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  1. DP up to 69, this blows. AC will come on tomorrow. No way I'm watching the Birds when it's warm/'s gotta feel somewhat like Fall in the house.
  2. Definitely feel the DPs today (currently 66) compared to the last week or so. I went outside thinking I'll get some fresh air w/a breeze. Neither, dead calm and muggy.... 71F / DP 66
  3. Good Lord, all critters out tonight in full force w/the warmer temps and perhaps their last weekend will be a different story. 67F / DP 61
  4. 78F / DP 58 Glenn just mentioned Philly has only received .06" rain during the last 15 days. That's pretty sad...
  5. AC probably kicks back on this weekend. Rain early next week followed by a nice chill later next week and a below norm next weekend...thinking upper 50s/low 60s highs for the burbs.
  6. As of 9:30am it's officially Fall!!! 56F / DP 42
  7. 41F @ 1:20am. Looks like the burbs are heading toward a 3rd straight night in the 30s. Not too shabby for Sept...
  8. Smoke returns tomorrow/Wednesday and crazy skies will reappear.... 61F / DP 34
  9. 43F @ 1am....may not crack the 30s.
  10. Yeah, I'm stuck at 46F for the past couple hours. Now I'm behind last nights pace...
  11. 46F @ 10pm...maybe a smidge colder than last night at this time.
  12. Pop the cork, wake the neighbors...the 30s are here!