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  1. Yes, we do need that. Could potentially turn this winter epic. Been a very long time lol
  2. There is some HUGE flakes falling here now. Looks like another dry slot about to hit, but there is some fat youngins fallin right now
  3. I don't think I'm going to end up with anything. Mixed earlier, now I've been in dry slot for over 4 hours. Radar isn't looking good either, keeps pushing away. Oh well, can't win them all. Glad some of you guys are cashing in though, gives me hope for the future
  4. Not a thing here in Grundy. Freezing rain hours ago, it's been dry ever since.
  5. Hello neighbor, I'm right across the Va/KY state line here in Big Rock. We got quite a bit of ice from freezing rain earlier. Then some rain, buts thats all so far.
  6. Heavy sleet coming down in Big Rock at the moment. Was snow, then freezing rain and sleet. Now plain heavy sleet.
  7. LOL!!! Sadly, that very well could be true. I complain a lot about not getting much winter weather, but there is a reason!! It's like it knows I want it so bad, it will just shut me out altogether
  8. Would love to live to see another storm like 93. I was only 7 years old at the time, but it was absolutely amazing. I'm pretty sure that storm is responsible for my obsession with winter weather. 93, 96 and 09 are the ones that I always remember being the great ones.
  9. Wow, it's really looking like my neck of the woods isn't going to fare well at all for snow according to most of the models. This is a super confusing storm lol. Wunderground/Weather.com has me at around 8 inches. Wcyb is 2-4. I don't think anyone is even close to agreeing with each other on this one. I have a feeling it's going to be that way right up until it hits.
  10. This should check out considering the snow hole over top of me. Surrounded by high accumulations all around lol
  11. Ended up with 5 inches here in Big Rock. We had about an hour after it first started with no precip, I'm guessing I got dry slotted for a bit lol. All in all, was a nice little storm. The kiddos had a blast out in the snow. Even the dogs got in on the fun.
  12. Kind of late posting, started as all snow here in Big Rock around 2. It's slowed down a bit at the moment, but didn't take long to throw a quick inch down.
  13. How is this looking for Grundy? I've seen people mention a possible NW jog over in MA forum. Also if it runs out of steam will it affect SwVa? Sorry for the ignorance lol.
  14. Just from my last post, maybe 10 minutes ago, it is absolutely flat coming down all snow now. Very crazy.
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