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  1. Oh, ah, ah, ah, ah Get up, come on get down with the sickness
  2. It makes sense if you listen to how the current administration has regarded masks in the past and how the President claims he's immune and the cure is Regeneron, which everyone will be able to access soon and for free. There's a gathering of 30 maskless college students two doors down from my girlfriend's place right now, listening to loud music and yelling and screaming at each other. I'd love to call the cops, but then they'd know who "ratted" them out. So annoying and hopeless.
  3. I lived in northern Italy for five years, and I would have happily died there if I had been given the chance to. I guess South Carolina is an improvement over Old Blighty, but lots of Brits live in Spain, France, Italy and Greece. There's no comparison.
  4. Trumpy Bear is really, really active on Twitter tonight, roid-rage induced no doubt.
  5. I'm just south of the Farm and Fleet in Sycamore, and the rotation passed directly overhead.
  6. Don't forget the hydroxychloroquine!
  7. Maywood's own John Prine just succumbed to the virus.