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  1. That makes more sense. In other words, 100 times deadlier than what was posted.
  2. Considering out of the 7 million confirmed infections there’ve been 200,000 deaths, which leads to an infection fatality percentage of 2.8%, I don’t think those numbers you posted are related to COVID.
  3. I remember O’Hare being in a pretty built-up area. Romulus feels as though it’s basically in the middle of a big field.
  4. Looks like the Arctic is having a hernia.
  5. Dude, I totally understand your passion about all this, but you gotta take a deep breath and let the North vs South stuff go. This isn’t as cut-and-dry as that, and there are certainly contributing influences outside of the political realm (climate for one - Southerners DO spend more hours in the relatively dry indoors during the hot summer). I concede that reopening early had a sharper effect on the curve in places, and urban areas are taking more precautionary methods since a communicable disease will naturally spread faster in high density places, but you gotta look at the breadth of this situation with a more open mind.
  6. Michigan is the only state east of the Rockies whose NWS offices haven’t issued a single tornado warning this year.
  7. People naturally respond to acute problems more than chronic. The MSM has covered plenty on the obesity crisis over the years, and I hate to trigger you, but the former administration even had an initiative that improved nutritional values in school lunches that has since been scrapped for cheaper, unhealthier replacements.
  8. What kind of childhood would you have if you knew you spread a disease to your at-risk parents (or guardian grandparents), which either directly killed them or severely affected their health for years to come? Do you think cases just hit a wall at that number and stop spreading? If a thousand people are infected, that can easily infect tens of thousands more in just a month. By TEMPORARILY limiting interactions, you’re greatly lowering the spread, and then normal to semi-normal operations can resume again. No one is saying keep kids learning remotely for the whole school year. This isn’t as linear and one-note as you seem to think it is.
  9. Explain your reasoning. There were 1,167 new cases yesterday.
  10. Mt. Tolland is the Mount Washington of Southern New England!
  11. I had a 5th grade teacher who said that a lot (not the weenie part)! With that said, I think if this were to become a 95mph hurricane, it could be called a “close Category 2”.
  12. Hazel lite, 2.5 months early.
  13. He spread enough disinformation that people were undoubtedly affected in negative, irreparable ways. Yes, it’s tragic that he died, but the tragedies his bad advice has generated will never make the news.
  14. At least the wind chill is only 90 degrees!
  15. I understand what you’re saying. It’s a very touch-and-go situation. I think as long as people are wearing masks, having their temperatures taken before boarding, and the planes are vigorously decontaminated, that flying should be okay.