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  1. 6zGfS has a very active storm track over the next 10-12 days. It’s basically a storm rolling through the forum every 3-4 days. Really good potential going forward for trackable storms in our forum.
  2. That’s exactly how it went here, south part of the county along the Mississippi line got absolutely hammered but you can’t even tell it snowed in the top half of the county 20 miles north. Same scenario in our border county Mcnairy county.
  3. My house got maybe a 1/2 inch of snow, 30 miles south, east and west of me got 3 inches+. Pickwick lake picked up like 5 inches. It’s definitely disheartening when a system pans out this way. Pretty cruel honestly, I hope you guys out east fair better than I did.
  4. Took awhile to change over here but I’ve had light sleet for the last hour. Good glaze on everything. Snow is mixing in now
  5. Yeah man, it’s pretty neat to see it unfold. It’s weird to see it on radar but it’s beautiful at the same time. Mother Nature is showing out with this one
  6. Come on Wagner, we all knew this event was gonna start out as rain. Let’s try to keep some positive mojo going on in here. lol
  7. That’s what I’m saying though, the changeover to snow for him wasn’t supposed to start until around 8pm for Batesville. The snow line is inching its way southeast. He should be in a good spot
  8. 8 inches of heavy wet snow, you know that will be a beautiful sunrise there tomorrow morning!
  9. It wasn’t supposed to start snowing for them until tonight. They should be getting into it within the next few hours. 8-1am is their prime time to rack up some snow ⛄️
  10. The Ozark mountains in Arkansas were supposed to get 4-8 from this. The quachita mountains were 2-4. Reports from north/central Arkansas have all been overperforming. Which is good
  11. I feel ya man, I’m as nervous as you are honestly. And that is the million dollar question isn’t it. The Weather channel Mets are still talking like Nash is in line for 3-5. I honestly don’t know what to think though. I’m gonna try and stay up to nowcast tonight in bolivar, maybe then we can come up with the best spot to go hunting for a big snow.
  12. According to the fine folks in Ark/Kansas Thread, The HRR was 10 degrees too warm on their forecast for today. Had them at 42 and they haven’t got over freezing all day. Looks like they’ve picked up 1-3 inches of surprise snow in spots that weren’t expecting much. Figured some of you would enjoy knowing the HRR forecast overdid the high temps today in northern/central Arkansas
  13. Thanks, CG. And I’m right there with you man. Not having uniformity along all models is nerve racking, especially when we are this close to said event. Hoping for the best while simultaneously preparing my mind for the worst, lol.
  14. NWS must of seem something they liked last night, they bumped totals up to 3-6 instead of 2-4 in my neck of the woods.
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