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  1. Think the record for today is 98F for Philly? I'll say Philly reaches 95-96ish. 88F/DP 75F here Yes, I'm the idiot cutting/trimming the lawn at near peak temps. (human puddle) Not sure I'll be around tomorrow and wanted to get it done before any potential storms later tomorrow/Saturday (hopefully)....
  2. 84F/ DP 76F Cooking fast, greenskeeper should be able sling weenies today w/o any heating apparatus...
  3. 80F/DP 71...saving grace somewhat, there is a breeze.
  4. ^ Forgot to mention, we're under 50 days....
  5. Peak hurricane season is usually from Aug through Oct but can easily go into Nov...we're just starting. Today may turn out to be the hottest day of summer w/combined temps/DPs. 71F/DP 67F
  6. For whatever reason I think the tropics will eventually ramp up. Looks like Friday afternoon/evening is our next best radar watching opportunity. Maybe Saturday as well... 80F/DP 66F
  7. 89F/DP 65F but I have really nice breeze going on so not too bad also. The only bad thing is I had to run errands and once you leave the car (black)/get back in it's a oven but oh well, not horrible.
  8. 67F/DP 62F Just outside...the lower dews are noticeable.
  9. Philly suffers from the "urban heat island" effect. (high amounts of exposed asphalt, concentration of old buildings/black rooftops, congestion of cars/trucks) Nothing they can do about it. If Philly's landscape was similar to the burbs they would have no where near the amount of 90 degree days as they do currently. So in essence Philly's high temps have much to do w/environment along w/weather... 85F/ DP 70F
  10. Philly officially at 27 days as we start 8/2... 69F/ DP 68F
  11. Spoke w/my old man who sure knows a helluva more about gardening than myself. He received 13 solid looking zucchini in his first batch. (I'll be picking up a couple this week) And already planted his second crop. He gets two crops per summer if you time it correctly. And he always says "Don't bunch them in....they need to breathe." 68F/DP 67F
  12. Sun staying in so far is making this a tolerable day even though the DP is high... 75F/ DP 69F Cloudy
  13. Philly's going to surge past 30 - 90 degree days this week. I think they're at 25/26/27? currently. 40+ days 90+ certainly is possible.... 68F/DP 66F Still low clouds/gloomy
  14. 65F/DP 64F Low clouds, slight fog, mist Thursday looks to be the barn burner day this week (sunny/95F+) where I can cook weenies on the hood of my black car...80s next week?
  15. Then take the homemade all natural approach which I always meant to do but laziness got in the way. There's tons of videos on YT which much success. 72F/ DP 67F Very light rain
  16. Amazon has 3 - 1/2 pound Reese's cups w/only 17 left so Reese's hysteria has kicked in. They're flying off the shelves like the Wonka bar... This is another one of those cases where the radar's bark is worse than the bite. Ground is barely wet but I've been under solid dark greens. 80F/DP 66F
  17. Decent patch moving in. Light stuff falling w/some dark clouds to the W... 80F/DP 65F
  18. Reese's were my favorite and neighbors back then would hand out the full size 2-pack not the "fun size" smaller 1 pack nowadays. "Fun size" isn't so fun because you receive less candy. Uneventful weather for the next several days with increasing heat and humidity...blah. 71F/DP 62F
  19. Add Birds training camp has begun so a bunch of things showing summer the door. He'll get a couple last punches in but he'll be on life support soon. As far as Halloween, there's a shortage of my favorite candy. As a kid, I'd be a little pissed running from door to door and coming up short... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/a-reeses-peanut-butter-cup-shortage-hershey-wont-meet-halloween-candy-demand-ceo-warns-11659109992 73F/DP 62F
  20. They kinda screwed up all 3 days. (Wed/Thurs/Fri). Wed, little chance of anything. (I received a decent amount) Thurs, chance of some showers (I received a decent amount) Fri, downpours/T-storms (I received zilch, nadda) 84F/DP 63F w/a nice breeze.
  21. Swing and miss, game over. Now just wait for DPs to start dropping. I'm at 69F
  22. By all accounts reentry tomorrow...
  23. Radar not real impressive....maybe a few showers this evening. 79F/DP 71F
  24. Super Cell in Pottstown around 6pm tonight. That's really really cool! It's real, Cecily just showed it on the news so I went to her twitter account and it was there. Credit to Storm Chaser Shawn Leightcap: (Twitter)
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