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  1. Indeed. The people who owned my house before had one and there is still an electrical hook up for it, but alas, I didn't foresee our current situation so spent building a fence instead. I may check out home depot tomorrow (weekly run into town). More of an observation, but the air quality is night and day here in Morgan county when compared to my old place just under I40 in Knoxville!
  2. Yeah, if the N steam energy ends up verifying a bit faster and the southern bit across the SW slower, they could play together. As Windspeed's quote above says, I guess it's not out of realm of possibility that the northern might be quicker and the southern one gets hung up a bit. Beautiful pattern on the EPS too. Will be interesting to see if any EPS members get it done. Normally by this time of year I'm out of the snow zone, but would be kind of fun to have something besides COVID to chase on the interwebs. I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home, so I say bring it on. That is until power goes out and all the food we have ferreted away have spoils... But I guess it would be fitting to finally get a good SE interior snowstorm, when it's harder to enjoy it.
  3. @Greyhound thought of you when I saw this video this AM Pretty high water at the end.
  4. For those who imbibe and are interested, Burial Beer in Asheville is now shipping to TN. The shipping cost isn't too bad ($14 for 70 bucks worth, cheaper than gas to drive there for me).
  5. Ok, thanks for letting me know. There was definitely some colder air moving in and I had seen something similar over KY Lake so wasn't sure.
  6. Some long rolling thunder with these showers as they roll through the plateau this morning.
  7. And of course the rain pipeline just won't abate either. Sunshine might at least let us get out in our backyards a bit. Only speaking for myself, it would cheer me up too.
  8. Took a drive to Calf Killer Brewery today over the plateau. Plateau microclimates in full swing. 40 at my place and down to 35 near Crossville. Some graupnel/ flurries early on, but that was about it. Temp shot up to 45 by the time I was off the plateau just east of Sparta. Obviously there are other ways to support tornado relief, but Calf Killer is currently donating $1 from every pint they sell to it and they make good beer, so if you're into that sort of thing (like me) and you are nearby, give em a try. Beautiful view on 70E just above Calf Killer (looking towards Cookeville) The western plateau reminded me a little of Mesa Verde today. Near the Obed on Genesis road, I was able to see where the EF0 hit. Pretty much a straight line through and across the Obed gorge as far as I could tell.
  9. Morgan county sheriff is reporting that the NWS has confirmed an EF0 in western parts of the county. I'm guessing it was what was left of the same cell when it got here.
  10. Yeah I woke up about 2 to some critter scratching in my attic and decided that maybe I should check out the radar. I saw what was going on just east of Nashville and then logged on here and saw what y'all were saying and tried to stay awake until it got closer, but fell asleep until 5 AM. By then the main storm had moved just north of me and the smaller ones were rolling through. Freaked my dogs out pretty good (and me until I saw that the worst on was east of me), but thankfully no major problems in my neighborhood this AM.
  11. Def. looks like a healthy cell right now in S. Illinois
  12. I need to find this. What is it called, lol. Surprised facebook hasn't "recommended" it to me yet.
  13. It's back now, lol... sort of: GEFS is mildly interested too: and hey the EPS has a signal for a cut off over Cuba at day 10. Right where we want it at that range ?