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  1. Probably out of here by 9:30 or so. 37F...picked up 0.28 so far.
  2. Heavier stuff developed in the last few frames to the west...so more cold rain. 36F
  3. Really don't see any mixed/frozen precip happening my way. 36F
  4. Mod cold rain / 36F
  5. I'll be happy with just a little "pinging" on my window to ease into winter. 34F
  6. Popped up on my alerts, radar at 8pm:
  7. 19F at 6:30am...
  8. 22F here at 11:20pm...winds have slowed down though.
  9. Howling winds, 38F
  10. 22-30" here.....I'll take it! We're borderline 15"-22" / 22"-30". I'll go with 19"-25"...
  11. Well, better than Glenn's but still not great. Here we go...
  12. 2003-2004 for myself. I was on the Eagles board/forum with a snow potential for one of their games. Rob22 linked me/the Eagles board to Eastern for a better discussion....hope he's alright these days.
  13. That's a shiet load. Even 3 is very substantial...
  14. ...and it looks like 6abc/accu weather (Cecily Tynan) winter outlook is Thurs @ 11pm. I don't like Randy.