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  1. Windows 2000, XP and Windows 7 were their best and most stable OS IMO. Never used Windows 8 and Windows 10 and 11 are bloated and it takes an extra step in situations where Windows 7 could get in one step. Still run Windows 7 at home. Only use Windows 11 at work... 83F
  2. Friend in grade school had the commodore 64 so I was familiar with it. Brother went to Drexel (1986) and the Macintosh PC along with Dot Matrix Printer were required for all freshman. It was a big upgrade from the Trash-80 and C64 but the Dot Matrix printer took 5 minutes to print a page and loud as hell. Little did we know less than 10 years later Windows would arrive... https://drexel.edu/news/archive/2024/March/drexel-apple-40th-anniversary-macintosh-1984
  3. My very first PC was a Radio Shack TRS-80 sometime around upper 70s/1980. (TRS - Tandy Radio Shack) Zilog Z80 processor at 1.77 megahertz RAM 4KB Black and white monitor In the summer of 1977, Radio Shack introduced the TRS-80 for $599. This offering included a BASIC language interpreter, four kilobytes of RAM, a Zilog Z80 processor at 1.77 megahertz, a twelve-inch video monitor, a cassette recorder, a power supply, and a cassette tape containing the games Blackjack and Backgammon. It was a beast!
  4. Didn't even know if that was still around. Either way it sucked and slowed down my PC to a snail. Even my powerhouse PII/256MB couldn't handle it back in the day.... Cloudy/mist/ground still wet/63F
  5. You should have stepped in and told them you are a certified weenie and tomorrow would be a much better day/decision. Actually anyone w/a single brain cell could see tomorrow would be better. Looks like a pretty big sha-bang...vendors must be pissed as well. Cloudy/light rain/64F
  6. Memorial day weekend. Long way away but I kinda believe it since we've been in a rainy weekend pattern for whatever reason... 68F/light rain/DP a bit muggy DP62F
  7. Should have mowed yesterday. Looks like Friday may be the next dry day. It will be a forest by then... 68F/light rain
  8. I'm digging these below normal, rain occasionally weekends. If you plan your mow cutting/shopping (less people)/other needs accordingly it works out. Couldn't ask for much more besides a couple T-storms and transformers blowing up here and there. I'm in...
  9. Man, I can't wait for this. We're doing ok, not getting fried/blow touched for now. Need some lingering stationary/back door/cold fronts Hurricanes/T-storms/Tropical stuff off the E coast to keep things in check. A tornado or two wouldn't hurt... Let the Phils keep rolling and Birds start training camp and we'll be in Fall mode in a jiffy... 47F
  10. Super agree. Birds are chirping happily, gathering food, green crap off car, I can breathe, don't need A/C, windows open, no flying insects F'en with me and allergies slowed down mowing lawn. And everything is so damn green and there's a slight breeze. Perfect.
  11. It caved, rain here. If winter...we would have be tortured for 6 hours plus. 57F/Rain
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