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  1. Crazy how high the lakes are at TRI. Cherokee, SoHo, and Watauga are already at full pool or higher.... I wade fish the SoHo. Looks like that won't be happening for some time as the water is understandably being sent down stream. Crazy to go from the drought/Gatlingburg fire to full reservoirs and rivers within six months.
  2. Thanks to Jeff and Jax for their comments. Agree. Looks like a nice pattern upcoming. Seasonal temps w a few cooler days thrown in. Heat builds out West....you know that will roll eastward at some point. But for now, looks like we may steal a few weeks of spring cool and push them into early summer. The ensembles still like a weak trough in the East LR.
  3. Out of the blue!
  4. And I thought Spring might be dry. LOL. Back to my real job.
  5. LR continues to be interesting as the major ensembles build heat eastward only to have a trough w BN temps drive southeastward out of the Plains. I am all for keeping the heat at arms length for as long as possible.
  6. Glad things went well, Jax. Looks like extensive repair work!
  7. Everything is planted except my peanuts and sunflowers. Ran out ot time before the deluge.
  8. Trough looks stubborn for the East in the LR ensembles and ops. Heat builds eastward and then the heat ridge returns to some degree on the West coast. I can deal with that pattern after last summer.
  9. Wild swings. We hit 90 last Saturday. Tomorrow AM is going to hurt!
  10. Mt Leconte. Crazy that we are still talking about snow falling somewhere in this forum area...during May. 7" total. Edit...John had already posted the totals in the obs thread. Tomorrow AM will be chilly.
  11. It is brutal. I just posted similar thoughts in the pattern discussion thread. I prob should have placed them here. Has to be snowing above 5,000'. Leconte had 4" last night.
  12. It was 90 last Saturday at TRI. Right now it is 52 w light rain and winds gusting to 26. Wind chills are in the 40s. I feel like I moved from FL to Maine. Couple of cold nights on tap. Frost is a possibility in the northern valleys on Sunday night IMO. Feels like late February out there or early March.
  13. 4" of snow on Mt Leconte last night. Props to Powell for posting this on another forum. Good find. http://www.highonleconte.com/daily-posts/may-6-2017
  14. Nasty weather outside right now. Light, wind-driven rain w precip spiraling southward straight out of the north. Wind chills in the upper 40s after high temps well into the 80s last weekend. What a difference a week makes!
  15. Was hoping MathMet would chime in w the high winds in the mountains. GSMNP clocked a gust at 97 mph. http://www.wbir.com/news/local/sevierville-sevier/30-acre-fire-reported-in-gatlinburg-area-10k-without-power/436772018