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  1. Front just blasted through here in Morgan County. No doubts when it came through, lol. Enjoy all y'all further east as it heads off the plateau!
  2. Any updates from @TellicoWx NWS Morristown used this image on one of their social media platforms, even though I think it is from WATE
  3. I meant to post those a couple of weeks ago. Went back to Big South Fork today and was able to get some nice T-Storm development:
  4. Some pics from the confluence of Obed and Clear Creek in mid summer: Big South Fork, near Leatherwood ford:
  5. Fortunately I've been with the "haves", in terms of rains this month. Until yesterday, lol. Been out on the rivers a lot, trying to enjoy the summer and catch smalljaws and trout. Here are some river/ weather pics: Emory river, N. of Oakdale, looking SSE: Clear Creek, just north of Jett Bridge: Clinch river, below Norris dam, in a heavy shower: Emory river, just SE of Nemo Access as a storm drops in from the N:
  6. Some pics from the recent rainforest like conditions: Big South (Muddy) Fork, at Angel Falls rapid: For your trout folks, there were a bunch of big trout just below the rapids popping on some fly I couldn't see Frozen Head:
  7. Got a time lapse of the rotation in the atmosphere:
  8. Def some nice shear on satellite for the tornado warning in my neck of the woods:
  9. A good old fashioned mini NAMing for Ye Olden Favoured eastern areas:
  10. The Big South Fork’s leatherwood Ford gauge is at 40 feet. I’m going to head up toward the Obed to see what the rivers look like up that way, if I can get there.
  11. Nice cloud pic posted by a tavern in downtown Carthage: https://www.facebook.com/ebelstavern/photos/a.450163365365397/1352014735180251/
  12. It's warned now with 1.5" hail: The National Weather Service in Morristown has issued a * Severe Thunderstorm Warning for... Central Morgan County in east Tennessee... * Until 845 AM EDT. * At 758 AM EDT, a severe thunderstorm was located near Fairfield Glade, or 11 miles northeast of Crossville, moving northeast at 50 mph. HAZARD...Ping pong ball size hail. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...People and animals outdoors will be injured. Expect damage to roofs, siding, windows, and vehicles. * Locations impacted include... Wartburg, Sunbright, High Point, Frozen Head State Park, Deerlodge and Rugby State Park.
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