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  1. Fireflies are out tonight on the plateau, lol. I don't know I've ever seen a day with moderate snow, AM frost the next morning, and then fireflies.
  2. Some moderate snow now with this band coming off the plateau:
  3. Closing in on a dusting here in MoCo with a hard band. Couldn't get to the Smokies, but made it up to Frozen Head this AM. The snow line (sticking anyway) was probably about 1800 feet. Wild geranium: Red trillium:
  4. Also: The deterministic models are becoming more unstable for Friday and Saturday due to the cold air will producing very steep low-level lapse rates especially during the afternoon hours. Ensembles and deterministic models are in agreement now with CAPE of 100 to nearly 200+ so plenty of shower activity expected, especially during the afternoon/early evening hours Friday. The vertical CAPE profile is deep enough within the -14C degree layer or colder to produce isolated thunder. Would not be surprised to receive reports of graupel or even small hail with the stronger showers and storms. Thunder graup !
  5. MRX is going with 4 - 6 above 5000 feet or so. I may have a chance to go above 5000 feet on Saturday, there will be pictures if I do.
  6. So, snow showers Saturday night and Sunday? Looks like there could at least be a dusting for that ever-favored area in western Cumberland County we talked about earlier in the year.
  7. Wildfire showing up on radar in Sevier County
  8. Had to drive one of the dogs in to the emergency vet and man, I couldn't believe how little snow there was in Coalfield. I know the sun did a number today, but I think they must have gotten passed over pretty badly.
  9. It's fairly dry snow. I wanted to make a snow man to scare the dogs, but no bueno.
  10. So you're supposed to find the deepest area in your yard for official measurement, right? The place where the spring grass was already tall? Real final total will probably be around 6.5. Beer can is officially covered.
  11. I have one of the cold air advection streamers overhead right now. Not really showing up on radar:
  12. Beer can is almost covered: Just need like another dusting on the left side, lol
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