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  1. I missed a lot of big storms since moving to Michigan in 2005, but I did get 24” near Framingham a couple months before I moved in January 2005, and lucked out when visiting my parents the week of the firehose storm in March 2013(?) with 20”.
  2. Wow, Chicago hasn’t had a 6” storm in over 2 years?
  3. You’ve been anti-mask all this time, when it’s been proven time and again to be one of the most effective ways of weakening the transmission of COVID without social distancing. It’s one of the things that’ve kept this virus from getting into DoomfanaticInd’s vision of a depopulated world.
  4. Get. A. Grip. It should never have gotten this bad, but it’s not your apocalyptic vision of a vastly depopulated world bad. Being this willfully stressed out only further hurts your emotional state, doesn’t bring back a single life and further alienates YOU during a time when everyone is already feeling alienated. 370,000 doesn’t mean we’ll see less people everywhere we go. 37 million, yes. 370,000, no.
  5. Concern about our elderly population AND pointing out hyperbolic statements can exist in the same sphere - they’re not mutually exclusive.
  6. Unless you live in a retirement home or in a senior community, it’s not going to be that drastic. Yes, this is the worst pandemic in a century, and the death toll is alarmingly high for a country of our wealth and resources, but going forward we ALL will have to think more objectively. Hyperbole only reinforces the biases of people who think your perspective is off in the first place.
  7. Your misguided opinions aren’t facts. You’re either really this ignorant or doing a bad job of trolling. Either way, you’re making yourself and people like you look worse with every letter you type, and what’s truly sad, is that you don’t seem to possess the self-realization to process that. You just mope and go into victim mode when someone calls you out. It’s truly pathetic that you can’t even garner the pity you’re looking for.
  8. I doubt a neurologist is dealing with this virus first-hand, particularly if the practice they’re with isn’t attached to an ER.
  9. Hey, I used to stay up in Wolfeboro during the summers (and winter holidays) when I was younger. Folks had a cabin up towards the Tuftonboro line, higher in altitude than downtown by 500 feet and usually seemed to have ~50% deeper snow cover, but I think that was mostly a result of being on the northwest side of the hill so it was largely shielded from the sun.
  10. I feel like this is the kind of storm that tends to overproduce in MI. I’d give myself a bun if I could. Edit: I didn’t see the earlier posts saying the same thing - makes me feel more confident!
  11. Looking forward to springtime tornadoes already? Happy New Year!
  12. Yeah I’ve been noticing a moderate shift SE in many of the high resolution models.