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  1. You mean like older people, which Japan has an abundance of?
  2. That would allude to lower death rates, not lower transmission rates. The median age in Japan is 47.3, vs. U.S.A’s 38.2. That’s a big difference. Also: Japan has 149 cases per million, total. USA has 8,571 cases per million, total.
  3. I mean, you’re right that I shouldn’t base an entire website on a few pieces of faulty news (another look shows they don’t believe that CO2 is a greenhouse gas), but also the fact that surgeons always wear masks at the operating table lends credence to their effectiveness. There’ve also been many anecdotes of entire floors of hospital staff wearing masks and having a very low infection rate compared with staff on separate floors who didn’t wear masks and had a high infection rate. Also, Japan hasn’t been hit as hard despite how urbanized/densely populated/advanced aged of a country they are - which has been attributable to them being a very mask-friendly society.
  4. promotes the theory that vaccines cause autism. Hard pass.
  5. People need to wear masks if that’s going to be the case. It’s such a simple thing that prevents spread AND helps the economy. It’d win-win for society. There shouldn’t be a cultural battle about this.
  6. So the Republican governors of Florida and Texas closed all their bars for something that very few need to fear?
  7. Florida and Texas just had to shut down bars; the biggest hospital in Texas is at ICU capacity and they’re expecting it to be unsustainable in the coming weeks, which will lead to more deaths among not-so-susceptible portions of the population who would’ve survived with treatment. If 95% of people wore masks, not only would this get stamped out to the point that hospitals won’t get overwhelmed, but businesses would increasingly attract more frivolous spending among the population. You can’t force people to go out and consume if they feel unsafe. By diminishing the chance of spread, you’re also increasing consumer confidence to spend.
  8. I’m sorry to hear that man. That must be incredibly frustrating for you. If masks only protected the person wearing them, the whole “individual freedom” component would be 100% understandable. But masks protect the people *around* you.
  9. Yeah the one silver lining is that these protests have occurred in the month where UV light is at its strongest.
  10. Crazy that it keeps its tropical characteristics into the U.P. and then strengthens into an extra-tropical storm.
  11. They need to look a little deeper into their Cristobal.
  12. Would much of that translate to the surface?
  13. Let’s heat up the Northern Atlantic basin!
  14. I feel like I’ve seen this in an old Disney flick.
  15. Looks like the liberal-leaning places like the West and Northeast are way ahead on this! Kudos!