrat

    3/1-3/2 Winter Storm OBS Thread

    I can vouch for him. I'm about 2 miles to the south of Pompton Plains and I have 5".
  3. riverrat

    Winter Banter Thread - Part 2

    i saw this tonight and thought what a fantastic picture that would be. You most certainly got a photo of what it looked like to my eye. Great shot!
  4. riverrat

    December Forecast Discussion

    Thank's Don, I've always respected your analysis and it sounds spot on to me.
  5. riverrat

    Storm Tracking Images

    This might be useful. Thanks again SACRUS.
  6. riverrat

    March 2- 4 Snowstorm Potential

    You're a funny old man.
  7. riverrat

    February 3rd Snowstorm

    Mr. Drag knows of what he speaks.
  8. riverrat

    Eastern U.S. Winter Storm Threat Dec 27th

    Do you teach? That was an excellent presentation which was easy to follow and understand. I've written quite a few technical documents in my day and that was a textbook example of taking a complicated topic and making it simple to comprehend. Well done and very informative. Thanks!