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  1. 42F DP at 1:30pm is pretty nutty (good) for June 17th....
  2. Pred: Burbs will finish out the month not hitting 90F or above...
  3. For myself, the progressive steps toward Fall are: Under 100 days ...then less daylight ...then seasonal cicadas/daytime start cranking July or so, Katydids at night ...then Eagles training camp opens ...then Max high is decreasing ...then Phillies are mathematically eliminated from playoffs contention ...then I really notice the sun angle is lowering/Fall angle ...then crickets come out in full force and jamming tunes all night ...then I see "back to school sales" commercials/ads ...then I see people selling summer shit (A/C/tables/chairs/BBQs) super cheap on craigslist because they're too lazy to put it away ...then whining on air news personalities "only 2 more weeks left of summer/til Labor hoo" ...then Labor Day happens (My best time of year and going forward) ...then some obscure weenie joins the board and gives a winter prediction mid September... 72F / DP 61F
  4. ^Remember those old wise cracking dudes from the 70s....makes me feel old.
  5. Under 100....99 Days til Fall!!!
  6. I'm convinced this is not my year for severe weather. I've been getting screwed any way possible. Last year was rather decent so I guess it's Mother natures way of evening things out... 67F
  7. Quite a non event for my area....maybe a shower? 67F
  8. ^ Heard about this, this morning. Not that it will have any impact but may offer insight to this upcoming season... 82F / DP 66F
  9. Same...seemed to get late night/ overnight storms more when I was younger? Sun's out, temps and DPs rising, hopefully this will create a nice environment for storms at some point...
  10. I never thought about that? Hmmm... Either way, looking forward to the possibility of some late night/after midnight/early morning storms. Something about late night storms which is pretty cool. Everyone is asleep, quiet then in the distance you hear the rumble of thunder with storms moving in... 74F /DP 64F with a decent breeze, not bad.
  11. I hit the jackpot and saw 2 lightning bugs tonight so I can cross off that critter from the list... Some showers to the W....68F
  12. HurricaneAgnes has been using GRLevel3 longer than myself so most likely knows more about the ins/outs of the program than myself...
  13. It's pretty solid. I meant KDIX above not WPIX...screw up on my part.
  14. Using the GRLevel3 app/prog and the TPHL radar site. The KDIX site is down but there are others in the area...