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  1. 81F / DP 53F /Hum 38% at 2:50pm Tonight should be super nice...50s. Monday morning 40s?
  2. 64F / DP 63F DP should really drop during the afternoon...
  3. Looky there a temp of 66F w/a DP of 66F and shower at 3:30am. Several spring like comfortable days w/solid sleeping weather coming up.
  4. Yeah, I'm getting it good again but not much S and E. It's not really even making progress or close to Philly.
  5. Had some good downpours here....dropped the temp. 68F / DP 64F
  6. Winds have picked up. Temps went from 84F / DP 72F to 82F / DP 69F
  7. Sun and Mon say no! Yeah, the line is moving ultra slow...would like to see some downpours and wind. If I'm seeing correct the last couple frames it's dissipating a bit. 84F/ DP 71F
  8. Had a shower. If anything, things are more uncomfortable. 78F / DP 72F
  9. 79F / DP 71F (but cloudy) Tomorrow being warmer and the last day of this crap....cooler times ahead. Some showers moving in but no heavy drizzle:
  10. 82F/DP 64F Not horrible but certainly not crisp. Wonder if weather will be a factor launching SpaceX?