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  1. Nice band overhead right now, picking up some fatty flakes as a result!
  2. If it was rain you can guarantee it would of stayed together and dumped 3+ inches of rain on us all. Lmao. I’m afraid Mother Nature wasted a great opportunity with this one for our forum. That’s life though I guess
  3. I’ve got a good Dusting 40 miles north oF the Mississippi/Tennessee state line in Southwest TN.
  4. Good storm for Deep South folks, not expecting anything in MBY. I hope we can get more cold air in place before this storm track that’s embedded changes up on us.
  5. WRF-ArW looks pretty similar too in terms of storm track. Precip shield blossoms better as it moves north also. Take that with a huge grain of salt as it is the WRF though.
  6. Yeah, the NAM definitely likes this system right now. Good trends on their overnight models for north Ms and west TN. Saw where a winter storm watch is out in Shreveport LA, I’m sure it’s beem quite a while since that happened down there. NWS is creeping east north east with their watches and warnings so they must think what the models are showing has some credence
  7. I wonder how @BlunderStorm did with this event
  8. Thanks John, I was hoping somebody else would make one cause I was afraid I’d jinx myself and others in north miss/ west Tn if I made one.
  9. My heart just skipped a beat Holston!!!! lol. Thanks for sharing buddy, I just hope that piece of energy doesn’t shear out as it moves north from Mississippi into Tennessee. High temp is forecasted at 37 on Monday right now for MBY, hopefully that holds or moves down a tad between now and then.
  10. Was thinking the same thing in terms of time of day this arrives. Could make or break the storm for some folks.
  11. Haha. You can’t jinx us anymore than we’ve already been jinxed, lol. Hopefully this one or one soon will pan out for us!
  12. Man I really like that look!! Euro has been consistent with this look the past 3 runs if I’m not mistaken. 84 hr nam with nearly the identical storm track as depicted here.