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  1. Umm..the sun is coming out at my house.
  2. Quite literally.
  3. Can this winter end soon please? I'm ready for spring now. Thanks.
  4. That's exactly what happened by me.
  5. Dammit I'm back to pingers again. Now like 90/10 sleet/snow.
  6. I'm back to heavy snow. Game on at least for me.
  7. I've been pinging with a 70/30 snow/sleet mix here since I woke up about an hour ago. Now flipping over to all snow. Wind picking up too.
  8. Goodnight you guys. See you all tomorrow morning when the real show starts. I'm setting my alarm at 6:50 to wake up for the impending storm.
  9. Sweet mother of God...
  10. Inches are inches...it's a straightforward conversion.
  11. I know their not the same but this reminds me a lot of Christmas Day 2010 when the models were coming into agreement with a monster storm affecting our area.
  12. Is this Mt. Holly's or Upton's discussion?
  13. Subsidence is sinking air.
  14. Yeah it should be, unless something else happens with the model.
  15. I've been thinking over the past few years that my town in Central NJ (Bernardsville) is really in zone 7a. I can only remember like 3 or 4 times that my area dropped below 0F over the last 12 years.