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  1. Not sure why you were weenied but I agree! The lightning tonight alone would’ve been prolific for any mid-July storm, let alone with astronomical fall a week away!
  2. SNE’s 30-year hurricane drought finally coming to a close?
  3. Yeah it was the atmospheric equivalent of being hot-boxed in a 2010 Ford Mustang over here… Detroit had the 6th worst air pollution of all major world cities yesterday. AQI was around 180 at one point.
  4. We’ve all seen the crazy-ass Facebook posts from people we know personally. There is no overgeneralizing here.
  5. Interestingly, these two cities border one another.
  6. In like a lamb, out like a lion?
  7. When Mississippi and Louisiana have greater snow coverage than North and South Dakota in the middle of winter.
  8. There are definitely near-whiteouts from all this dry snow blowing around and it’s drifting pretty good. Ground truth is more dramatic than it appears on radar. As someone who grew up with Mass. blizzards, this looks like a pretty good (if relatively short-lived) one on the ground.
  9. 9+ inches of snow and a temperature of 6 degrees. Their average low is 33 this time of year.
  10. Only after half the total inches fall first.
  11. Arlington Heights with an inch while parts of downtown Chicago end up with 18”+ would be insane.
  12. Are these 30:1+ ratios for SE Michigan?
  13. Just live a nomadic lifestyle. Instead of following herds of buffalo you can chase snowstorms.
  14. ^ Southeast Alaska is all scribbled out
  15. Southeast Michigan and northeast Ohio in the super exclusive double heavy snowfall sectional.
  16. You’re right, I should’ve said /largely/ glacier free, especially in contrast to mid-latitude regions.
  17. Alaska was glacier free during the last ice age and roughly averaged two degrees WARMER than today. I guess even in extreme long term patterns, a warmer Alaska meant a colder CONUS.
  18. That’s an enormous precipitation field - is that a result of the Great Wall of High Pressure from coast to coast in Canada?
  19. Not sure how to compress .mov clips so that I can post beyond a second of video, but here’s a couple still shots of my backyard as the 35dBZ returns were overhead.
  20. Stole this from the New England thread, but it’s interesting to see Des Moines ahead of Rochester, NY in snowfall.
  21. The storm before that looks like it’ll be a very wet snow with a few inches possible, so hopefully that’ll stick to everything and the colder, drier snow can just accumulate on top.
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