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  1. It's Rittenhouse's Sphere of Influence.
  2. But the desert offers such beautiful environs as these (Oh beautiful, for spacious skies): Mormons are now praying for rain, that's some Incan Empire stuff.
  3. Noticing the browning of the grass outside my south-facing office window here in MN. I expect to see this spontaneously burst into flames by the end of the month.
  4. Yeah, it's just plain old hell.
  5. And yet you still live in Howell, Michigan.
  6. ...and abandon all modeling for Brian D's MS Paint renderings.
  7. you're a real-ass dude. now get in the octagon with Jonger.
  8. I'm taking a "wait and see" approach with "schoeppeya".
  9. Eulogies forthcoming from Jonger and dta42069.
  10. Love this stuff. Gonna sit by the fireplace and read a book.
  11. It looks like you could be in the PNW. Nice.
  12. It's the TalkWeather demo.