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  1. Move out of the Newark Basin.
  2. Maybe this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/05/21/fungal-disease-may-have-caused-tree-limb-to-fall-on-washington-square-park-visitor/amp/
  3. Slightly ot but I wonder if temperate rainforest is what our region is transitioning to with our climate becoming warmer/wetter over the long-term.
  4. That's what warm minimums will do.
  5. I like weatherspark.com a lot. They give a complete history of all airport obs internationally, as well as exceptional climate data.
  6. Yeah that ridge was so strong we basically experienced a northerly extension of the trades. It was an interestingly wet summer I felt like I was on the windward side of the Hawaiian Islands.
  7. We have to be careful since there's an upside risk for more icing. From the main storm discussion thread:
  8. How much FRZA are we expecting for Orange county?
  9. Snowing moderately in Middletown. 18/14 ~3/4" OTG
  10. Yet another year that feels like February is transitioning into a Spring month.
  11. Northerly extension of the trades?
  12. Not to stray too far from the NY Metro Wx disco but did anyone notice the lake breeze storms earlier by Lake Erie?
  13. SPC mentions the possibility of this becoming a derecho.
  14. Wow SPC mentioning the D-word as a possibility.