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  1. That’s my second post today! I’m on a roll!
  2. It’s all snow in North Chatt but is not accumulating yet…
  3. Big fat flakes here one mile north of downtown Chatt....all the wundermap stations near me are 36-38 degres right now..
  4. Hey @Blue Moon , we do have a severe thread in the sub forum...FYI...
  5. I get all my long range info from Carver these days. I don't even have to look at the models much any more! But I do keep up on a daily basis and just patiently wait for day 7-10 to move into the day 3-5 range...very patiently.
  6. It was showing up on the Alabama traffic cams....power flashes and all as it crossed Hwy 280 near Al119...
  7. The 9th anniversary of the Harrison EF3 just north of Chatt.....took this pic just off Exit 11 on I 75.....
  8. Quite a bit of sleet fell between 1030 and midnight before I crashed....still around this morning.
  9. This regional forum was created to separate the NE GA and the Carolinas from the west side of the Apps as it is generally two different discussions when it comes to winter weather. There are no definitive lines for weather in Alabama/Mississippi etc for discussion in here. That discussion is welcome and was evident in the last snow that came through MS...we just happen to have more active TN Valley posters than the rest of this side of the Apps...
  10. Good catch, Carver! Time sure does fly....
  11. And so it begins.... If we can get the snow we got out of last year's winter....there will always be hope!
  12. I lived in Holly Hills for 12 years (sold my house in 2014). My kids grew up in that neighborhood. Most of the neighbors I knew are still there. The pictures are mind boggling. My former neighbor's house had the entire main floor taken off...There are tons of trees in that part of the neighborhood which only added to the destruction. I am thankful that no one I know was killed...my former neighbor believes if it had been two hours later and he had been asleep that he probably would not have survived as his bedroom is gone. First pic is his house; that used to be the front porch...we were at the top of a hill in the subdivision. Somehow my old house had just superficial damage. The house down at the bottom of the hill just a few hundred yards away was also unroofed and hammered by trees.
  13. Fortunately in North Chatt these days. I watched the intense lightning from my back porch which faces east but we probably only had a gust to 45 and I am about a mile northwest of KCHA which had a gust to 59. A lot of coworkers live in that area but so far no one got hurt which is the best news. Dew point rose from 45 at 8am to 67 by 11pm...I don't think I have seen it do that around here before as a preamble to severe weather. Pretty amazing.
  14. Glad to see you are well, dwag....I saw a pic from Grace Academy...some serious damage. I imagine my old house in Holly Hills got whacked based on what I have seen in the media. Edit: added pic
  15. Let's drop the politics and side commentary before I have to start swinging the ax.....we have a forum for that you can go sign up for it. It has no place in here. I remember going to Burial last time I was in Asheville! Good stuff! In the meantime, if someone would start up a Spring Summer Fall type forecast discussion thread....I would be most grateful! I fear I will cause a massive heatwave if I start it....
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