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  1. It's as if somebody spiked these peoples' drinks. Absolutely mind-blowing.
  2. It was strong enough at LF to hold together for a while, it's moving fast enough, and it's getting well ventilated by the approaching front. Frederic in 1979 stayed a TC for a ridiculously long time after landfall.
  3. Same here. Belle's approach brought out all the wild 1938 stories from my parents and grandparents.
  4. I'm parked on Hicksville Rd in the Island Rec parking lot watching this!
  5. Wow, nearly continuous lightning. This is damn impressive.
  6. What a gust we had earlier, around 5:15. We lost a tree in our front yard. Fortunately, it missed my house and truck.
  7. Is this the first case of an Atlantic TC keeping its name after crossing into the EPac?
  8. He should have gone to his expert correspondant, Ming-Ming...
  9. It looked like the end of the world rolling in, but a pretty run of the mill storm here.
  10. Quite an impressive CG display just to my north (in Carle Place).