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  1. I have very little disease in my garden at the moment. Was thinking...this must be what it is like to farm in the mid-West. Just enough cool weather to lower humidity and prevent that mess.
  2. I agree, John. It has been awesome this month. After last summer, this has been a great break from those sweltering temps. We were out fishing on the South Holston last night and had to hustle in as one of my younger kiddos was getting cold.
  3. With this recent cool spell, TRI is now -.2 for June temps w a chance to finish slightly BN for the month. At the very least, it has been pleasant as far as summer goes. Only 2" of rain at the airport which is about 1.45" BN. As Jaycee pointed out earlier, the closer the Smokies that you get, the lesser the totals. Though to be sure, we needed to dry out in Kingsport. Now, that may be too much of a good thing.
  4. Today's 46 day Weeklies for the forum area...seasonal temps w some slightly BN. Though slightly AN is nearby. Should wash out as normal per this run. Precip is normal-ish w some splotchy dry anomalies beginning to show. I don't like that look. Thought the western heat ridge does appear to be a consistent feature w the exception of week 2
  5. At TRI we hit 90 degrees 10 times last June. This June....zero.
  6. Tonight's 46 day Weeklies continue w their depiction of AN precip (skewed by the next few days) and normal to BN temps for the forum area. Not saying I agree w BN temps, but just giving my take on their look.
  7. Moving reasonably quick per NHC. I have not looked at the afternoon model runs closely. 12z GEM is stout w rainfall. 12z GFS is a significant west TN rainfall event and into southern KY. Just glanced at the 12z Euro and it looks similar to the GFS. Western half of the state sees 2-4" from roughly Nashville west. Then, precip streaks along the KY/TN border. Big rain event for KY as well per the Euro. E TN is .5-2" as we get dryslotted or downslope for both? NE TN and SW VA border gets a bit more per the Euro. Northern Alabama and northern MS get a general 1.5-4" rain. Latest track brings Cindy's remnants on a track from just SW of Memphis to Marion, VA.
  8. Was in Downeast, Maine, last week...almost to the Canadian border when speaking of the coast. Early in the week we hit the low 90s. By late in the week we had highs in the low 50s. Wild swings! Beautiful country.
  9. Probably time sensitive.
  10. Been a decent summer for temps and water...quite the reversal compared to last summer. My garden looks like a jungle. Last year it was "done" after the third week in July. This year, it won't be full throttle until then. Peppers and tomatoes are about 2-3 weeks behind last year. Rain and May cool spells kept my soil temps down. Last year, it fried. As for July, just really rare for that month not to be hot. So, I agree w Jeff that it will be warm...maybe on a seasonal scale this time around. August is in that boat as well. MrWolfe brings up some interesting info. Heard Mark Reynolds from WJHL mention that this weekend might include a tropical feed. Also noticed TVA upped their projections on water releases from SoHo...unless I am misremembering.
  11. Dose weeklies are not warm from d4-14. Maybe as BN as I have seen in some time. Centered in the Plains and progressively cooler during that time frame. Well AN precip and BN temps for the 46 day time frame....though temps are heavily skewed by the wk2 anomalies.
  12. Weeklies Update.... 46 day mean temp anomaly: BN w moderating temps late in the period 46 day mean precip anomaly: N to AN
  13. I was looking at the mean anomaly which was 1-1.5" BN for precip over the next 46 days. That looks like the control. I prob should have been more specific. I hope it keeps raining like the control. I wade-fish the South Holston. Generators have to be off. Lately, they are having to sluice which means they are dumping water through the flood gates. LOL. Might be another month(due to high water) before I can get consistently in the water which is rare. Great sulphur mayfly hatch. Lasts all summer with blue wing olives to follow. I have fished out West on several occasions. The SoHo outfishes anything I have fished there, and am less likely to get eaten by a bear here. Though, catching a Yellowstone cutthroat is pretty awesome. The SoHo has browns and rainbows in excellent numbers. When the hatch is "on" the fish can be selective, but I have taken beginners who catch fish. Before I got married many years ago, I used to put in 100 days a year fishing the mountains and tail waters. Now, with kids I am more selective about when I go. As for the mountains, there are some great streams in GSMNP. I prefer to hike in about a mile or two. The southern strain of brook trout are found at higher elevations. Last fall, due to the drought, we stopped mtn stream fishing until the streams came-up. They are full now. What a difference a season makes.
  14. In honor of cold weather enthusiasts and our Nashville forum market...first Stanley Cup Final to take place in TN today. Go Preds!
  15. Latest weeklies really dry out the forum area for the 46 day model run. Probably not all bad as our reservoirs in NE TN are now sluicing due to being past full pool. I need consistent rain for the garden...not the deluge plan that we have been on. Turns out that we are definitely in a pattern change...and probably will see another change by mid month to a typical summer pattern which is really no surprise. I definitely like the SOI updates as we may eventually get a clue to the upcoming winter. I lean towards a weak Nino or possibly on the Nino side of neutral. But I am no guru....but just seems like the models want to temper the Nino. But many a man has been humbled by making a Nino forecast six months in advance. On a side note, we fished Whitetop this past week along The Creeper. Pretty amazing how much water is in those mountain streams compared to last year's extreme lows. I seem to notice fewer fish(or I am not a great fisherman...close call there) this year. I suspect that we have seen a reduction in trout population as thin water is warmer and easier for predators to hunt as fish are more concentrated in fewer spaces. But still...beautiful place to spend a day. Jeff, I suspect this is another great area for a fall photo trip for you.