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  1. Any guesses what precip type I've had this morning?
  2. TIMs model is booting up for it's 0z run:
  3. 6z Euro manages to look kind of RGEMish and gets some qgf back over the mts: How much of that makes it to the ground is up in the air. It is a slight west jog from 0z.
  4. Not that anybody trusts the Euro at this point, but for those of use who are happy just to se snow falling, it gets the job done tomorrow AM for parts of East TN, SW VA and SE KY even the 6z GFS is trying: The only other models that are trying to show this are the WRF-ARWs, so it is what it is I guess.
  5. This may have been the little piece of vorticity John was talking about, but I'm not sure, so here is a frame from the 6z RGEM: Look at that tiny area of vorticity in the blue circle. Now watch what it does as the run progresses: It seems to be encouraging at least some part of the southern vort to interact with the northern one. It's a pretty subtle strand of vorticity, so something to watch on the very Hi Res models over the next few cycles.
  6. I think I saw someone ask this in one of the other forum areas. They said to turn your phone sideways and for some reason that would show the location when it doesn't if your phone is vertical. Give that a try and see if it works. i ay be misremembering that though so if that is the case, apologies.
  7. It looked to me like there was the potential for a little more interaction early on, but that didn't work out at all. One positive note is that there has been a noticeable, but small trend with the jet streak to become stronger and move NW over the past few runs: We're pretty well positioned to be on the right entrance region if that amplification continues.
  8. I think the GFS is going to be a tick better this run, based on vorticity changes at hr 51, but let's see how it plays out.
  9. I've figured it out. We've run out of thunder. TIMs model needs a reboot tomorrow night.
  10. You forgot that at the end of the run we got the ever fruitful Miller B to cap it off. <please read with sarcasm>
  11. I wonder if this ends up being like the December 2017 storm?
  12. That being said, I agree with John, but the worst we can expect now is a last minute NW trend to help extreme eastern areas.
  13. But if i lived in the NC Triad area, I wouldn't get my hopes up and claim the GFS has saved the day: People talk about warning shots, IMO if I lived in the Raleigh Durham area, these are warning shots:
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