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  1. Ripping huge flakes here now. Still mixed with rain.
  2. Already mixing with snow or sleet here in straw plains
  3. Really picking up steam in the last half hour or so seems like. Windy and rain in Straw plains
  4. Closing in on 3” and still snowing Maryville/Seymour line
  5. someone got upset and deleted it I bet lol. Measuring 2-3” at my house still snowing
  6. Canadian similar to icon. Huge totals
  7. I’m more interested in mid week next week, but a quick burst of snow from this would be a nice surprise
  8. Thanks John! Maps??? Sounds like a great run
  9. I’m all snow in Maryville/Seymour. Grass deck and cars covered
  10. Decent snow shower here at 34...heavier dbz heading my way!
  11. Precip starting to blossom on radar.
  12. Ripping the flakes and sticking to everything besides roads in Seymour. MRX said 100% rain til 4pm
  13. mPING submitted. Impressive but not sticking to the grass yet.