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  1. From NWS Huntsville: Ice Storm Warning issued for northwest and north central Alabama... https://www.weather.gov/hun/ From Twitter: Morgan County Sheriff's Office @morgan_sheriff· 21m [Update] Major vehicle pile up. No major injuries. 231 blocked in both directions. Northbound is sheet of ice
  2. From NWS Huntsville via Twitter: NWS Huntsville @NWSHuntsville Attn: Cullman, Morgan, Madison, Limestone, Lincoln, and Moore Counties: An area of freezing rain and sleet is developing and moving farther east than previously anticipated, and the HSV metro area may start to see ice accumulation in the next hour or two #StayPutStaySafe #HUNwx
  3. from NWS Huntsville: 37F temp in Huntsville, AL, dew point is currently 35F, rain 36F temp dew point 31F Muscle Shoals, AL (west of Huntsville) light snow https://www.weather.gov/hun/
  4. My Great Pyrenees’ first time seeing snow! (She was underwhelmed; ice balls in her paws and all that). Photo taken just about when the snow started accumulating. We have about 1.5” and still snowing.
  5. -1 Celsius and about an inch of snow on the ground so far. First measurable snow we have had (north Alabama) in about four years.
  6. Mixed sleet and snow; temp is 1 Celsius in Madison, AL. Temps dropping and plenty of moisture headed our way. Huntsville NWS almost always calls it right but they might have missed this one. No WWA yet...
  7. Wonderful to see folks getting snow in November!
  8. Want snow? Try I-81 N just north of Harrisonburg, VA. I’m from the land of no snowplows though, so 3-4” is snowpocalypse.
  9. On I-81 North near Marion, Va; it’s 37F with steady rain.
  10. Sleep in airport hotel, if only to avoid the stress of wondering if roads will allow you to make the flight on time.
  11. I’m a southerner who will be visiting Washington, DC Wednesday. Yay! It rarely snows where I live. Am I correct to assume that DC and suburbs are well-equipped with snow removal equipment and the roads won’t shut down or be impassible? we were going to fly general avaiation, but since that not possible will be driving a 4-wheel drive vehicle and will bring snow chains just in case.
  12. I remember this storm very well: was a junior in high school in Carmel, Indiana. We had a ranch style house and the snowdrifts were up to the soffets. Good times digging out the front walk-took me an entire afternoon to clear about six feet of sidewalk. It was my first thunder snow too; I wrapped up in a blanket and looked out a window for most of the night of the storm. Winds were absolutely howling too, gusts were about 70 miles per hour, probably more.
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