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  1. Meanwhile a tornado watch has been issued until 1 PM for parts of Louisiana and Mississippi
  2. Big, wet snowflakes falling just south of Prosper in McKinney
  3. Outside chances of both severe weather and winter weather within a 24 hour period is peak north Texas
  4. cheese007

    Christmas outbreak?

    That is peak 2018 right there
  5. cheese007

    Christmas outbreak?

    New tor watch issued including Austin and San Antonio
  6. cheese007

    Christmas outbreak?

    Tor watch out for big swath of the state until 10. Wonder if it will be expanded later
  7. Winter storm watch up for western north Texas. May get a dusting in DFW area. Don't want to get my hopes up too much though
  8. I'd be happy with a dusting at this point, ecstatic for a half inch
  9. Fort Worth office mentioned possibility of snow late Thursday/early Friday if temps are cooler than expected. Skeptical but intrigued
  10. Really hope this year is not like last year with all the cold rain
  11. cheese007

    Severe weather Potential Nov 30-Dec 1

    Kinda shocked that DFW and areas west got includes tbh
  12. cheese007

    Short-Term Severe/Flooding Discussion

    Enhanced risk dropped for most of DFW, no more sig hail hatched area either. However a 10% hqtched for sig tors now exists in the ArkLaTex
  13. cheese007

    Short-Term Severe/Flooding Discussion

    As if DFW needs any more hail after the past couple years