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  1. 3km NAM is quite a hitter as well. How was the Euro?
  2. I mPINGd my house, right under that band
  3. Huge flakes and heavy snow in Seymour, wow!
  4. Still snowing in Seymour, everything is completely white at my house
  5. Roads were white on 66 in Kodak a few min ago
  6. Radar looks to be filling in a bit with light snow showers in the valley and someone has pingd snow in west Knoxville powell beat me to it
  7. Pivoted the heavy stuff right over me, large flakes flying
  8. I take that back, light coating on grass and a slushy deck
  9. Steady snow showers now, nothing sticking yet. Fixing to pour some Michters 10 year rye
  10. Radar has been pretty accurate here. My screenshot is too big to add to my post
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