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  1. Cold rain.....feels like spring is about to put it in reverse.
  2. @nrgjeff thoughts about potential drought if La Nina double dips???
  3. In hindsight, that was definitely the way to go. We have a hoop house for our garden that does that for us. Just need something to trap the earth's heat and leave a little bit of separation with the cover. I figured the peach would be ok since it it right next to the house, but the cold air must have dammed against the house there. It looks better than I though today. These late season freezes tax our resources - tarps, plastic, etc. Some stuff(if we didn't have covers) we were simply like...good luck! LOL. The one thing which I would have covered better were our blueberry bushes which were in full bloom.
  4. Good thinking. We covered up our patio peach as well. Man, it is was still burned though. I think the duration of time which we were in the 20s was the problem. We will see if it survives.
  5. Wind blown pollen, snow, wind chills in the mid 30s.....sounds just like another day in paradise.
  6. Man, it looks rough out there. Some of our covered stuff was still hit pretty badly.
  7. The potential low of 26 at TRI would be very close to the latest that TRI has experienced temps dipping into the 20s this late in the season. Looks like the latest that temps have dipped into the 20s is April 27th. Impressive cold. Man, looks frigid out there. Going to be a lot of plants with new foliage damaged by this. Sometimes I put tarps of things and wonder if it does any good. Right now, the tarps are covered with frost. Looks like this has been a freeze where temps have been sustained for several hours below freezing. Looks like TRI dropped from 36 to 29 in a matter of one hour just after midnight. Quick drop. We have one of the coldest temps in the region right now. The quick drop leaves me mildly suspicious (humidity soared about then as well) of the record, but looking out the window....looks rough(meaning very cold and has been that way for some time). We will likely have been below 30 for 6+ hours. Have to wonder if this will be tough on even trees in the forest which are hardy. I have seen that happen once several years ago. This is a bad freeze. One more night of this tonight, and then we might be done for the season...might be. Garden begins to go into the ground next week.
  8. TRI is sitting at 26 which should break the record low of 28 set in 1944.
  9. Flurries just now. Crazy. April 21st. The side doors on the hoop house have been closed for the night.
  10. Was doing some initial digging into late fall and next winter. VERY EARLY but possibly a western ridge setting up shop later next fall or at least in the nation's mid-section. Not sure how that pans out here, but we will see. I haven't really looked at ENSO stuff yet. May swing by later this week with some early ideas. Again, this thread is very much speculation at this range. We sort of fine tune as we get closer. So, the end of the thread is usually quite accurate in my experience. For now, summer awaits...even as the last snowflakes fall on Mt Leconte and the Plateau today. With it being late April now, we only have about five-ish more months until the next season's first snowflakes fly in higher elevations.
  11. Freeze watches have been hoisted for Wednesday night(not tonight....). For gardeners and farmers, very important to keep a close eye on things. 30 is the forecast low at TRI. Wouldn't be surprised to see it a bit lower if things go really calm. The amount of time by freezing is critical. Fingers crossed this doesn't get worse as things are in bloom and all of the new foliage. This fits a recent pattern(though certainly not uncommon) of late freezes, even after things make a turn towards spring. Some years, we turn the corner at lower elevations and no worries. Past two seasons have been a pain in the neck.
  12. Indeed, a chance for snow is now included at highest elevations for Wednesday.