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  1. I knew you jinxed us as soon as I read the post, amateurish Daniel. Lol
  2. Thought some of you might find this interesting.
  3. Looks like we should be in phase 7 today, looks to be heading towards the cod area though so we shouldn’t be in phase 7 very long if it pans out. If it stays in phase 7 than that could be a sign of a spring though as most cold events in spring happen when we’re in phase 7. Just some stuff I’m noticing
  4. It’s good to have a fellow west Tennessean on the board!
  5. Late season modoki signal?!? Just noticing the colder waters of the northern coast of western South America. Warm waters in the central pacific are definitely more dispersed In that 2nd graph too
  6. From far, do you think this could outbreak could be like the cold outbreak in 2017 that kept us under freezing for two weeks or so? Just curious if you see similarities, I know we were really dry a lot of the time in 2017 and finally got lucky with the trowal event we had. Just curious if HP could also ruin this cold outbreak as well
  7. GEFS seems Locked in at this point. Will make for a cold week if it verifies.
  8. Lots of limbs down, outside of that everything is ok after those initial cells came through. Looks like all rain from here on out.
  9. 60-70 mph when the front end of the system came through this morning. Pretty nasty front line honestly. Don’t know how well it will stay together as it crosses the state though.
  10. Got a tornado warning over my head now. Sitting in the closet as we speak. Getting sketchy this morning in west tn