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  1. Heavy rain last night for just about everybody In south west Tn. McNairy County has some real bad flooding today In Selmer as well.
  2. Nice. I hadn’t had a chance to look at it this morning so that is good to know.
  3. Yeah, Memphis National. And that’s cool, y’all got some beautiful courses out that way!
  4. Assistant Superintendent. We’ve got two 18 hole courses so I run one, and my superintendent runs the other course.
  5. Starting to get sleet accumulating on the greens at Work in Collierville
  6. Freezing rain: sleet starting to fall in east Memphis. Dew point is 28. Temp is at 38
  7. Light rain on the west side of the state this morning, looks like a hangover to snow soon bough, I’ll let y’all know how it pans out on the west side of the state this morning.
  8. That’s awesome man, I’m happy for all you Guys and gals who saw snow today! Always nice when a storm over performs. Have fun in the snow today
  9. Light snow still falling this morning as I head into work in Collierville from hardeman County.
  10. That’s about where I ended totals wise too
  11. Got a good dusting an hour in, snow is sticking better than I thought. Roof top is all white and the yard is starting to fill in as well
  12. Light drizzle to a light snow fairly quick. Not much time in between. More of a mist than anything in the beginning
  13. Snow staring to fall lightly now, temp at 33
  14. As long as it falls as snow I’ll take it, haha. Precip seems to be better than anticipated so far