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  1. Believe me, I remember that. A big hit at K-Mart. Smoke bombs as well... Back then my father worked w/someone who knew someone in NC/SC (I think?) where firecrackers/other stuff were legal. He would get a variety of explosives transported back to PA. Saw a couple lightning bugs the past week...not a bunch but noticeable. 78F/DP 72F
  2. I don't mind it at all even if surrounding houses are blowing stuff off at 3am this weekend. I don't sleep well to begin with so it will add a little overnight entertainment. You can buy some pretty good stuff in PA. A stone throw from me in lansdale, JTA neck of the woods. Open late so when your're loaded you can buy explosives... 79F/DP 73F ...decent breeze.
  3. That was the opening act which usually suck, better chance tomorrow. Drunk neighbor currently exploding stuff on the ground and in the air...
  4. DP 72F here and 87F temp but some decent winds/gust keeps stuff moving and not stagnant. Makes things more bearable...
  5. Clicked on the A/C today and probably will be on for the next few days w/temps and DPs rising further. On the bright side, mowed and trimmed today so I'm good for a bit.... 75F/DP 60F
  6. Friday appears to be a torch but after some precip Sunday the 4th looks just about perfect... 74F/DP 57F
  7. If only 90F for the 4th July , that's good. I remember roasting/sweating on the back deck w/temps 95-100F+ from previous years and a complete mess. Robert Hayes - Ted Striker style sweating. "Airplane". Don't see long term heat...summer heat, yep.
  8. Seems like "pop up" T-storms/showers galore throughout the 4th weekend w/average temps or so which is fine/expected. But no long term massive blow torches I see and snow/cold weenies should celebrate... Under 90 days:
  9. More clouds than sun the past 1-2hrs but may change mid-late afternoon. DPs have sucked in the 67-69F range...temps have been in the 86-88F range. Have some stuff I want to BBQ but don't feel like being out in this heat/DPs as I am in comfy A/C currently. Maybe after sunset I'll fire up the grill...
  10. If your neighbors don't mind, start at 8am. I usually wait till 9am but if I have to do something else from 9am on I'll start at 8am. Pattern continues. We'll see rather warm (no blowtorch) Sat/Sun then bam, storms/showers 70s Mon and 70s Tuesday. After that, no heat wave in the foreseeable future... 79F/DP 65F
  11. 83F/DP 66F Did break out a decent sweat mowing/trimming. Most like due to higher DPs...predicted low tonight is 59F.
  12. It's usually Hazy, Hot and Humid. Not me, I'm enjoying warm days/Low DPs and completely comfortable nights, windows open and a breeze... 69F/DP 64F
  13. No question we'll get blasted at some point. The question is how long of a period. Blow torch for 2-3 days here and there then cool off a bit I don't mind. It's those damn heat waves (90+ HHH) for days/weeks on end are horrible...it alters my brain/mood chemistry. 69F/DP 64F
  14. Why on earth are you thinking of ways to break this pattern? I'm thinking of ways to keep it in place till Fall...it's perfect. 66F/DP 63F
  15. Band from W moving E and E band moving W may smash...seems to be the sweet spot. 64F/DP 62F
  16. Around your area and W (central PA) may see a decent amount. Taking the trash down with low clouds, mist/drizzle... 65F/DP 63F
  17. Was stuck at $4.99 all over around here, never hit $5. Went down a couple pennies...
  18. Quite a train and still forming to the N. If it intensifies and you're on the tracks could see some decent totals...
  19. Weatherbug family member? Tell him/her to quit being a wuss and jump in. Once in, your body will adjust rather quick. Parents had a above ground and I was definitely in there w/outdoor temps in the 60's/pool maybe 50s. Appreciating these cool temps but still have that little heat miser guy in the back of my head saying we're going to get heat slammed at some point. Had a shower around 2:30pm to wet the ground and doom and gloom looking outside since...
  20. Completely wrong...outside w/coffee, sunny. DP is up a bit. 66F/DP 62F
  21. Killing the electric bill.....and I'd rather have the breeze blowing in/birds chirping and not a shut in. 79F/DP 59F
  22. Probably won't see decent sunshine till Thur afternoon but 70s/showers till then. I'll take it... 76F/ DP 55F
  23. Not sure of your exact location working but if it's Reading or the local burbs I'm not seeing 90's or anything super hot for the weekend. Things that looked a bit hot for the upcoming weekend from a couple days ago but not as much now... Currently overnight..and super nice for this time of year:
  24. Although showery tomorrow and Wed at times, we'll be in the 70s. And even the late week/weekend looks cooler than previously thought... 77F/DP 43F
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