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  1. Football weather, breezy...had to whip out the flannel. 54F / DP 47F
  2. Same, but we need more cowbell...Will style.
  3. Front approaching, a little W of Harrisburg . Breezy here, partly sunny... 74F / DP 65F
  4. Tomorrow looks mostly overcast... 67F / DP 62F
  5. Shocking, cloudy w/a little mist in the air... 61F / DP 60F
  6. Not at all, easy on the eyes especially while driving. 61F / DP 59F
  7. Same here, by far. Probably half....
  8. We really shouldn't start a Fall thread till late Oct at the earliest...if? We're in the 5th week of the NFL season and I'm in shorts with windows open and a fan blasting on me. If I have to turn on the A/C later this week I may have to have a talk w/myself and reconsider this whole weather hobbie thing... 63F / DP 62F
  9. This would have been an annoying snowstorm w/all the moisture just hanging off the coast teasing us... 61F / DP 60F
  10. Enjoy for now....highs predicted to be around 80F mid to late next week. 64F / DP 57F
  11. Lol...that's redicoulus. On a positive note, leaves falling (Fall) but a shitload of squirrels F'en w/my diving ....
  12. 80F / DP 67F....pretty pissed, sucks.
  13. Believe me, that sort of mental weenie thought entered the back of my mind...
  14. With the sun setting by 6:30-7pm these days and nothing on radar this is shaping up to be a non event although I look forward to temps in the upper 40s/low 50s tonight and lower DPs...
  15. Overcast, rather cloudy and nothing really on radar. Maybe just a passage and we move to lower DPs and cooler weather... 72F / DP 64F
  16. Erupting rather well. I would think it's going to flow into the Atlantic somewhat soon looking Live...
  17. Something will devlop it's just how strong and where exactly. Probably see stuff W of us forming by 2-3pm. It is muggy out there w/some sun. Predicted low tonight is 48-49F. 73F/ DP 64F Partly sunny....
  18. Sun is out...DP 64F here now as well.
  19. Watching Glenn now...yeah, just waiting for the next line to develop. You know the gig, hopefully the sun comes through at least partially to fuel things. It's really bright here and wouldn't be surprised if the sun pops through shortly. DPs in the 62-63F range.
  20. Dark clouds--->15-20 min downpour--->Out of here 63F / DP 62F Skies brightening...
  21. Nah, Philly will be in the mid-upper 40s for lows... 71F / DP 49F 7:15pm and dark, outstanding.
  22. 69F / DP 53F Think we're going to see some overnight lows in the low-mid 40s late in the week...
  23. Lava is bright...need the shades.
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