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  1. 78F/DP 75F at 4am. Stepped outside and you could break a sweat taking the trash down to the curb. *Philly at 33 - 90F as of this morning 8/8/22...(37 total last year 2021)
  2. A sad mangled line may be forming to the W but that's about it for now... 87F/DP 73F
  3. It's going have to maintain still ready/stand by mode for some time. Some echoes back W starting to form and we have ideal conditions (87F/DP 74F/mostly sunny). Just have to get lucky a batch forms in your general area....not counting on it though.
  4. 84F/DP 73F Radar looks great...ready to fire up at any given moment.
  5. I was watching it. Within a couple frames it went from some activity to just about blank. Poof Yeah, sun made a appearance early and now mostly cloudy. Even some darker clouds looking to the west... 75F/DP 73F
  6. 72F/DP 71F Need to get lucky w/a pop up storm today/tomorrow in order to receive any precip...
  7. That stuff in and around the tamaqua area isn't moving and just keeps reforming...
  8. Pretty much have the entire weekend for storms. All it takes is a slow stubborn cell to sit on top, a solid line or some sort of training and there's your 1"-2"+.....happens all the time. 86F/DP 72F Filling in a bit more to the W within the past hour:
  9. Radar is a scattered mess. At best so far today I had 30-40% sun through clouds. It's less than that now... 84F/DP 73F
  10. Really can't believe it lasted long enough to call it right in the 5th? (cough, cough, home advantage but a W) 75F/DP 72F Need to sun to pop out and create instability, currently cloudy...
  11. Thunder here and light rain. Phils in a rain delay... 77F/DP 69F
  12. Missed me by a mile...nothing here. I see the dark clouds and hear thunder. I have some good gust of wind but that's about it.
  13. I'm on the borderline bottom portion of the warning area and Redsky is on the borderline top portion. It's going to split the uprights and neither of us receive anything substantial.....we'll see.
  14. I have a chance of receiving something from the N tip of the line moving east. You may be too far N...
  15. Decent explosion here within the past hour or so...
  16. Moving like a snail east. Not expecting any thunder/lightning but a good downpour would be nice...
  17. They're hanging around playing games in C PA then slowly moving NE. Don't like our chances. If so, it's going to be some time... 94F/DP 72F
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