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  1. Yeah, it was just tough when you know we were oh so close to a really nice snow event. But that is life, just glad we got to see some wintry action!
  2. Round 3 last night packed a punch, definitely added to our ice total significantly.
  3. Roads are pretty bad in west Tn, especially the back roads. My road is essentially a block of ice. As my dad would say, “it’s slicker than owl crap out there”.. lol
  4. Ice storm warnings now up for a large portion of central Arkansas as well as the Dallas area and surrounding counties in Texas. All of West Tennessee under the warning now, looks like they moved the warnings 2 counties eastward into middle Tennessee also
  5. 30 minutes in and Moderate sleet is falling at the house now, cars covered and concrete driveway pad is extremely slick already.
  6. It really is! Check out some of the Memphis interstate cameras when you get a chance, roads are turning into an ice rink as we speak. I-40 Is a mess right now
  7. Light freezing rain/sleet starting to fall in hardeman County now, it’s cold out there too man. Wind chills are brutal today
  8. Yeah, rush hour traffic this afternoon will be terrible. Hopefully everyone can get home safe
  9. Looks like 70% of the state of Texas is now under a winter storm warning, south-western Arkansas also in on that warning upgrade. Should be a fun day weather wise across the nation to say the least. I Picked up some icing with last nights system here in bolivar. Maybe .10 of an inch max so far, nice glaze of ice on all the trees and cars. round 2 tonight looks like it’s going to pack more of a punch though. Supposed to start here around 4pm
  10. Dallas also reporting heavy sleet at the moment, roads will be a mess if that trend continues.
  11. Looks similar to last weeks system that blasted north-western Arkansas, southern Missouri, Illinois and Ohio with 3-6 inches of snow. These systems Have been one after another this month. One of the wettest January’s I can remember
  12. Looks like all those mesoscale models are picking up a lot of sleet on each run, been pretty consistent. Time will tell but but there’s a pretty good consensus across the board for sleet. Personally I’ll take sleet all day long over freezing rain.
  13. It’s Been a frigid day in Collierville today, definitely colder than expected. It’s Gonna be an interesting day tomorrow in the mid south for sure. Winds today have been brutal, it cuts right threw you.
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