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  1. The development that my mom lives at in Bedminster have already been planting crape myrtle over the last couple of years. They seem to be thriving well.
  2. Lost power for about 6 hours here in northern Somerset county. Apparently I'm one of the lucky ones since I heard others might be out until Mon.
  3. Mainly the axis of heaviest rain and thus flooding shifting further east and overspreading most of the metro area. Winds would have less of an impact, save for eastern LI.
  4. Just wait for the 2040's when it'll be July and we'll be wondering when lows go below 80 again.
  5. I have to say thank you @wdrag for your contributions here. So far your topics have been delivering the goods so keep it up!
  6. A westerly wind causes upwelling which encourages algae growth. Easterly winds shut that whole process down resulting in clearer waters.
  7. Good for any potential tropical threats down the road.
  8. A typical Florida summer day with t-storms riding along the sea breeze front.
  9. I guess we're in a northerly extension of the trades.
  10. We rumble. I'm mildly excited for the potential.
  11. Maybe this will be the year that we'll be directly impacted by a true tropical system.
  12. It's also still actively debated whether it was even a global cooling event. Many climatologists argue that it was limited to Europe.