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  1. 56F/DP 52F Big fan: It's a lock...greenskeeper weenie tag coming shortly. https://www.almanac.com/winter-extended-forecast-farmers-almanac#:~:text=11%3A Texas-Oklahoma-,Winter will be colder than normal%2C with the coldest periods,late January and early February.
  2. Damn gusty out there...I'll tell ya....58F/DP 46F.
  3. Along w/the breeze, I can breath so much better...
  4. Yep, I'm ready. Wouldn't mind getting drilled by a TS/Hur before winter though. Viewing FOX29 and they're at a stone throw away at Koffee Korner Cafe in Lansdale. Probably closer to me than JTA66 since I'm on the North Wales/Lansdale border...
  5. Took the trash out. Didn't need caffeine, sinus/allergy meds, woke up in a minute and breathed freely. Refreshing. Amazing how Fall arrived on schedule...
  6. We're in. Cool/breezy/ brisk out. Peddler's Village. Oktoberfest and if so inclined jump a mile across the bridge and meet Mary Jane...
  7. 65F/DP 55F (DP..you can really feel it) Good night to throw burgers on the grill/firepit, watch the Steelers/Browns game and hopefully the Phils smash the Braves. Almost there...
  8. 65F/DP 62 Scattered showers and maybe a T-storm then colder tonight w/lows in the mid 40s. Fall coming in perfect fashion/timing. May get a keg, hire a party girl to jump out of a cake and clash trash can lids together. See ya Summer. Under a day...
  9. Fall will be arriving right on que as the cooler air moves in late week w/lows in the 40s. T minus 3 days... 71F/DP 68F
  10. And this evening, currently at 74F/DP 72F /9pm. Past couple frames on radar, decent echoes starting to form W---E.
  11. I'm going through weather, sports and news anxiety. No more Glenn for weather, no more Ray Didinger after Eagles games, and add Jim Gardner to the list later this year for late breaking action news updates. What the hell is this world coming to...sinners, I'll tell ya'll. Appropriate a bunch of 6's in my latest temp/DP accu-weather update...
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