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  1. 51F/DP 49F Last evening was our last 7pm+ sunset. We're in the 6pms range now and losing 2+ min/day...
  2. Just a guess 62F-64F for a high is my prediction. 73F/DP 54F
  3. Pretty pumped, welcome Fall this weekend and a washout. Looking like drought guy will get shafted on the W edge so I expect a rant or drought alert at some point. Seeing deer in places where I normally down see them in the pre-dawn hours. Fall mating season has begun...
  4. Feels like Fall out there @ 5:15am, crickets making cricket noises. Weather looks great for the PINK concert tonight. Can't wait! Big fan! 53F/ DP 51F Home stretch:
  5. Mostly overcast...darker clouds to the W. 76F/DP 59F
  6. Mowed the lawn this morning. I was going to wait till halftime (approx 2:30pm) of Chiefs/Jags 1pm game but would be cutting it close (showers) looking at the 11:45am radar... 73F/DP 56F
  7. 74F/DP 55F Damn neighbor has a black walnut tree (I think?) which releases/drops theses tennis ball size things this time of year which hits the top of his shed (clang)....then rolls into to the street. Middle of the night a car runs over it/them....explodes....sounds like a gun shot. Almost there...
  8. Steady, solid rain for the past Hr+, lawn and critters must like this. Some rolling thunder... 69F/DP 67F
  9. Steady rain, thunder and some nice bright lightning strikes. Psycho Killer receiving a much needed shower.... 68F/DP 67F
  10. Distant thunder, critters w/helicopters back/forth searching for Psycho Killer. Quite a mix..... 69F/DP 65F
  11. 84F/ 62F Should be a somewhat entertaining night/overnight w/rain/T-storms....nice relaxing weather w/rain failing and windows open. Thought I saw Psycho Killer while in the State Store. Fit the profile (Ht/Wt etc) to a tee. But once a $86.xx rang up and he whipped out a CC I knew my $25,000 payday was screwed...he was friendly chatting w/the cashier as well. State College radar:
  12. 61F/DP 59F Psycho Killer broke in someones house and took a .22. He's around the French Creek area...I trout fish there yearly.
  13. I've had helicopters over my area. The Coventry area is where I think they are focusing on..Rt 100.
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