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  1. 39 degrees and raining is so on brand for DFW the last 5 years. Quickly running out of time for a more meaningful snow event
  2. Well at least it has been cold here! Was worried that we'd be hot all through next October for a brief moment
  3. Ended up breaking that recore with an official high of 81. Last 80 or above day was November 19th so we didn't even go two months before we ended up back in what's normally May/June weather. Hopefully not a preview of things to come for summer
  4. Officially recorded 0.2 inches of snow at DFW. Beat last January's 0.1 inches and is the most snow since March of 2015
  5. Snow coming down at a decent clip in Famer's Branch near 635
  6. Tiny sleet pellets in far north Dallas EDIT: Reports of thundersnow up in Frisco. Of course I have a work thing until noon so no opportunity to chase
  7. Gonna be in the 80s next week in parts of North Texas per FWD. No wintry weather for the forseeable future unless we get a miracle this morning. Didn't know it was possible for a winter to be worse than the last 4 but here we are
  8. New tor warnings for Dallas and Collin counties EDIT: Warning canceled as of 7:00 PM
  9. Sirens going off at UT Dallas. In the library basement. I guess this is what I get for uttering the "b" word earlier lol EDIT: As of 6:34 the warning has been canceled
  10. FW storm has 70 MPH winds and up to golf ball sized hail
  11. Whatever it is it's about to hit the radar
  12. Power flashes and funnel cloud in the FW area one per TX Storm Chasers live stream
  13. No tornadoes is one thing but no severe period is a whole different ballgame. Not that I'm complaining (save for the hours wasted staying away from my 2nd floor apartment) EDIT: Right as I said that tor warned storm heading into Tarrant heading straight for the radar and also me eventually
  14. DFW metro might luck out big time if that portion of the squall line stays sub-severe (considering everything else along it has some sort of warning)
  15. Can you explain that in layman's terms? EDIT: Another tor warning on the squall line just north of the previous one, this time near Granbury, TX