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  1. 17 days at or above 100 already. SAT usually averages 17 a year so we're going to decimate that.
  2. 103 in San Antonio. It’s too early for this crap.
  3. KEWX (Austin/San Antonio): .LONG TERM (Sunday through Friday)... As the longwave trough moves into the Rockies, cyclogenesis on the High Plains will quickly strengthen, resulting in a strong response of southerly return flow. This will bring a big change in boundary layer humidity by Sunday afternoon. A short wave trough passing through the longwave trough will eject into Texas Sunday night. When combined with the typical strengthening of the diurnal low-level jet, there are good chances for elevated convection early over our area. CAPE values are moderate in the 750-1000 J/kg range, but mid level lapse rates should support hail. In addition, low level shear is quite strong, especially in the framework of 0-1 or 0-3 km SRH of 200-300 m2/s2. So if any storms can become rooted to the surface, there could be an overnight/early morning tornado threat. The prospects for convection later in the day on Monday will hinge on what occurs earlier in the day. But the projection of the initial storms waning and leaving a minimally disturbed boundary layer leads to anticipation of the cold front/dry line forcing a line of severe, linear convection Monday afternoon to late evening. These storms would have less instability and shear, but be rooted at the surface, and potentially be more of a damaging wind and tornado threat. https://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=EWX&issuedby=EWX&product=AFD&format=CI&version=1&glossary=1
  4. Looks like the southern portion is racing ahead so that part should. I'm in north central SA, watching closely.
  5. Not sure if it picked up on an extra boundary (or outflow) but yeah, seeing a lot of small hooks and kinks in the line now.
  6. Nasty hook/notch on the leading edge of the tornado warned cell just north of San Antonio.
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