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  1. Pretty cool, watching a video from La Palma and this face seems to be looking down/at the volcano at the :20sec mark...
  2. No offense but this is old news for years if you follow basketball/sports. I hope the Sixers just dock pay all year when he holds out...care less if they receive anything in return.
  3. Too true. I think he said their official winter outlook is coming out 9/29. But in reality these winter long range predictions are crap shots. First thing first from a weenie perspective, we need snow pack in Canada etc to build little by little... 63F / DP 54F (seen some leaves already changing colors (yellow) in my early morning travels)
  4. Light to steady rain here at 8:30pm and the Phils game is borderline calling a rain delay so 10pm is decently accurate... 64F / DP 63F
  5. Dude on the left is a real D-bag... https://cheddar.com/media/will-this-winter-be-the-season-of-shivers
  6. According to NBC10: Reading 3.6" 66F / DP 65F light drizzle/mist
  7. Yeah, if you get caught in this line moving S to N and not really moving E...you'll get smashed. 79F / DP 71F and gusty.
  8. Winds have picked up w/a tropical feel. 75F / DP 71F
  9. Off base but I read a new vent hole formed yesterday and definitely erupting way more than last night at this time...fireworks at times.
  10. Just a guess but I think some areas will overachieve w/rainfall amounts tomorrow afternoon into Friday. If you look at long radar loops the precip is moving directly S to N and moving E at a snails pace. If get under some nice bands and not moving E much it's going to pond. High DPs have to ring out moisture.....DP 71F currently.
  11. Had a solid mod shower this morning. Now, the sun is out and DPs surging to 71F. Looking forward to rain/storms tomorrow and a tornado would be a bonus. Super bonus would be volcanic activity somewhere in Mont county. There's has to be some sort of misaligned/slipped fault around here ready to give and erupt... 74F / DP 71F
  12. We're going to have high DPs tomorrow and Thursday (w/rain) but once the front passes Friday we should be in full Fall mode... 72F / DP 64F
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