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  1. ‘Should be’ and ‘what is’ are two entirely different things.
  2. According to the new cases/new deaths sorted listing, Alabama ranks pretty low. I guess I don’t see why they’d be worse off than anywhere else at this moment.
  3. Or you’ll have medication tailor-made for your unique needs.
  4. That number is skewed because of the many new cases over the past several weeks. Any time this virus hits a new place, the deaths outpace the recoveries for a short period of time before the trend sharply reverses. It’s just happening in a lot of new places right now.
  5. Only if the WWE bragged about their ratings during 9/11.
  6. So an accurate headline about a current virus that’s a concern to millions that felled one of their own? Would you have preferred the headline, ‘Maria Mercader, CBS Journalist Who Has Fought Multiple Health Issues For The Past Two Decades, Including A Bout With Cancer and Had Taken Medical Leave For Unrelated Issues Last Month, Has Died After Testing Positive For Coronavirus’?
  7. I read the story and didn’t see anything that would help formulate an opinion that the “media sucks”. Care to elaborate?
  8. House-rattling thunder and bright lightning going on here. Pretty impressive given it’s in the low 40s out.
  9. Thing is, you’re comparing one of the highest population density cities in the world against entire countries. That’s gonna skew your data. I’m sure if you looked up Madrid or Milan, you’d have much higher rates. NYC: 28,602 people per square mile Italy: 206 per square mile Spain: 240 per square mile
  10. I read that December 23rd was when the virus was first noted as novel and spreading, and Hubei closed down January 23rd. That’s a little over 4 weeks, with a brand new virus that they certainly didn’t have the data then that we have now. As you very well know, closing down a province that has a larger population than California couldn’t be taken lightly with the limited information they had then, and WHO had even commended China on its swift response. I am by no means saying that China’s censorship and suppression aren’t problematic (they very well are), but in this case you’re looking at the situation with 20/20 vision, with the knowledge you possess two months after Hubei’s closure. By contrast, when this virus entered our shores on January 21st, it wasn’t until 2 months later that states started sheltering in place, and there still aren’t any wholesale traveling restrictions (at least that I’m aware of).
  11. Hopefully the fact that elections are a little over 6 months away will help mitigate this some!
  12. I’m skeptical that my house will set fire, so I don’t have fire alarms or extinguishers.
  13. Because we’re not all going to be stuck at home indefinitely. The 80% (but likely lower since it’s UP TO 80%) is probably over a span of like 18 months or so.
  14. It still affects younger people, but intubation/death rates/more severe cases still clearly skews older.
  15. I guess the silver lining is that the median age in NYC is 10 years younger than Lombardy, so that should hopefully mitigate the number of severe cases.