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  1. Oh, I know...just watch it for the hell of it. But I thought it was strange they upped tonight's event to 1-3" from 1-2" earlier this morning... 45F
  2. NBC10 went from 1-2" this morning to 1-3" for overnight/tomorrow as I watch their 11am newcast and still has a chance of snow for Sat when I think that's dead in the water....maybe Del/S Jersey. 42F/Gusty
  3. I'll take 3" and be happy w/the cold temps moving in it should stick around for a bit... 24F
  4. My father would jam this in our family orange Volkswagen in the 70s w/the modern 8 track player..."Hop off the bus, Gus"... 28F
  5. Yeah, his last few years were hard to watch. At least Schmidt knew his skills were decreasing and retired mid season before looking like a shell of himself. I sense an overachiever Thurs in the wee hours... 28F
  6. Most outlets going with C-2" or 1-2" for late Wed/Early Thurs. Haven't had a rain to snow which accumulates in a while. (or so it seems) 30F
  7. I think it may be a cool late night/overnight event with winds and highs only in the 20s Friday...gotta take what we can get. 31F
  8. Maybe a small 1-2" event w/a cold front moving through Thursday night into Friday? First things first before the weekend.... 32F
  9. I would take anything I can get at this point...the future is not guaranteed IMO. 33F/ Winds kicking...
  10. Patch of snow ready to roll through. Winds picking up...trash cans securely placed. 34F
  11. Big lazy flakes falling/mixing in... Trashman guy just arrived and emptied my garbage. Now it's up to me to grab it from the curb....occasional big lazy flakes falling. 34F
  12. Severe TS Warning in NJ. This storm is cruising along...
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