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  1. Looks like the Euro tried to bring some serious cold deon south into the plains and Midwest next week. Could have implications for us if it verifies.
  2. Had some serious thunder and some lighting come thru. Thought it was a tornado coming cause it was so loud, haven’t had that happen to me before. Outside of that nothing to out of the ordinary happened. Definitely some power in a few if those cells though
  3. Yeah, winters definitely aren’t the same for us in the Tennessee valley like they were 20 years ago. It’s sucks to say the least.
  4. December’s motto for the Tennessee valley, “May the torch be with you”. I seriously hope we have a decent first month of met winter though.
  5. Figured we could have a separate thread dedicated strictly to December. Should be helpful when looking back on the discussions in the future. Hope everyone is doing well, and I hope we all have a December to remember!
  6. I like it, was speaking in this early in the week. Glad it’s still trending that way.
  7. Sleet falling now, temp at 34.
  8. Starting to see some mixed precipitation at 35
  9. Sitting at 37 right now, been falling quickly over the past 3 hours. edit- 36
  10. What was December like in that 54 or 55 analog you’ve been comparing with??
  11. Same to you, and everyone around the forum. Glad to see everyone again after the dog days of summer.
  12. Yup, calling for up to an inch at my place in Hardeman County. Hasn’t changed over to snow at my place (25 miles south of Jackson) yet but, I will keep y’all posted. Under a winter weather advisory now, winds are gonna be howling tonight too!!
  13. MJO possibly could be at or in a colder phase towards the end of the November. May get December started off right and chilly if it pans out.