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  1. RobertSul

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Winter Storm Watches extending from Missouri to Maine, but nothing yet issued in the DTX area.
  2. RobertSul

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    24"+ for both storms combined or just for the 2nd big dog?
  3. RobertSul

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    All other things being equal, would a W-E trajectory be more beneficial for our area?
  4. RobertSul

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    I like the look of it! I don't think I've seen a model output with inconsistency between its hard numbers and the corresponding gradient shading - any particular reason for the examples above?
  5. RobertSul

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Those several 1-1.5" snow events favored areas to the east and north of my backyard, I distinctly remember seeing that on radar. There was one event where we got an inch, sure, but fussing over a half inch just really hits home how bad this winter has been locally, lol. EDIT: Meant for my original post to say much more than half an inch.
  6. RobertSul

    Winter Storm? Jan 18-19th, 2019

    Don't shame me too hard for posting this, but found this little gem off Weather.com for my locale. Have yet to see anything over a half inch this season. If it completely covers the grass, I'll be a satisfied man! (Real low standards this year)
  7. RobertSul

    Winter Storm!? Jan 12-13th, 2019

    Man, I so hope you're right.
  8. RobertSul

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Yes but every other word would be misspelled.
  9. RobertSul

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    I hope so! I haven't seen anything over an inch so far this year, and even then it's melted by mid-afternoon. Starting to feel like Missouri in these parts (no offense to that part of the sub-forum).
  10. RobertSul

    December 2018 General Discussion

    I think the best weather place for you might be a hotel in Colorado.
  11. RobertSul

    Winter 2018 Discussion

    How often is it that every state in the CONUS, except one, has had at least a trace of snow before December?
  12. RobertSul

    Nov. 25th-26th Midwest Snowstorm Potential

    My deepest condolences.
  13. RobertSul

    November 2018 General Discussion

    Well if Detroit had 8 million people crammed into it, with an early snow storm occurring in mid-October by climatological comparisons, receiving 6+ inches when they were supposed to get 1 or 2, with the heaviest snow falling during the evening commute that catches /millions/ off guard, then I think there might be similar issues.
  14. RobertSul

    November 15-16 Storm Potential

    It’s interesting that from 1972 - 1980, it was almost an every other year occurrence to have 5”+ in November.
  15. RobertSul

    Major Hurricane Michael

    It sounded like someone egged him to go on the transmitter earlier. If something happens to these guys, that person will have this weighing heavily on his conscience.