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  1. Mr Bob

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    Put a note to the admins to see if it can be recovered....but they could take days to respond....
  2. Mr Bob

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    Bryant, AL in the far NE corner....up on Sand Mountain.
  3. Mr Bob

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    Great...did you get any snow?
  4. Mr Bob

    Winter 'Tis the Season Banter Thread 2018-2019

    Topic starter must have deleted it. I don't have any control over that unfortunately......smh
  5. Closing this now that the medium range is in Feb....
  6. Mr Bob

    February 2019 Winter Speculation

    Euro weeklies continue to remain in a cold pattern into March....a brief respite in week 2 but otherwise...
  7. Definitely going to be interested in the EPS....this is as extreme as I have ever seen for down here so it has to be taken with a boulder of salt....but, the pattern is set for the extremity over the next 3 weeks. Hopefully not this bad though.
  8. Nashville is below zero for at least 30 hours.....
  9. Probably a good idea to let all of the model data come in before putting the kibosh on it.
  10. I love a great snow storm like everyone else here but 5+ weeks cold.....
  11. They are out and you don't need the groundhog....weeks 2-6 are all very cold...I am going to need a trip to Aruba by mid February.
  12. Mr Bob

    December 8-10 Storm Discussion

    Copied this off their twitter feed....
  13. Mr Bob

    Winter 2018-2019 Observations

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Alabama_earthquake Felt this one from 2003 here in Chatt....but nothing last night. Upon reading up on the ETSZ, I was surprised to learn that up to 7.5 could be possible in this area and a 5-6 would be on a 200-300 year basis.