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  1. You sure they weren't "flying ants" who have invaded the area(s)? http://tinyurl.com/yczujoog I cut the lawn today for the first time since I heard about this and once I started to sweat....they were F-en w/me left and right.
  2. That would be cool! But I'll go w/my B-day 10/28...
  3. Damn, no owls here. I would have been pumped. Halloween-ish... Tomorrow night should be the same. DP is a bit high now though (68F, Irma) but I'll take it. It doesn't feel as bad as mid summer though? Showers tomorrow. Wash, rinse, repeat tomorrow night....
  4. Love it...not even 8pm and pitch dark. The "critters" are out and making noise in full force...
  5. Received 0.27" today. Good shot at receiving the same tomorrow. (maybe a little more/less.)
  6. Man, I almost nailed this one for Horsham. I was driving and spotty big drops fell on the windshield (splat!) then increased then slowed down to a steady light rain as it is currently. Time it started was 11:58am per the car clock. *Picked up again 12:21pm
  7. Yeah, that's probably the next time I'll get pumped. Cold front comes through, windy, temp highs in the 50s, fall foliage and hopefully the Birds have a winning record. That's perfect!
  8. I think the chance of showers here and there today and tomorrow will be perfect for fertilizer. You don't want a monsoon downpour which will wash it away. Viewing the radar, maybe around noon/early afternoon or so some spotty showers may move in...
  9. Looks like we have some boring weather for the next 10+ days. Temps in the mid-upper 70s...lows in the 50s to low 60s. Some scattered showers from Irma trying to make it here...
  10. Sounds about right. I picked up .48" This line of rain is moving E ever so slow so I wouldn't expect it for several more hours. Looks like another .5"+ Currently 61.4F...
  11. I had a couple big rain drops fall for a minute...didn't even cover the ground. The radar looks like some showers/light-mod rain w/no T-storms. Pretty pathetic compared to how it looked earlier...
  12. It's definitively losing intensity...way less red echoes.
  13. Looks like 6:30 - 7pm before we see anything...storms only around Harrisburg or so. Hail reported. As iceman mentioned, this may be one (if not last) good chance at T-storms. And most likely our last day w/temps in the upper 80s w/high dewpoints. Let's go out w/a bang and bring on Fall with temps in 70s/60s (lows 50s/40s) for most part.
  14. Pretty decent line moving E if it doesn't fizzle out...87.4F / DP 68F
  15. After a crappy Sat and a half ok Sun you couldn't ask for a much better Monday. Bright clear blue skies, 74.6F....DP a tad high at 62F (rather it be in the 50s) but overall not bad.