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  1. I was about to say the same thing....... maybe it’s a sign from the snow gods lol
  2. I’m going to start my Southern Valley snow dance Lol
  3. 38 here in mby “Athens” with Moderate rain, gonna need a miracle for changeover down here!
  4. Correct, I have noticed a very persistent NE wind that has actually picked up as the morning has evolved. The cold advection is winning per radar trends.
  5. Welp, Here we go again, looks like a nice Cold Rain Event for my area “Southern Valley” ie. Athens. A bit disappointing to have that much moisture and just not enough cold.
  6. As Jeff would say that’s “pixie dust” very fine powder probably 20:1 ratio stuff, the kind the slopes love!
  7. Interesting, that piece of energy is backfilling westward!
  8. Just don’t pass out and freeze to death!
  9. Tellico, you’re right nice piece of energy entering the Southern Valley!
  10. Got roughly 1.5 here in Athens, I think I’m seeing what Shawn is seeing, the infamous back edge! I’ll take it, hopefully after this warmup we can cash in on a big one in February!
  11. No one, I was just making a observation, the way I worded that I thought you might think it was directed at you! I was just letting you know my comment had nothing to do with your observation.
  12. There is no dry slot, Snow coming off the plateau into the Southern Valley is to far out of range for MRX and Nash to pick up, I have yet to see a real let up in snow here in Athens! Love this radar btw! This is in no way directed to you PV!