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  1. Took out the Sunday night trash and since I've been sitting on my ass for 7-8hrs+ watching football I decided to take a walk. Low and behold my snow mound still exist (31+ days). Never would have thought.... 38F
  2. What?? Is this weenie lingo? Is it in the handbook?
  3. This winter sucks. It's not all about snowfall. Using your logic we could have above temps and no snow (Dec/Jan/Feb) through mid March then a 30" storm so we were above avg snowfall and had a great winter?
  4. Lol. I thought the same, we're screwed. Hope anyone cashes in at this point though...
  5. Has the arm, has the legs but not great at reading defenses which is crucial especially in the playoffs...
  6. Some flakes falling at the GB game....closest I seen flakes in a while.
  7. Chilled off to 41F, breezy and mostly overcast w/the sun trying to break through. Feels and looks like Fall more than anything. Tomorrow seems to be the same, low 40s and breezy...
  8. I swear I'm so sick of waking up to crappy model runs w/a outside chance 10 days out. Even the overnight rain event seemed to fail. Started around midnight and on it's way out at 4:25am... 43F
  9. You may? I got blasted w/sunshine....hit 50F. Now partly sunny, dropped a degree just like that, 49F
  10. Just nailed 50F/ snow mound may be toast.
  11. No joke ....I''m too old and too lazy. Just walking across and shook my head. Snow pile in North Wales ...
  12. We'll have to settle for a 1-3" / 2-4" thing because Howie isn't going anywhere...
  13. Pederson just got canned....snow is coming.