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  1. I'll be back in Detroit starting tonight for a week. Looking forward to some storms. SPC day 2 moves slight back over S MI.
  2. Any thoughts on Sunday?
  3. That Sup in Mexico is a beast, too.
  4. Cell near Brownwood looking really nice, though.
  5. I know its hour 54 plus on the 3km but Im rather intrigued by the rogue supercell it pops around San Antonio. Checking the soundings for that timeframe-- Am I way off base here for expecting anything of note for SA on Thursday?
  6. Enhanced dropped
  7. Tornado warning near San Marcos. Storm has a nasty hook and decent rotation.
  8. Seeing a pretty good signal on the short range hi res models for a large MCS tonight. Flooding looks to be an issue along with a few severe gusts/hail.
  9. That was a radar malfunction.
  10. That cell near Lyon has a PDS warning.
  11. Stop
  12. Way too early for this dude.
  13. 3k NAM keeps popping this UHI track just north of me (NE side of San Antonio) Sounding looks pretty solid for that timeframe, too.
  14. From the SPC long range discussion: Thereafter, latest guidance suggests that broad and deep surface cyclogenesis is possible to the east of the Rockies by the middle of next week. The magnitude of this wave appears supportive of at least some risk for considerable severe weather potential that could impact portions of the Plains into the Mississippi Valley next Tuesday/Wednesday, and portions of the Southeast, and perhaps Mid Atlantic, by 12z Friday April 7th. However, too many uncertainties exist, both on the larger and smaller-scale, to allow a forecast of 15 percent probabilities at this time
  15. Their negligence killed an innocent driver in another vehicle.