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  1. I’ll ask the lawn expert. Am I good to aerate and overseed this weekend?
  2. Can @John1122 score us a Super Bowl weekend big dog?
  3. We should pull a MRX and wait until it’s snowing outside to start a thread. JMO
  4. Light dusting on all surfaces in Seymour, light snow falling
  5. Pretty decent band of snow here now. Quarter inch snow drifts on my back porch
  6. Looks to be reports of snow around Nashville this morning according to radar scope
  7. GFS caving this run to the dreaded cutter it appears
  8. GFS and CMC phase that clipper just as it passes us to the east. Sure would be nice to see that phase a hair sooner
  9. GFS being a schizo kind of adds to the intrigue and mystery of what could come
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