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  1. Gag. When did we get like buttons for comments?
  2. Probably time sensitive...but the sun has gone expectedly very quiet. I realize ocean currents (upwelling, etc) drive some the ENSO, but it will be interesting to see how the upcoming min influences it.
  3. Awesome.
  4. Models during the past couple of days depict a pronounced warming trend for the forum area for the next 2-3 weeks. Spring!
  5. I agree. Need it weak. ENSO forecasts can be fickle so I am hoping it backs off a bit. But after reading your thoughts, I can't disagree. What number on the index above would constitute a moderate event, 2.0.
  6. After a bitterly cold day in the forum region(wind chills here in Kingsport ranged in the single digits this AM to lower 20s this afternoon), tonight will harbor the concerns that many have expressed regarding the Feb spring warmth...a long duration overnight hard freeze w lows in the mid-teens. This would be impressive for all but the coldest climo days of Jan. Here is the AFD from MRX... .SHORT TERM /Tonight through Thursday/... A cold, northwest wind will continue reinforcing a bitterly cold arctic air mass. The combination of a clear sky and this cold air will allow temperatures to plummett after sunset well below freezing -- eventually bottoming out into the mid teens to lower 20s across the Valley. A freeze warning is in effect to address this potential for a widespread, killing freeze. In addition, winds along the East Tennessee Mountains will remain in the 10 to 15 mph range, and combined with bitterly cold air cause wind chill values to drop to dangerously low levels in the -5 to -15 degree range. By late morning these products will expire as temperatures warm due to solar heating. A warmer day is expected as highs will peak in the 40s to lower 50s.
  7. Leconte Lodge is reporting 7" of snow from the last couple of days. Here is a link w interesting commentary and great pics. http://www.highonleconte.com/daily-posts
  8. I have been to Carvers Gap many times...started going there w my parents to pick blueberries in the early 70s as a toddler. I have only been on top(to the Gap...would never hike the balds in those conditions) a few times when it is like the above video. It is crazy how bad the weather can get above 5,000' during winter. And that video is not terrible wx by winter standards....BTW the drive up is not bad in the snow. The ride back can leave you white knuckled.
  9. What do you think, Jax....weak to moderate?
  10. This was taken yesterday by folks at Roan Mtn State Park. Looks like Carvers Gap for sure. Probably much colder today. Just shows how different the higher elevations can be.
  11. Downtown received a quick burst of snow this AM. Covered the streets. I am guessing around an 1".
  12. Wind chill at TRI is 6 degrees.
  13. Two straight nights of hard freezes coming up...hearing some reports that the storm was 50-75 miles west of guidance. The westward jog w a strong coastal is the real deal. The low in the Midwest messed-up the temp profile for us. Looks like nice 4-5 day warm-up beginning this weekend...and then another cool down, albeit brief in comparison to this one.
  14. Cold w a few light snow showers rolling off Bays Mtn from time to time. Temp is 37 w wind chills probably in the upper 20s. Hard freeze on tap for the next two nights.
  15. Reading Bob Chill's and PSU's comments on the MA forum...a slower storm could allow the southern stream energy to be stronger. The EPS @42 did have several members dragging their feet so to speak.