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  1. Today's weather in a nutshell: Downpour, lightens up, drizzle, skies brighten then skies darken quickly, downpour then repeat. Just hit 60F and I'm at the "skies darken" stage..
  2. Nice solid rain moved in...glad I cut the lawn/trimmed late yesterday ever though I didn't feel like it. (Masters) 56F
  3. I exaggerate when I say 50s all summer but low to mid 70s/low humidity/breezy and cool nights is fine. It's when that sneaky bastard "humidity" shows up , temps rise and the damn bugs. That's when I say screw Summer and it will happen. Summer just about never fails and Winter fails more times than not....
  4. And stock up on Vitamin D since no sun....but it's worth it to avoid HHH.
  5. Every Spring/Summer day should be like today, 50s and gray... 56F/cloudy
  6. It's coming in May, Memorial day weekend, low 50s and rain. Just hit 70F...
  7. I agree w/grass fed but not free range. It's kinda a joke what they consider "free range" and get away with it. Watch “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken.”...this is just a clip. "The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has defined the term "free range" only for chickens, not for eggs or for other livestock, such as cattle. For chickens to be free range, the birds must be "allowed access to the outside," according to the USDA." 52F
  8. Saturday night/Sunday morning looks like a wash out...yes? Make sure to tell family members to lay seeds out to feed my incoming trout.... 53F
  9. I hope flying cows, transformers blowing up, 15F and heavy freezing rain. Hell, I'll help shovel Kamu shovel a big ass T-storm hail mound... 71F
  10. I gotcha like farm raised. I watch YouTube/TV videos and people catching lake trout hit 15" with ease. (Makes me sick but happy for them) The trout I caught were 7-9" and are already in my gut. Not sure if you know but legally in PA, 5 (trout)...7"+ are allowed in one one day. Any grown man could consume 5 - 7" trout in one sitting after cleaning/slicing and a couple beers .... 56F
  11. Outstanding! Caught 4 trout today (Opening day trout season) four basketball stuff. The crap on radar is virga for the most part. Took a stroll w/ solid "green" echos in my area and nothing. May want to inform the family member...
  12. How are the seeds in the creek doing? Zaga just nailed a 3 at the buzzer in OT to win....good lord!
  13. That's rain, did you tell family member snow? I'm sitting at 43F...
  14. Yep, 2/3 at the plate...2 rbis.
  15. Phighting Phils 2-0....Wheeler put on a clinic.