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  1. And somehow I now have nearly the biggest snowflakes of the event for my location, lol.
  2. So, any thoughts on late Thursday night y'all? Euro been edging up awfully close over the past few runs: 850 temps look marginal, but hey, what do we have to lose: And that's not an awful track for two dancing shortwaves: Still 48 hours out and room for a slight NW trend?
  3. Still snowing a bit up here in Morgan County. Hopefully a good sign for later upslope events for my location.
  4. Still peppering down up here on the plateau: Not amounting to anything, but pretty to see!
  5. Got another little snow shower swinging through. Tiny flakes though, so not showing up on radar.
  6. About 1/2 an inch here in Morgan County. Works for me!
  7. Front still not quite to my location yet. Just walked out and still mild. It has to be close though. I bet I'm currently getting downsloped by Frozen Head area.
  8. You can see the front on radar in northern Scott and Campbell counties:
  9. Was thinking about the system last Jan and found the radar loop that looks towards the end anyway, like what the meso models have been doing for E TN tomorrow AM. Jan 29, 2019: Obviously this one is different with more precip. initially, but will be interesting to see how it compares when all is said and done. Now:
  10. I think what we're waiting on is a little shortwave to race up from the southwest and give us those last few hours of enhancement. I really think some eastern valley areas with any trapped moisture and that extra bit of lift could do better than me here on the southern edge of the plateau. Blue Ridge don't kill me but I wonder if a Greeneville to JC to Abingdon line might do the best?
  11. MRX updated their snow map. I like that 2 - 3 over Frozen Head. I'm at 1300' and just southwest of it.
  12. 18z Euro backs off on totals a bit, but not so much as to be disappointing. Getting close to "watch and see model" time I reckon. SREF in one hour
  13. Fortuna iuvet audentes. SREF jumped up for the Great Valley. Likely a good NAMing incoming! Edit: Not quite as good a NAMing as I though
  14. Good old Euro also not too, too far from bringing some version of the legendary Thursday storm back: Potential NW trend over the next 5 days for the win?
  15. Everything seems to show a little precip. max traveling ENE, just a question of where it sets up. 12z GFS favors Tellico and valley, RGEM John and areas just north of me.