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  1. Starting to look toward the winter and I agree with everything here. Early peaking La Niña or Lanada looks all but guaranteed for winter. I see a decent start possible but into 2023 it's going to be hard not to torch. good news is we are due a nice rebound to El nino for 23-24!
  2. Well my whining paid off. 2.4" last few days. weird day today for mid July. If only these were the colors of returns today.
  3. Yeah I racked up in the early half of June. Guess it's time to even it out!
  4. My week so far. Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss. 3 weeks with barely a drop. Is it December yet?
  5. 93.0 today. Record high for my station. Going back to July 2020.
  6. It's 83 with a 76.6 DP this morning.. this is the most oppressive heat I've felt since I've moved here.
  7. Looks like for once the modeled changeover was actually realized. In fact, according to CC I may have changed well before the HRRR said I would. easy 1.5" Right now with moderate rates and 30.4 temp. Edges of asphalt is covered and I imagine in the next few hrs a flash freeze will happen as temps keep falling into the 20s
  8. Solid .5-.75 this morning. 21-22 stats: 9 events totaling 16.5" Basically right on the average numbers from my 3 winters of tracking.
  9. Same thing here. I have started taking my measurements and reporting them here. https://inws.ncep.noaa.gov/report/ So far, every report has been used! I've noticed the same thing here as far as severely under-reported snowfall. But not anymore with my reports!
  10. 4" of powder here. Rates pushing 2" at times. High-res performed horribly but some of their longer range runs hit it right on the money. I think the low DGZ and moisture caused them to really struggle. HRRR only showed snowfall along the heaviest showers but reality we saw a pretty widespread area of light/moderate snow from the NW flow.
  11. 18z hrrr had a wicked meso-low with convective storms across TN tomorrow. Look at this thing.
  12. This weekend sure went poof. Even for NW flow. Bleh. IF we end up cold and snowless like the GFS more or less shows tonight it won't be long before I'll be hoping for spring and warmth.
  13. Think our chances of cashing in on the bomb are down toward zero at this point. We need a 250mile+ shift west with the timing of negative tilt to even be in the game. And even then not sure the precip shield gets into TN. So we can kiss that solution goodbye. E TN could still get some overrunning front side and NW flow on the backside from this but even then, looks to end up on the lighter 2-4inch side of things
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