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  1. Today is perfect then it starts getting hot tomorrow and 90+ Fr/Sat down this way....too warm for my liking. Only somewhat good thing is a decent shot at some boomers overnight Sat.
  2. Scattered showers....hit or miss. It was good for the grass...good for the garden.
  3. Some rain starting to kick in...
  4. 77.5F / DP 49F / RH 39% (Really nice) Pretty sure this little cell will intensify moving east into something historic and nail me in a couple hours...pretty damn sure of this!
  5. Man, it's excellent outside! Too "excellent" I stayed up too late.....damn-it! Good stuff...
  6. 83.9F / DP 59F / RH 44%....and a breeze. Really can't beat it for June 24th. So we almost kicked out June w/o getting super baked. Two more to go...
  7. Probably should post everything in the Rtd208 "E PA/NJ/DE Summer 2017 OBS Thread" since Spring is done and to keep things simple. *Days are shorter...Winter is right around the block!!!
  8. DP really dropped in the past 2hrs....74F to 63F....nice breeze as well. Tonight should be splendid and tomorrow night even better w/temps in the 50's. And the extended outlook looks pretty damn good w/a bump or two but overall can't complain. 78.8F / DP 63F / RH 59%.....DP and RH really dropping though.
  9. Ended up with 2.65" according to Wunderground but yeah was awaken around 4am by heavy rains slamming the window.
  10. Temp 81.1 / DP 74F / RH 81%.......and a bunch on lightning bugs out tonight.
  11. Looks like some stuff may be building soon. One little band on my doorstep...then another one by Harrisburg.....then a bunch to the West.
  12. Yep...exactly. I can hear the thunder and super dark clouds to my North. It's going to miss me by a hair but probably some fun up there (more North)...damn-it!!!
  13. Not sure what model Glenn is using (probably Euro) but Allentown 3.20" by 1pm tomorrow. Everyone 1" plus Philly N/NW...
  14. Man, it's oppressive out there. I have allergies and my breathing/wheezing is pretty bad. Unless something "pops up"..appears everything is moving N/NW of Philly currently. Stuff should move through overnight. I would super dig a downpour right now. Sun came out, maybe something will brew... 88.9F / DP 75F / RH 65%