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  1. First frost of the year may come in the next week or so. Gonna be some chilly nights next week by the looks of it
  2. Pretty intense in Memphis this afternoon as this storm rolled through. Came in fast and the winds were intense.
  3. Looks like it’s gonna get a little chilly this week in west TN, lows in 50’s with highs in the low 70s to start the week off.
  4. Got some nice cells about to roll through hardeman county. Thunder has been rumbling for about 10 minutes now.
  5. Rossville to Moscow on highway 57 is getting rotation now as well. This is about 45 miles from my house. Getting close to going through my area
  6. Wall cloud down in Mississippi around slate springs
  7. Greens to red on the radar, serious line of wind going through Fayette county
  8. Me and you both. 5700 without power right now in Memphis according to MLgW. Tornado warning near Oakland Tn and another down by oxford
  9. Wind is really ripping here at the house. Ran into a few spotty squalls on my way home but other than that the heaviest is still an hour or so away.
  10. Been a stormy day in west Tn so it’s headed y’alls way. There are a few severe threats popping up this afternoon at the house. Thunder and lightning has been pretty steady the past hour. Picked up a little over an inch of rain so far.
  11. Heck yeah, I ended up right around 6” on my side of the state. Great day for both of us!
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