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  1. OMG!!!!!! Foul beast! These are useful in pattern discussions and it is the EPS afterall....We only object to the "Look at this 384 hr GFS. Wish this would happen" type silliness.....
  2. It's lovely....just a reminder that fantasy progs go into Banter unless you are supporting some type of theory/forecast....Thanks!
  3. Put a note to the admins to see if it can be recovered....but they could take days to respond....
  4. Bryant, AL in the far NE corner....up on Sand Mountain.
  5. Topic starter must have deleted it. I don't have any control over that unfortunately......smh
  6. Closing this now that the medium range is in Feb....
  7. Euro weeklies continue to remain in a cold pattern into March....a brief respite in week 2 but otherwise...
  8. Definitely going to be interested in the EPS....this is as extreme as I have ever seen for down here so it has to be taken with a boulder of salt....but, the pattern is set for the extremity over the next 3 weeks. Hopefully not this bad though.
  9. Nashville is below zero for at least 30 hours.....
  10. Probably a good idea to let all of the model data come in before putting the kibosh on it.
  11. I love a great snow storm like everyone else here but 5+ weeks cold.....
  12. They are out and you don't need the groundhog....weeks 2-6 are all very cold...I am going to need a trip to Aruba by mid February.