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  1. Heavy rain falling now in hardeman county, supposed to pick up around 1’-1.5’ today. Been raining steady the past 2 hours so we are on track it looks like
  2. Heavy storm just rolled through Hardeman County. 3 or 4 monster lightning strikes to go with it. These Small cells are packing a punch today.
  3. Looks like some cooling temps in the extended forecast, we will have to see if that holds. I’m just glad we’re not enduring a torch fest like we were this time last year.
  4. From everything I’ve seen, yes. Mississippi has been dealing with it for most of the day today.
  5. Looks like some nasty cells are gonna push through Memphis within the next few hours. Smaller line of storms but they are packing some serious rainfall.
  6. Cause their underwater 95 percent of the time at the moment
  7. I didn’t think about it from the leaf perspective, that’s a great point. And yeah central ark is gonna get a lotttt of rain. I’m only worried about tornados personally, people on the east side of this system need to be on the look out for that. The storm surge in some of the Louisiana coastal areas looks catastrophic, definitely gonna keep those folks in my prayers.
  8. I’m still thinking Arkansas takes the brunt of the tropical storm. Won’t take much to put west Tn in the mix though. Definitely something we need to keep a eye on
  9. 4 weeks until fall y’all, We are getting closer!! Fun fact- in Memphis we’ve had four LA Niña winters since 2010. 3 of those 4 years produced measurable snow days. 1.8in on January 16th, 2018. 2.0in on January 6th, 2017. And 3.1in on February 11, 2011. January has been the best winter month for Memphis in La Niña setups over the last ten years statistically. ENSO neutral conditions have favored more December snows with 2 separate systems dropped .9in on December 26th, 2012, and a trace amount on December 30th, 2013. The daily snowfall record in Memphis of 14.3in also fell during a moderate La Niña on December 22, 1963. Long story short- La Niña winters are historically good for west Tn. Soon I’ll crunch some numbers and see how that translates to east and middle Tennessee winters.
  10. AMZ8990


    That’s what it looking like right now, we’ve got a 60% chance of La Niña for the fall, and 55% chance of it persisting through the winter. And yeah definitely significant if it pans out, we do well in La Niña situations here snow wise. At least for Memphis, I need to look at the numbers for east Tn to see how they match up compared to the Memphis numbers.
  11. AMZ8990


    Definitely looking like a La Niña brewing, what ya thinking @jaxjagman
  12. 4 inches of rain has fallen in Bartlett since 8:00AM Wednesday to now. Feast or famine with these storms rolling through West Tennessee
  13. Fall is inching closer so I figured we could use a discussion thread for long term pattern changes and fall predictions. Hope everyone is doing well!