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  1. Looks like a major miss-south pattern for me next week. Just can't win anything this year. zzzzzzzz
  2. Light stratiform zzzzzz signal. Nudge it north please.
  3. GRR mentioned anomalously high mid-level pressure over the south pushing all the gulf moisture the into the SW US. The monsoon started way early in the desert SW. Colorado front range could see flooding storms at some point. That's where our moisture is being stolen to. They need the rain too... but it's kind of a weird pattern and it's supposed to persist for at least another week.
  4. And all it did was make the stat record more boring. It's not like the pattern will change for July. We need like three inches to really put a dent.
  5. Meh. Really need more of that "flat ridge" (semi-zonal but very warm/hot just south) pattern to get widespread convection with severe possibilities. No amplified NW flow, no trough, and no amplified ridge extending up into Canada. Those are the three dominant patterns this summer, unfortunately.
  6. A few models show a general half-inch, but GRR isn't buying it. I still say better chance of a spoiler with around 0.25" area wide, but could be lower locally. Cellular activity often finds a way to dance around GRR this year. Even the north side of town isn't quite so parched as the southeast because of some more hefty nocturnal cells just barely missing around the 13th/14th.
  7. Some rain is supposed to drop in from the northwest tonight. Really hard to believe it will make it here intact with such a dry airmass currently in place. Counting on some dynamic lift squeezing out small amounts of moisture with some lingering elevated instability moving in from the west. It will have to produce 0.11 to get GRR over an inch for the month. Hard to say if there will be anything before midnight on the 30th. Next chance might be July 1. I don't know if I should root for a miss tonight to get the rare less-than-one-inch June. Pretty boring rare stat, but whatever. I don't know if the precip will be well-spread light stratiform, or more cellular hit-and-miss with thunder. GRR has been pretty good at falling in the gap between cells this summer.
  8. It looks like normal modern-day June climatology of the "dying nocturnal convection" slot happening just east and south of Lake Michigan. It's more pronounced than ever this year though.
  9. South and west always performs eventually due to instability. Michigan is the biggest rain hole these modern times.
  10. Such a horrendously boring pattern. If its going to be a drought anyways why can’t it just go all the way and be hot. If it gets hot enough maybe it eventually breaks all at once with a monster training MCS. These constant dry cold fronts do no good. Drying up precipitation moving in late at night every goddamn time too. Like a broken record and models just show more and more of the same BS into july.
  11. Very very screwed north of I-90 and east of Lake Michigan even into July. This endless parade of weak-ass fronts that only shunt the moisture south without producing anything isn't going to cut it. Every single goddamn MCS dies when it hits Michigan, day or night. WTF? Is this climate change?
  12. Michigan screw zone going strong. All precip deflected.
  13. I'm trying www.ssec.wisc.edu but I'm unable to register and not getting a response.
  14. At least may was kinda wet here. Parts of Illinois are worse. The short term is really getting dry here though, and the lake shadow messes with convective rain a lot this time of year.
  15. The Saturday precip does the classic Great Lakes Split. Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan are in the screw zone between better forcing to the north and better moisture to the southwest. The Wednesday cold front is losing strength and is moisture starved by the time it gets down here too. Maybe a random popup before it comes back north as a warm front, but not likely as gulf moisture return is mostly to the west as usual. I'm not counting on any rain until July 1 at the earliest. Doom and gloom man.
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