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  1. Odd. Been around 29-30F since around 3:30 am...29F now.
  2. Under a heavier blob, hard surfaces slightly coated w/swirling/blowing but yeah, almost done.
  3. Whatever falls may actually stick. Below freezing and still dark... 29F/Cloudy
  4. ^ Snowing in Allentown at 3:54am. Hopefully a couple flakes here as it comes south...
  5. Line appears to be coming down...may be nothing. 29F/DP 24F/Cloudy
  6. Phils start Spring training ( Split squad,2/25) 13 days after the Superbowl (2/12) Very limited time off to keep my mind off winter and for the best...
  7. Damn, what are the odds of this happening/occurring...
  8. Doesn't stop there. As I was walking around waiting for my prescription to be filled, home and garden section had pallets of top soil/grass seed and outdoor picnic tables/chairs ready to go out for display. Can't blame them, this winter was/is a disaster... 35F/Mostly cloudy
  9. Will there be a shot of flurries/snow shower/squall later tonight w/the cold air rushing in? Looking out the same window on the recliner after work for weeks+to the West and the same during late afternoon...clouds, no actually sunset. Same thing over and over, groudhog day. Was just at Walmart on my way home. Grills galore stacked (Charcoal/gas) as you enter... 37F/Mostly cloudy
  10. According to FOX29, Phil's only at a 39% success clip. He sucks... 32F/Sunny
  11. Nice. I'm not the only nutjob on my street who has their lights still on/up. Have another week plus to the Super Bowl so maybe something more but the forecast doesn't look too promising. Then they come down and hopefully along w/a Birds victory.... 28F/Cloudy
  12. A coating and it's just about out of here... 29F/Cloudy
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