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  1. ^ Weather Gods really like F**king with us!!!
  2. Completely agree. I know it's taboo but I'll take late Oct snows as well. Once late Feb comes I'm just about done w/winter because March snow, in general, sucks. It's slop usually. From that point on I'm praying for below normal temps for Spring/Summer and looking forward to the next Fall season.
  3. Why do you have Murray in you profile picture? Belushi (Bluto) was way better....never thought Murray was funny. Completely overrated. In other news: We're done. It's not going to snow even though WXSIM says 18-24" for all. NFL: Go Chiefs and Big Red....the guy has paid his dues.
  4. You won't see 2" much less 10". WXSIM is a hype JB behind the scenes? It just seems like a horrible method in tracking storms. When you go from 12" down to 1-2' then back up to 10" something is screwy...and let the ups/downs continue.
  5. You got it! I would pay a pretty penny to skip late Spring and all Summer. I'm already dreading those HHH days with no end in sight.
  6. So true. I went to 75% snow then slapped back to sleet. Hopefully a nice coating of snow before it ends....
  7. Snowing like hell here and sticking......nice winds as well. I have no reason to travel but will...
  8. ^That is an odd (not correct) map but benefits me so I'll agree with it. What's up with the slice of pizza in upper Bucks county? Seriously it's not going to work out this way.....
  9. 11am newscast: Glenn going with 1" or less for parts S/E of Philly...1" for Philly...1-3" for local Burbs and 3-4" for the Reading Allentown areas. I think it's a good call...
  10. I remember that and I think it was '07. I was driving to Limerick on Rt 422 early in the morning and it wasn't plowed. Driving on 3-4" of sleet is way different than same amount of snow. I'll probably never experience that again in my life. Anyhow, let's grab a couple inches of whatever tomorrow and make it last for several days.
  11. Brine down here in North Wales. I'm going with 1-3" which would be the largest this season. Kinda pathetic but it will be nice to see snow falling and hopefully sticking.
  12. If anything, step outside. Very gusty winds, temps dropping and the view of a low sun angle. Feels and looks like winter w/o snow...yeah, that sucks but overall not horrible if you like winter. Better than a blow torch w/birds chirping....
  13. ^ It seems the cold is not the problem as much any longer but the lack of precip....