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  1. Looks like mostly EF1- low end EF2 damage from the portion of WFAA's flyover that I saw. Would follow more but I need to sleep
  2. Richland College might also have taken a direct hit. Also here is an update from DFW scanner
  3. Dunno how accurate this is but the Home Depot near 75 and coit has definitely been mentioned as being destroyed so that part checks out
  4. This is about 5 miles south of my location by St. Marks School. Whole area is heavily populated and am dreading what morning will bring. Also worth noting this thing didn't even occur in either the enhanced or hatched risk areas
  5. Monster should have passed just to the south of me
  6. Power went out. Im at corner of arapaho and hillcrest
  7. So that possible hook might be heading my way? Im in a 2nd floor apartment?
  8. NOAA winter forecast is out. If you're a NTX sniow fsn have I got somr bad news for you:
  9. Looks like SPC backed off a bit on Sunday's setup. We'll see what happens I guess
  10. SPC put out a 15% contour for D4 stretching from Kansas into the DFW metro