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  1. Well fellas, it feels wonderful this morning on my way into work. The clammy heat is gone and I’ve got my long sleeves and jeans on!! Cool weather for the win finally!! Let’s hope summer temps are fine for good now! Hope everyone is doing well..
  2. My golf course is burnt up right now, been dealing with irrigation problems all week. We need some rain in a bad way!!
  3. I know it, seems like the once u get west of the plateau it’s hard to find people interested in the weather! I haven’t seen @flash in a while either, he was another valuable middle Tn poster!!
  4. For some reason it won’t let me click on the see more tab. I can read the first paragraph or two but that’s it. I tried to signup for his site and that wouldn’t work either. Maybe it’s because I’m using my phone to view it
  5. Some of us definitely need to help more to keep discussions going, myself included. It’s always fun when we get the whole gang conversing on topics, our Tn valley forum holds a lot of knowledge!
  6. Good stuff, thanks brotha. I tried to find it on Facebook and once I did, I had trouble pulling up the article.
  7. Yeah the next two days in Memphis look brutal, heat index in the 112-115 range
  8. I’ve got blasted in hardeman county this afternoon. I drove home from work this afternoon in blue skies the whole way down highway 64, once I got into just outside of whiteville Tn, the bottom fell out and the lighting commenced! Been that way for the past 2-3 hours. Seems like it’s sitting right on hardeman county
  9. I’ve had several come thru hardeman county the last 2 hours. Have had double digit lightning strikes and plenty of rain as well. I will check my rain gauge once it stops raining and update my post but it’s safe to say we’ve had atleast a half inch or my rain the last hour.
  10. It’s early August and Football season is right around the corner, and with that so is cooler temps and the season of Fall in Tennessee. We can use this thread to keep the summer thread free of fall/winter talk. I hope everyone has had a good summer so far. I’m looking forward to the upcoming months and what they possibly could bring weather wise for all of us!
  11. Nice, I had a pretty good cell come Through my area last Night as well. Picked up a good rain too!