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  1. AMZ8990

    Fall Observations 2018

    Don’t doubt it, I’ve got a 1 acre 5ft deep pond in my yard right now. (It doesn’t hold water anymore but it always fills up with the big rains). We’ve picked up 3-4 inches over the past 24-36 hours.
  2. AMZ8990

    Fall Speculation 2018

    Nice run for the dakotas if you like snow! Glad to see we have a possible shift with the ridge of death we’ve been dealing with. I think we’re all tired of dealing with those hot temps. I’ve got a few days ahead with dew points of in the 70’s but other than those few days the overall outlook looks better. Looks like one of those cold fronts late in the run tries to dip down into Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas, could be something to watch as it may lead to a chance at some BN temps in the near future.
  3. AMZ8990

    Fall Banter 2018

    Our teams have that in common then. Hahahahaha
  4. AMZ8990

    Fall Banter 2018

    No doubt, it’s gonna make us or break us I think. I’m hoping the loss FL will help us Cause we know what we need to work on now. Ball security was terrible though and that reflects discipline imo, and that’s on the coaches as much as the players. We can’t block 5 guys with max protect schemes (7 guys) though either so that’s a whole other problem to address. We’ve gotta find 5 nasty o lineman who want to punish guys though if we want to have a chance at being successful this year.
  5. AMZ8990

    Fall Banter 2018

    Definitely. That was pretty rough to watch. Never would of thought we were gonna play that sloppy. Only gets tougher with Georgia this week.
  6. AMZ8990

    Fall Speculation 2018

    I guess everybody’s gone on vacation, it’s awful quiet around here. Too quiet!
  7. AMZ8990

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    I feel your pain buddy, I was dealing with that heat the last two weeks in West TN. Today it’s wet with temps around 75. Had some pretty extensive rainfall though, looks like more this evening as well. Hope that heat budges for you guys out east soon. If this rain makes it across the state then I anticipate you’ll get some cooler temps.
  8. AMZ8990

    Fall Speculation 2018

    The heat wave in West Tn looks like it has finally made it full circle. Could still be a hot day or two going forward but the next 10 days look to be around average for this time of year temp wise. Week 2 could get interesting though as the CPC is talking about an amplified upper level trough is possibly gonna have an affect on some things, possibly some really cold temps in that week 2 timeframe for the upper Mississippi valley. It’s nice to have some different things going on now to break up the monotony train we were in before.
  9. AMZ8990

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Picked up about an inch of rain last night, had a good thunderstorm to go along with it. Temps are finally bearable at a nice 79 degrees. Looks like it’s gonna be wet on the west side of the forum for the next few days. Supposed to pick up some heavy rainfall later today and tomorrow as well. Looks like OKC got hit pretty good yesterday from this same pattern. Next ten days look beautiful temperature wise, lots of rain possibilities though. Typical fall pattern looks to be coming in regards to the heavy rain. Seems like every year around this time frame we get some extensive rains!
  10. AMZ8990

    Fall Banter 2018

    What you said!!!!!
  11. AMZ8990

    Fall Banter 2018

    It’s game day buddy!! Gonna be a big one tonight on rocky top. I can’t wait for 6:00pm to get here. On a side note, Missouri just tied up Georgia 7-7 as the first quarter winds down. Good showing from mizzou so far!
  12. AMZ8990

    ENSO 2018 ....

    Noticed that that as well, definitely gives one hope we can have a good winter. Where do we stand with the Modoki look? Is there any cold water creeping off the coast of South America??
  13. AMZ8990

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    That’s good to know! Seems like everyday its been inching it’s way a little warmer/humid, I think Thursday is the last day of the unbearable stuff any then we start to get into more manageable temps. It is interesting how Florence is having such a large effect, even if it’s not related to wind and rain. How many days have those bands been pinwheeling in now?
  14. AMZ8990

    Spring/Summer 2018 Observations

    Hot and muggy today in West Tennessee, one of the hottest days we’ve had in a bit. Hoping for a reprieve from the heat soon!
  15. AMZ8990

    Florence Observations

    Coolers with ice do wonders!