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  1. If you’re a HECS hunter, no. Otherwise, yes.
  2. Tyndall:
  3. Both of the Panama City TV stations have lost their live streaming.
  4. Watching WMBB’s live stream, the sign in front of their building is gone.
  5. Can't speak for Trenton, but it has been snowing here for around an hour. I am about 35 miles south-southwest. Edit: Per's traffic cams, it's snowing at the Columbus/Florence exit of I-295, which isn't terribly far from Trenton.
  6. That's about what we had and what a met/trained spotter reported (8.5").
  7. It really hasn't let up at all here. Might get close to double digits if it stays this way a little bit longer. Had very loud, long rumble of thunder a couple hours ago and had a few other smaller rumbles afterward.
  8. He moved to the Sterling, VA office a couple years ago.
  9. Nobody said it would be catastrophic, just potentially significant. What shaggy/Regan/downeast is on the mark.
  10. I didn't realize Maria had changed her name to Gloria.