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  1. Whelp Dallas bust all but confirmed. Don't even know why I bother getting my hopes up lol
  2. Yeah accumulations wise this is looking like a big bust for east of 35 and north of 20. Our drought of inch+ snowfall continues at the very least
  3. Still nothing here. Increasingly skeptical we'll see anything meaningful later. Hourly has us at a 100% chance of precip which, uh, yeah...
  4. Latest FWD AFD still pretty aggressive with their snow totals. Not sure I agree but they have the degrees and experience not me lol
  5. Might bust in two separate directions given the lack of accumulations in northern Dallas EDIT: Seems to be making a transition back to rain. Oh well was fun while it lasted!
  6. Yeah was for a bit further west of you but nothing has stuck. That may be the story with this event
  7. TV Mets and NWS still seem to be bullish on accumulations for whatever it's worth. Still a bit skeptical but I was wrong about the snow...
  8. Same here in NW Dallas so far. Hopefully that changes but at least we saw some flakes for once!
  9. Well some wintry precip did find its way up here! Now the real question: does it peter out or pickup and stick?
  10. Still nothing in northwest Dallas county. NWS thought we should be in the thick of it by now
  11. Big question is how far north does it get? Wouldn't be shocked if it stays dry
  12. Hey now we could get some virga! The sky's the limit!