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  1. So you're doing this here instead of in OT because you're banned there? mmk
  2. I split my time between Minnesota and northern Illinois (evil). Danke, will pick up some New Glarus four packs before I leave.
  3. Going to an outdoor wedding on the outskirts of Madison on Saturday. Already see the area highlighted on the Day 4 SPC outlook. Point and click shows 1.6 inches of rain Saturday afternoon and evening. It looks like 200 people are cramming into a barn. Respirator time.
  4. Too bad you've been banned from every water park in the tri-state area.
  5. First I'm hearing of this. Sun angle must be decreasing as well then.
  6. they must be a boomer, since he/she can't figure out how to remove the "Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk" signature from every post.
  7. Think of all the elderly and poor that will suffer. Or not.
  8. Juneteenth forecast is going to be off, unfortunately. 102/80 in the Shities on Monday, with no chance of precip. May as well go into work.
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