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  1. Only 47.7F here as of 1:25pm....
  2. Been driving around all morning and all I could think about (and laugh) is David Murphy (Ch6) this morning saying "scattered showers and thunderstorms but not a washout". That's all it's been is a washout....I've been hitting downpour after downpour! Ponding...standing water, you name it. Oddly enough, still stubborn snow/ice piles hanging around.
  3. Nice T-Storm going on here...SE PA in general. Nice dark ominous clouds..
  4. Had a decent T-Storm roll through around 2am...woke me up. Hopefully a little more action today.
  5. Hard to believe there's still spotty snow/ice mounds hanging around....and shopping parking lots have 3ft+ mounds still existing w/the warm temps and it's just about April. T-Storm potential Tuesday?
  6. 30's today...with winds 30-35+....with globs of ice/snow hanging around....March 22....go figure?
  7. I would take many medium size storms/cold periods to a blizzard any day of the week...this Winter rating...D.
  8. Thinking mid August till all is melted in shopping parking lots. Ran over/hit a mound when exiting...may as well been concrete.
  9. Depressing.....N to S....that's it.
  10. Been getting nice blast of snow/wind episodes the past 1/2 hour. Snowsqull-ish...
  11. Getting pounded pretty good now w/snow....winds kicking.
  12. Back under some mod snow again...darker clouds after lightening up a bit. Winds blowing stuff around...rooftops.
  13. Both..sleet/snow.
  14. Snow mixing in a little now but still mainly sleet.
  15. Nice pivot happening...