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  1. WinterWonderland

    January 2019 Medium/Long Range Pattern Discussion

    John, I recall the February 1996 storm well. I have never seen it snow so hard in my life. We received about 22 inches here in Anderson County and because of the long term cold, it lasted a while. There were also a few more snows shortly after that. It pretty much shut our town down. The blizzard of '93 was cool with it's thundersnow, but the memorable one for me was the '96 event because of the sustained cold and snowpacked roads. Great sledding for days!! Also, I remember before the storm hit that the prediction was for inches of ice, not snow. Thank God that didn't happen. Started as sleet for a bit then an all snow, BEAUTIFUL storm!
  2. WinterWonderland

    January 2019 Medium/Long Range Pattern Discussion

    Interesting article regarding upcoming cold and storminess in the eastern U.S. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/01/15/polar-vortex-has-fractured-eastern-us-faces-punishing-stretch-winter-weather-just-underway/
  3. WinterWonderland

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    Snowing beautifully here in Oak Ridge and sticking.
  4. WinterWonderland

    Feb 1st-2nd 2018 Potential Snow Event.

    We've gone from 46 to 49 degrees here in Oak Ridge, TN.
  5. WinterWonderland

    January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Obs

    All said and done here in Oak Ridge, we ended up with about 2 inches. I made it into work around 9:30 this morning and the side streets are ice and snow covered. PERFECT for sledding! NOAA has us with snow showers in several days. Hopefully we will be following another storm soon!
  6. WinterWonderland

    January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Obs

    27 degrees with mod/heavy snow falling. We have about half to three quarter inches thus far.
  7. WinterWonderland

    January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    31 degrees and snowing beautifully here in Oak Ridge. Starting to stick.
  8. WinterWonderland

    January 15-16 Arctic Boundary Event

    Here is Robert's (WxSouth) latest thinking: Final Snow Call Map (Tuesday January 16, 2018) by wxsouth • January 16, 2018 It looks like I’m going to have to adjust down in most areas. As the RGEM, GGEM and ICON I fell for were (or going to be) simply too sharp too far west I think. At this point they looked overdone and now viewing all guidance, the European looks about right overall. Tonight as the upper wave scoops more moisture quickly through Georgia and just east of the mountains in NC and VA, there will be enhancement going on. Meaning better lift than what may occur just west of the southern Apps in western GA and central Alabama where lift sort of falls in a lull. One spot that may be surprised is middle GA or even Atanta area, maybe attaching more up 85 and across 26 northwest of Columbia since the UVVs are going to be increasing rapidly around midnight and after, so the snow map is hard to draw in every region, so I had to be broad. But the 1 to 2″ amounts may get pretty close to the area just mentioned but isn’t outlined. Surprises usually happen and the snow graphic will be right some areas, wrong some areas. By and large a weak system with minimal moisture, but the rates and duration will probably increase in central NC and central VA, possibly ending as snow to the coast. Also, rain may start the event along and near 85 from western SC Upstate to southern Piedmont NC tonight with lack of strong cold there early on.
  9. WinterWonderland

    Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Robert of WxSouth is calling for a light event at this point. Hoping we get more moisture to tap from the Gulf.
  10. WinterWonderland

    Winter Speculation 17/18 -December Thread

    Does the Tuesday event have enough cred to have its own thread? Or is it too early?
  11. WinterWonderland

    2016-2017 Great Tennessee Valley Winter Discussion

    Robert with wxsouth is discussing a possible winter storm for the southeast next Thursday/Friday. He also mentions it on his Facebook page.
  12. WinterWonderland

    2016-2017 Great Tennessee Valley Winter Discussion

    John, what time frame are you talking about re your latest post? Thanks.
  13. WinterWonderland

    Southern System 1/5-1/8 2017 OBS

    36 degrees with very light frozen precip falling in Oak Ridge. Started around 4:20 pm with light snow and graupel.
  14. WinterWonderland


    26 degrees here in Oak Ridge. Light sleet/snow mixture starting failing about 40 minutes ago. Some areas on the road have a dusting. Just got in from a 5 mile walk the dog. Nice walk but dang it's cold!!!