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  1. Just a few more days of this, and then I think we get a much needed break from excessive heat and maybe the beginning of a slow climb out of drought conditions. The 12z GFS is our ticket out of this.
  2. Nice little break still on modeling (ensembles and ext ensembles) sometime around or just after the 20th(edit). I don't trust the extended length of seasonal to BN temps being shown....but will gladly take it. Seasonal is still warm during August, so please remember that....just not wall-to-wall furnace.
  3. MRX.... In the upper levels, the trough over the Midwest and Ohio Valley will weaken late Friday. A broad trough will remain over the Great Lakes and Northeast through the weekend as a ridge out west moves into the Great Plains by Monday. A weak ridge (an extension of the Bermuda-Azores High) will be over the Southeast. At the surface, a weak pressure gradient is in place. Temps will rebound Friday and Saturday. Hot weather is expected this weekend with highs in the 90s. Early next week highs may approach records. The good news is that humidity will be fairly low with dew points in the 60s expected to continue through at least this weekend due to westerly surface winds and mostly sunny skies allowing for good mixing conditions. Early next week highs will approach 100 degrees in the Southern and Central Tennessee Valleys. Heat indices may be close to advisory criteria (105) by Tuesday and Wednesday. Unfortunately, rain chances are very low for most locations with the best chances in the East Tennessee Mountains and SW North Carolina due to intense surface heating of south facing slopes. By Tuesday or Wednesday, low rain chances may return to the Valley if a system is able to make it this far south.
  4. Man, on social media this morning MRX paints a bleak picture for next week...expansion of drought and heat. We need this pattern to break after the 20th. Next week is gonna leave a serious mark. We potentially could be seeing a historic event next week in terms of heat.
  5. I thought we might be in some rarefied air in portions of E TN....there is 1988 in the mix. I wasn't in the US for the summer of 1993. It seems like the MS flooded then. I was watching from 7 time zones away. Interesting to see Minnesota with flooding now.
  6. What is crazy is that I "think" the airport got a little bit of rain which capped the temps late yesterday afternoon. Man, it was crazy hot in Kingsport yesterday. Everything is just fried today, because of it. I don't like tropical systems which just graze us w/ no rain. That sinking air makes is so much worse.
  7. Today feels 100% better. I won't last, but lower humidity and cooler temps is a nice respite. And yes, the new Euro seasonals are a big time crapfest of heat and dry weather. I lean CANSIPS, but the Euro seasonals are a worst case scenario.
  8. TRI appears to be the hottest reporting station in E TN right now. Temp is already 92 w/ a heat index of 101.
  9. Part of the reason we are getting the coast to coast air fryer this summer is two fold: 1. La Nina has taken hold and it has gotten dry in easter NA which often correlates with hot temps. 2. Several areas in the West(northwest and mountain west) didn't get enough water last winter due to El Nino, and their snow pack has gone poof in some of those areas. That allows the heat to build. Their f!re season (which I hate even discussing on a public forum) has started early. We were in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. We saw Darlene 3 grow from ~2.5 acres to ~2500 acres in 24 hours. I have seen plenty of those seasons out West. That is probably the quickest I have seen one get going that quickly. The state of Oregon had 400 people, several dozers, and tankers on it within 24 hours. They had it under control in about 3-4 days....just beyond impressive.
  10. I "think" (and credit to Jeff for the original idea) this pattern at least relaxes in 10-11 days. That has been moving forward on modeling consistently. There is at least some evidence in modeling that this could be a legitimate pattern change. If I had a nickel for every time I have said that(and been wrong), I would be a wealthy man. I do think endless summer(meaning summer persists well into Sept and Oct) is likely just based on analogs. That said, right now there is not a lot of LR model support for that. I think seasonal(which is still hot) to slightly AN looks like how we might finish out summer. I really don't think fall will arrive on time due to La Nina, but the CANSIPS run for July 1 thinks maybe so. I am not ready to say the worst of summer will be behind us (once we reach July 20), but that is on the table. Until then, heat and drought are gonna be a mainstay over much of E TN.
  11. Higher elevations out West are awesome. Cool mornings and low humidity are the best. Put Bend, Oregon, on your list. Similar wx setup with a few more amenities, easy access to the mountains, and less crowds. The West is cooking this week, but that is pretty abnormal. We really enjoy the PAC Northwest and Mountain West. In my book, it gets me one less week of summer.
  12. I see that MRX has noted that rapid onset of drought is possible over much of the forum area this week. High temps plus very little rainfall is going to cause likely problems. 1234, yep. It is really hot during the afternoons. This reminds me a lot of 1988.
  13. Cool nights and warm days w/ low humidity for YNP. You all may see some frost in West Yell this week. As for E TN, two more weeks in the furnace, and then as Jeff noted earlier, a break appears on the horizon. The new Cansips wants seasonal for August through December. I still think we see endless summer, but will gladly eat some crow if wrong. We need to break the drought ASAP or the return to seasonal is going to be very tough to attain in NE TN. The TS is going to create very hot temps early in the week. My general rule of thumb with tropical systems is we don't want to be grazed by them(if we need the rain). Why? Sinking air on its periphery creates crazy hot temps - E TN is gonna likely roast without a last minute course change. Downslope winds during summer are no bueno.
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