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  1. That dude and his dog would be walking the yellow brick road if winds were 150+. Props to Jokko guy though for being there
  2. Chatter on Twitter is that NOAA P3 Orion will take off from FL shortly to intercept
  3. This plane has turned around and headed back to dry land
  4. We are running all of our guys from KY to Knox and back up tonight via 75, let me know if you have more info
  5. Sleet in SE Knox
  6. 3km not as generous, but definitely a strong signal. It’s more useful short term anyways.
  7. Radar really blossomed within the last half hour
  8. 0z NAM cut way down on totals, trending towards HRRR
  9. HRRR is still depicting a liquid valley throughout most of the event
  10. Who’s going to start the nowcast thread?
  11. Huntsville radar looking like it may be blossoming
  12. Maybe some evaporational cooling will get the temps down enough for flakes. I think you’re in a good spot John.
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