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  1. Gfs is consistently dropping a nice front through the region between the 22-24th. Euro also agrees. I would say this will be the first major "cold snap" of fall and will easily start our leaf season. This front is only 3-5 days away from pushing across the US. Seems like it's a legit pattern coming up.
  2. Unicoi County has been better off in the rain department than areas just to my west but it's catching us now. We are starting to get crispy here. My yard is a very dull green with that crispy look. If we don't get rain soon I am sure we will be in official drought criteria in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Hey guys hope all is well. I tend to go quiet in the summer haha We have honestly had a pretty enjoyable summer over here in Unicoi County this year. We have yet to hit 90 this year with my high being 88.9. It looks like only 5 years in the last 60 went without a single 90+ day for Erwin. There is a lot of summer left though. This summer has been incredibly slow as far as thunderstorm activity compared to last year. Maybe last year was a crazy active year for this area.. but this summer has been all but dead for thunderstorms. My tempest station has only recorded 983 strikes within 22miles so far this July. Half of which happened yesterday. July 2020 had 13754 and I missed the first 6 days of the month. With the days slowly getting shorter I am feeling an inner longing for crisp fall days growing every minute.
  4. Snow falling on green grass this morning... I guess I’ll take it
  5. we have been lucky over here in Unicoi county. Our rain has been spaced out just enough to avoid a lot of flooding, but todays inch is really pushing ditches and creeks to their limits. Good thing today wasn't 2-3 inches. Would require water rescues if that happened.
  6. Yeah this gust front is insane. Probably straight from dead quiet to 70+ winds in an instant.
  7. I have the same feelings and my total is 20” on the year. It certainly doesn’t feel like an above average season. I’ve had 3 events completely bust. All 3 had models in agreement on decent snow 18hrs out then poof! the NW events really saved me this year because the standard storms haven’t panned out at all.
  8. 32.2 and rain for a few hrs now. Lol.
  9. Easy come easy go I guess. From a non event to an event back to a non event over this way. Scorching at 47 this afternoon. Not a chance there is any major ice or any accumulation. hope you guys score! And then bring on the 70s.
  10. Not sure I’ve ever seen the COD maps maxed for ZR like this. Yeah that’s 2” lol
  11. Nam drops wild amounts of ice across NE TN. Let’s not go down this road.
  12. Nice trend here on gfs. NAM is long range still and on an island. It likes to over amp these type of events and push them too far NW.
  13. Rgem with the 1” ZR amounts across NE TN. We will pass on that.
  14. 2.5knches on the board this morning. Surprised! Beautiful heavy snow
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