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  1. Some cold as %^%$%#$ readings up here on the plateau on Wunderground this AM: 6 was the lowest I could find near Crossville
  2. Seasonal snowfall to date. Check out that Eastman bubble around Kingsport. A zoomed out view:
  3. I don't know about the actual course they run (and I think it changes every year a little), but I've gotten some pretty rough miles in there. Last July: And that was all ON trails, lol and it was rough on me. They go off trail, from what I've heard, maybe 40% of the course. They have to climb a power line cut usually too, they call it rat jaw. Neither one of the elevation profiles above are the really steep sections (North Bird Mt and Chimney Tops). Supposedly each Barkley loop is around 26 miles and you have to do 5 in under 60 hours while finding pages from random books Lazarus hides throughout the park. If you've never seen the documentary on the race, I recommend it: http://barkleymovie.com/
  4. 0z and 6z still have the storm for next week. CMC and Euro have slightly warmer solutions since they bring the vort. out later. Kind of hard to buy anything at this point, but the ingredients are there.
  5. While we're on plants, I went to see my friend in Boone this weekend and got some exciting weather, my first CAD storm on my way home: Near the intersection of NC 184 and 105: Grandfather Mt Saturday AM:
  6. On a less cynical note, I have never seen the MJO do this while I've been watching it, so hopefully it means, if nothing else something has changed in the tropics with regards to ENSO. Maybe too late for this year, but hopefully not next.
  7. Will the MJO come in off the RMM charts in phase 8 today? It has been trending a little bit closer on the Euro Ensembles mean each day.
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