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  1. A westerly wind causes upwelling which encourages algae growth. Easterly winds shut that whole process down resulting in clearer waters.
  2. Good for any potential tropical threats down the road.
  3. A typical Florida summer day with t-storms riding along the sea breeze front.
  4. I guess we're in a northerly extension of the trades.
  5. We rumble. I'm mildly excited for the potential.
  6. Maybe this will be the year that we'll be directly impacted by a true tropical system.
  7. It's also still actively debated whether it was even a global cooling event. Many climatologists argue that it was limited to Europe.
  8. Yay more COVID weather...
  9. I've gone on a whole decade. The Boxing Day blizzard brought me here.
  10. That better be true every year.
  11. Why is Tony still allowed to post here? Have the mods given up on deleting his sock accounts?
  12. First COC day of the year. Take advantage of it and go out and enjoy the weather today, especially for the snow weenies.