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  1. 66F/DP 57F at a bit past midnight...things cooling off nicely.
  2. Predicted low tonight 58F which is nice for this time year and no long heat waves in sight. Everything this year has been a quick blow torch then out. Mid week showers/storms would be welcomed after many of us were shafted yesterday... 83F/DP 55F
  3. Central DE getting blitzed...lucky bastards. 73F/DP 68F
  4. Just yesterday they're setting new restrictions...too many people (neighbors) bitching about where, what time they are being set off. https://www.wtae.com/article/fireworks-restrictions-pennsylvania/40486248 Either way, I'd rather have legal weed, shrooms, cheaper gas and booze than fireworks.
  5. Man o man, what a dud. I had more clouds this morning than anytime this afternoon/evening... 76F/DP 67F
  6. Still early but can't say I'm impressed up my way w/the radar. Fine looking line to the S though. 88F/DP 72F A/C and my electric bill getting a workout...
  7. Maybe not shrooms but PA will cave soon regarding weed. They're losing out on 10s of millions of tax dollars which NJ is receiving not only from NJ residents but PA folks crossing over buying their weed, filling up w/cheaper gas and buying a bottle or 2 of cheaper booze.
  8. Sun starting to break out and w/DPs in the mid 70s it's going to fuel things. Gotta radar watch and plan my BBQ properly this afternoon... 80F/DP 74F
  9. NJ going all out, first legalize/sell weed and now a proposal for legalizing "shrooms"...magic mushrooms. And unlike weed (illegal to grow), legally you'll be able to grow your own magic mushroom. https://nypost.com/2022/06/30/nj-senate-introduces-bill-that-would-legalize-magic-mushrooms-for-personal-use/ Family Guy Clip:
  10. Believe me, I remember that. A big hit at K-Mart. Smoke bombs as well... Back then my father worked w/someone who knew someone in NC/SC (I think?) where firecrackers/other stuff were legal. He would get a variety of explosives transported back to PA. Saw a couple lightning bugs the past week...not a bunch but noticeable. 78F/DP 72F
  11. I don't mind it at all even if surrounding houses are blowing stuff off at 3am this weekend. I don't sleep well to begin with so it will add a little overnight entertainment. You can buy some pretty good stuff in PA. A stone throw from me in lansdale, JTA neck of the woods. Open late so when your're loaded you can buy explosives... 79F/DP 73F ...decent breeze.
  12. That was the opening act which usually suck, better chance tomorrow. Drunk neighbor currently exploding stuff on the ground and in the air...
  13. DP 72F here and 87F temp but some decent winds/gust keeps stuff moving and not stagnant. Makes things more bearable...
  14. Clicked on the A/C today and probably will be on for the next few days w/temps and DPs rising further. On the bright side, mowed and trimmed today so I'm good for a bit.... 75F/DP 60F
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