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  1. Truth. Though 07-8 and 08-9 were the nickel and dime paloozas that left me really missing blockbuster storms.
  2. Is Keene going to pull off another day with excessive heat criteria? From 80F dews lol
  3. This works, thanks!! Just wanting to get a look at that sea breeze temp gradient. Damn! I'm currently hiding away from the heat of Oklahoma (and New Hampshire) up in Michigan for a little while
  4. Anyone have the link for that page with the temperature mesonet map in southern New England? It's been a while
  5. That's for BOX. Not sure if GYX has a page. Sorry here's the link I used https://www.weather.gov/box/criteria
  6. 2 hours >=105F Heat advisory requires 2 days, and the southern CWAs require 2 days for EHW. My thing is after observing yesterday, and then seeing the same dew points by noon today, pull the trigger. I mean they put up the warning at 2:37pm yesterday, after already 2 hours of EH criteria met. So late it's basically worthless. Waiting to see how high dew points got today is understandable. See it, then act.
  7. And 4pm obs put Keene at 105F heat index. 2 hours of HI>=105F and excessive heat criteria. No warning.
  8. Keene again with one of the highest heat index in the entire region. And no Excessive Heat Warning. Also the point forecasts are down, and only zones showing up right now. Is all of the Gray NWS drinking margaritas at the pool?
  9. Heat index up to 102F at noon. And no warning. After yesterday, this is just incompetence.
  10. Alright I need Gray NWS to step up here. WTF. Yesterday it took until 2:37pm to pull the trigger on an excessive heat warning in Keene. Heat index had already been 105F+ for 2 hours at that point. Now it's already 89/73 = HI of 97F before noon. Where's the EHW? This will be one of the most obvious situations for a EHW in NH of the last few decades, and they're dropping the ball.
  11. This is a pretty telling picture. Strong agreement among the CAMs like you said. Widespread severe event looks likely.
  12. Maybe they were *forecasting* snow including what's on the ground in Amherst...?
  13. Figured this still would go in this thread... Lots of fun tomorrow too. Upstream ML low drops over the Northeast, 500mb temps plummet to around -35C. There's no low level cold advection going on behind this storm. Plus low to mid level moisture gets trapped in the broad circulation formed. We're talking total totals >50, even potentially some low level CAPE >100J/kg. Recipe for heavy snow squalls with whiteout conditions, maybe some thunder.
  14. The upper low is going to give you guys some fun for sure. Especially tomorrow. I mean you even have surface based CAPE tomorrow afternoon. Good recipe for squalls with whiteout conditions.
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