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  1. Norfolk, 100+, fourth day in a row.
  2. Norfolk 100+ for the third day in a row
  3. Norfolk at 101. Edit: now 102, new record.
  4. Norfolk at 101. Probably wrong subforum but whatever.
  5. If you’re a HECS hunter, no. Otherwise, yes.
  6. Tyndall:
  7. Both of the Panama City TV stations have lost their live streaming.
  8. Watching WMBB’s live stream, the sign in front of their building is gone.
  9. Can't speak for Trenton, but it has been snowing here for around an hour. I am about 35 miles south-southwest. Edit: Per's traffic cams, it's snowing at the Columbus/Florence exit of I-295, which isn't terribly far from Trenton.
  10. That's about what we had and what a met/trained spotter reported (8.5").