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  1. May as well have a Flameuary before our Morch.
  2. Severe outbreak in Dixie Alley? Finally, some excitement.
  3. Never forget the thousands of white exurbanites that are killed every year in Chicago due to carjackings gone wrong.
  4. Let's see your abs of steel, dta1984.
  5. My point and click forecast for Rochester (lol) went from 7.8 inches to 7.2 inches to 6 inches. By the time it starts ripping, it will be down to 3 inches.
  6. Damn, the last time I was through there was back in March. Will it ever be finished? lol
  7. More great musings from the Angry, Horny Dads of Facebook.
  8. Sun angle is also slowly improving day-by-day.
  9. You're damn straight, cold rain ftw.
  10. A local 18 year old died only a few days after starting to feel symptoms. https://abc13.com/covid-deaths-sarah-simental-teen-dies-from-19-coronavirus-illinois/9168378/