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  1. I saw that Harvey averages 27” of snow a year, so they got MORE than an entire year’s worth of snow in a few days???
  2. 00z Nam is maxing out the precipitable water values in Western Ontario, with 2.5+ stretching back to Detroit. Could this be close to a record for the region?
  3. If I recall correctly, Oklahoma has had 1 and Kansas hasn’t recorded a single tornado yet this year.
  4. This was one week before I moved to Michigan - upset that I missed it!
  5. I'm starting to wonder whether there should be a separate indicator for EF2+ tornados, since there's already one for 65+ knot winds and 2"+ hail.
  6. Wow, that's insane. Be careful out there man!!
  7. Huh, I haven’t seen anything about hurricane force winds...
  8. Winter Storm Watches for west and central lower Michigan. Was surprised by the issuance of the watch itself, but then especially by the condition of "Up to 3"" of snow, which would usually warrant a winter weather advisory if any headline at all. The very strong winds/near whiteout conditions are probably the deciding factors here. ...WINTER STORM WATCH IN EFFECT FROM SUNDAY MORNING THROUGH LATE SUNDAY NIGHT... * WHAT...High winds are forecasted to combine with occasional snow and falling temperatures to potentially lead to widespread impacts for the area. Westerly winds could gust over 60 mph. Blowing snow could potentially lead to near whiteout conditions. Accumulations of up to 3 inches are possible. * WHERE...Portions of central, south central, southwest and west central Michigan. * WHEN...From Sunday morning through late Sunday night. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...An increased risk for tree damage and widespread power outages exists with this storm. Plan on difficult travel due to poor visibilities...slick roads and high winds.
  9. DTX issued a Winter Storm Watch for all its counties.
  10. 4 - 8 inches sounds like a pretty good consensus to me?
  11. Winter Storm Watches extending from Missouri to Maine, but nothing yet issued in the DTX area.