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  1. Looks like we may get some storms overnight/tomorrow morning in the 3-7am range....70+ temps tomorrow.
  2. Birds~69

    COVID-19 Talk

    Is it me or when the host of major networks (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) ask a question to doctors, specialist etc much of the time when they respond the first thing they say is "That's a great question" "That's a good question"'s as if they are stalling.
  3. I'm all in with that plus more rain will keep the pollen count down. A win - win...
  4. My one friend can pull it off w/ease along w/a goatee. (Walter White) Besides one, my other friends are on hair life support. Remember "Flowbee" from the 80s/90s? (info commercial)...I would/may give this a shot? Out of stock on Amazon :
  5. They should do what Wawa is doing....let 4-5 people in at time and keep your distance. People WILL wait. Hell, they'll be happy the damn store is open.
  6. They mentioned that on the news and it's true for the hard core alkies who only drink whisky, vodka etc. PA opened an online liquor store but it's been getting crushed:
  7. The majority of people probably went to Del rather NJ because no tax on booze. (I don't think so) I care less about paying tax right now. And it's kinda funny liquor stores are "essential".....indirectly they probably are.
  8. Will check that out. If not, I wouldn't mind taking a cruise to NJ to get outta the house. Tried that once and it looked like complete shit. Everything is back ass if you are looking into a mirror...I couldn't adjust. On a positive note, being 50, I can still grow a full/thick set of hair while my friends are severely lacking.
  9. I think I may go to NJ for booze...right over the bridge in New Hope hop into Jersey. Are barbers open in NJ? Or is that locked down? I could kill two birds w/one stone. Booze and a haircut...
  10. Ironically, so true. Crappy Sat, virus spreading like wildfires (can't get booze and a damn haircut!!) and no sports...shoot me now.
  11. Perfect Saturday...cloudy, breezy with some drizzle/mist and a temp of 49F.
  12. Digging the wind this least it's somewhat exciting. 53F
  13. I'm looking forward to 40's/rain tomorrow and the possibility of a T-storm Sunday.... 67F
  14. Another day where it looks and feels more like winter than winter itself...