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  1. Worst possible sky cover here in Harriman that I could imagine, lol.
  2. Found a Facebook video with the Sunbright tornado https://www.facebook.com/justan.spurling/videos/1654843611997812
  3. Tornado warning north of me near Sunbright.
  4. Sadly everything looks too progressive for my storm early next week. Euro AIFS was the first to wash it out, so maybe its on to something with the next one. At this point, I'd just like to see a strong storm north and east of the Missouri/ Mississippi rivers. I think all string storms have to for the lee of the Rockies and aim at the lakes recently.
  5. Found this in the main ENSO thread: I could be reading it wrong, but it looks like SST anomalies by year and latitude. Looks like something tipped around 2003 and again after the super Nino in 2015-16. I'd love to see that chart going back another 100 years, but that could also be more depressing, lol.
  6. GFS has some deep troughs this morning and the Euro control (basically the new Euro now) has clipper after clipper after clipper. If I was above 3500 feet WV, VA, or NC mountains, I'd love the Euro's look. Now that is finally a pattern look that matches the developing ENSO state. Exactly what you'd expect from a Nina. Maybe that is an indication we get some nice MCSs by June? I love me some MCSs, lol.
  7. Had to turn the heat on for the first time in what seems like weeks this morning.
  8. Yeah it looked like it was pretty well zonked.
  9. You think there's any way we can talk some of these shortwaves diving in, into a March date in Georgia? Consider the peach blossoms and beaches! They get freaky on Euro AIFS, but over Scranton PA. Who wants romance in NE PA in March? The Euro OP knows its days are numbered this year, so its Breaking Bad in New Mexico and emerging a strung out mess. Not good for a phased consummation: (Although..... its antics might have drawn in a 3rd partner from the northern stream at the end of the run) Probably worse 500 mb looks: Euro control gives us a nice clipper afterwards. Not a current model forecast, but 5 days ago the models still liked this storm: That's the kind of phase I'd love to see.
  10. 6z GFS looking suppressed by N. stream troughs. Whatever that AIFS Euro is, doesn't look too bad at the end of its 0z run. DT is pessimistic on X. Hope is kindled in the damp boundary layer of my heart.
  11. Is it possible for such a stout upper low to take this track when there is cold air nearby? No says I. Not since 1993.
  12. Some photos from recent trips on the Cumberland mts: White Rocks above the Powell Valley looking toward Daniel Boone land: Sand Cave in Cumberland Gap NHP, waterfall: Piney River Falls and trout:
  13. If you love in the central or southern east TN Valley, and you ever wanted to see what the warm air advectin looks like when we have a storm to our west mess up our thermal profiles, yesterday might not have been a bad visualization with the low level moisture:
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